Best 360 Camera Reviews | Top Quality 360 Cameras You Can Buy in 2017

Read our list of the best 360 camera reviews where you’ll find top quality 360 cameras you can buy in 2017.

Having a 360 degree camera is being the new trend in the YouTube industry and creating videos. They provide a new way to experience videos in a world of immersion. You no longer have to look at a 2D world on a flat screen, because you will immerse yourself in the experience. These 360 degree videos can be controlled by the audience, moving them to the sides where they want to watch.
In this guide to buy camera 360 degrees you will leave doubts and we will offer all the information you need so that you can put yourself at the forefront of the bloggers and creators of audiovisual content. First, we’ll see the best 360 camera reviews to help you find a top quality spherical camera. Seconds, we tell you what all this 360 degree video is about, how it works and what’s the future of it all.

What is the best 360 degree video camera?

With the intention of going straight to the point, we have made a comparison of the best in the market. While it is true that this is still growing at a rather great speed because of the good received from consumers, the truth is that we will keep this page and guide updated.

Ricoh Theta S Digital Camera

Best 360 Camera Reviews
We think the 360 degree Ricoh Theta S camera is one of the best options in the 360 degree camera market. His two lenses capture the real sphere that should be a 360-degree capture. And not only that, they do it with a fidelity to the real colors, perfect picture quality in photographs and great video quality (even if limited to a resolution of 1080p).
The camera is easy to accommodate in your hand and easy to use on your own, but can also be controlled through a Smartphone application. Editing and sharing clips and photos is an easy process to understand.
The Theta S use two 12-megapixel sensors synchronized with ultra-wide 240-degree lenses .Thus, they are able to create videos of 360 degrees with vertical and horizontal axes.

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EleCam 360 Degree Action Video Camera

Top Quality 360 Cameras 2017
Lets get one thing: ELECAM 360 is not a camera that we recommend lightly (as opposed to 360 ° cameras that you find below). The quality is quite low and the software has huge room for improvement. But it is cheap so we still want you to know that it exists. If you want to take some pictures to 360 ° and you can not spend more, ELECAM 360 will satisfy your needs.
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LG G5 Friends 360 Degree Cam

LG G5 Friends 360 Cam
The LG 360 ° camera is one of the cheapest products on the market to make a 360 ° video. It is compatible with all Android smartphones and allows you to make video autonomy at 360 °, 180 ° video and photo sphere. The hard cover is a nice convenience, because once you remove the camera can be used as a support for this camcorder. The video quality is less than that of the competition.
User reviews rated the LG 360 Cam lower than Theta S, because of its lower performance and the most visible edges of the images. In addition, the quality of the images, photographs or videos, is inferior. That said, the LG 360 is somewhat less compact and certainly more affordable than Theta S.

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Samsung Gear 360 (2017 Edition)

Samsung Gear 360 Real 360 4K VR Camera
The 2017 model of the Samsung Gear changes its design and adopt a much more convenient form for those who want to keep in your pocket ready to spring. The video quality will increase coming to a true spherical 4K, but decreases the camera. The presence of a small display to change the setting makes it one of the most comfortable on the move. And, working with images after having taken them with the Samsung Gear application is easy to handle and learn to use. But it is fully compatible with only a few Samsung phones, which prevents us from choosing it as the main 360 degree camera.

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Samsung Gear 360

Samsung Gear 360 Real 360 High Resolution VR Camera
The first Samsung Gear 360 model is it not more the best product value for money but still has some advantages, such as higher resolution in the photographs and its particular form, which for some would definitely comfortable back. It also has a mini tripod included, which serves as a handle, with the best external controls of all the cameras we try.
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360fly 360° 4K Video Camera

360fly 360 degree 4K Video Camera
To avoid the need to hook multiple images, the creators of the 360Fly 4K chose another approach for their camera. It has only two lenses, capturing a vertical view of 240 degrees and a horizontal of 360. Because it captures a vision in 4K resolution, it offers sharper images, with better details than our star choice.
Images are still treated as 360-degree scenes, and since you only use one lens, it does not give you patches. Even so, it has a blind spot, just below the camera. The software itself, therefore, makes it disappear below a black area or a false reflection. For practical purposes, when viewing the images, you feel that you are being prevented from looking down. Or up, depending on the orientation of the camera.

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Ricoh Theta SC 360° video and still camera

Ricoh Theta SC 360 degree video and still camera
A less expensive version of our star choice is the Ricoh Theta SC. It costs about 50 $ less than the Ricoh Theta S, and shares many of the same features. In addition, it is available in 4 colors.
It does not have HDMI port to transmit the captures live (live-streaming), unfortunately. In addition, their video clips are limited to 5 minutes instead of 25, as in the Ricoh Theta S. We believe that this simple limitation makes our choice of 360 degree star camera worth.

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Nikon KeyMission 360

Nikon KeyMission 360
Although the field of camera models 360 degrees for less than 500 $ is relatively small, there are large differences in both features and design. More affordable cameras outweigh their most attractive price with worse software and hardware features. The Nikon KeyMission 360, for example, which records videos in 4K with two lenses, is resistant to water, shock and extreme cold.
Despite its advantages, unfortunately, it is quite frustrating to use. Although it is easy to synchronize via Bluetooth, you also need to connect it via Wi-Fi as a second step to control camera functions. That, therefore, requires a little trip to the configuration of your phone every time you go to use it. And in some of the tests, that step failed occasionally, both on an iPhone and an iPad.

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What to look for when you want to buy 360 degree camera?

Just like any type of audio or video recording device there are some things that you will have to keep in mind in case you are about to buy one of these 360 degree cameras. We are talking about the following.


The most important part of any camera is the lenses. In many cases, the 360-degree models will have 2 or more, and the truth is that if you have more than this amount does not help much to the image quality, so do not look for the number of lenses. Apart from this, you will have to look for standard specifications like diaphragm, shutter and ISO range. The better these characteristics relate to lenses the better.

Image quality

Another important aspect of a good 360 degree video is the image quality. This will be judged by the number of pixels, the more you have the higher the quality. More things that come into play are the lenses, the internal hardware and the last specifications that we said in the previous paragraph.

Frames per second

If you want any 360-degree video to be viewed without the familiar lag or without standing, you should look for a model that records at a number of frames per second as the higher the better. Still, there are also some that record more than 15 per second but are a bit slow. In this aspect you have to pay attention that the other features do not fall far behind when you are looking for a good model, that is, do not focus on just one aspect before making the purchase.

Capacity and memory

The internal storage capacity of a camera indicates how many photos or videos you can save. This also depends on the image quality you are recording, since you may be doing it at the highest resolution, and for this reason you will end the internal memory in a moment.
As you probably already know, there are the typical SD cards, which you can use in most cameras to extend this memory, and the 360 does not have to be an exception, so make sure you have the slot before you buy it.

Size and weight

These two factors of a camera that records 360 degrees can be very important depending on how you use the camera. Recording while traveling or doing other activities can be difficult with one that weighs, but if for example you intend to put on a tripod, it does not matter as much grams as you have. Most consumer cameras can be held in a hand without problems, they are also light and compact. If you plan to use it a little extreme, it may be desirable to be water resistant but also to shock.


If you plan to use it for extended periods of time, it is important to consider the capacity of the battery. Some models have a battery that is exchanged so you can change it quickly with one that is already charged and you do not need to rely on cables.

360 degree videos

The so-called 360 degree videos or simply 360 videos are those in which the viewer has control of the viewing direction and can look around as if he were the body of the camera. To give you an idea of what it is in words, think of Google Streetview. So a 360 degree video is recorded the same way, you just need a camera that you can do. The result is a perspective where you can look around with your mobile, around or in virtual reality glasses.
The 360 degree videos allow those who are watching to experience new sensations from the comfort of their home. Basically you can feel that you are spending the day with the person you have recorded, whether at a concert, or make it look like you are on the back of a motorcycle or doing extreme sports without risking your life directly.

How do I record 360 degree videos?

They are recorded with cameras that have 2 or more lenses. These are positioned in opposite positions so that they can record at a very wide angle. Then what happens is that the images overlap and automatically come together with the internal software to create a single 360 degree video.
It is true that the technology has existed for a few years, but had not been used for the consumer market due to two main reasons. First they were more expensive than they are now. Second we have the separation of files once something had been recorded, because they had to be put together in post-production, so there was enough more work.
Due to the rapid advancement in the technology of these videos, the price 360 degree camera goes down quickly, in addition to internally they are able to put the recordings together without leaving separate files, eliminating the need to do it manually. Just press the button and record a video 360 degrees without any need to edit. This means that these cameras will become more and more popular.

How to watch videos in this format?

There are multiple ways to enjoy 360 degree recordings. It is simpler and more handy method for the majority of audience is through the browser and smartphones, but also with the virtual reality glasses and others. Let’s look at it a bit more in detail.
When you’re trying out your final file before uploading it to YouTube, there are some visualization tips that are good to keep in mind, and you’re likely to want to tell the audience to get the most out of this experience. This feature is supported by both Android and Chrome.

Computer (YouTube, Facebook, etc.)

YouTube was not the only page that supported the 360 degree video, because after a few months Facebook was signed up for the party. So today you can see these audiovisual contents in the browser. You can move through the video in two different ways.
1. With the mouse. Simply clicking and spinning.
2. With the keyboard. Using the WASD keys.
As you can guess, doing it on the computer screen is not something that gives you the best experience to get the most out of a video with similar features. So we used to recommend other methods that we explain below, that will make you live much more these recordings.

Mobile devices

At first I looked with magnifying glass that a camera that records 360 degrees also supports videos by Android. I honestly could not find the buttons to look at it well. But then something happened, and that is that the image moved with my smartphone. When you use your mobile, it is as if you are in the video and as you move it, so does the point of view. The truth is that we believe that 360 degree video is a genius if it is combined with those virtual reality glasses that are becoming so fashionable that we now come to comment.

Google Cardboard and virtual reality glasses

As we mentioned in the previous point, the automatic sensor that the mobiles have detected the movement so you can simply turn it in any direction.
To experience the virtual reality of economic form you can buy products like Google Cardboard. This eyewear cardboard makes your smartphone into a virtual reality device for almost nothing as you can see. This way you put them with the mobile in your eyes, without needing to hold them and you can visualize videos 360 degrees in the first person. Others that are more expensive and are not directly attached to the phone are RV goggles like Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, which already count as separate devices.

The future of the 360

Thanks to the recent rise in interest in virtual reality, we are witnessing an intense fascination not only between the audience and creators of content, also among companies that create both 360 degree cameras as headphones and glasses to enjoy the environments that these Appliances provide us.
About a year ago, Pentax introduced Theta from which we have already spoken above. It is relatively recently, it was Nikon’s turn with its Keymission 360. It is therefore not surprising that GoPro, the leader in action cameras on the market, presents a 360 degree camera at the end of years.
Some users will not even consider buying these kits for the price and the little use they would give them, but for those more advanced or who want to explore the world of the periphery, you have to think that these cameras can not record in 4K and you can enjoy them at Maximum using for example Google Cardboard or other type of glasses. In addition, in a couple of years, prices will surely drop.
As an example we have the GoPro Odyssey, which costs about $ 15,000 and is exclusively designed for Hollywood and ESPN professionals. It would be quite expensive, but you could still reach the most motivated in the industry. At least that’s what GoPro expects with a 360 degree camera of these features.
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