Best air fryer review: Fryers without oil

You can enjoy all the flavor of the fried without adding fat by using a fryer without oil/ air fryer. Read our best air fryer review to have the best fryers without oil.

You are undecided about what is the best air fryer in the market? On this page, we reported to you all the best fryers without oil this year. Below you’ll find our best air fryer review, constantly updated with all the recommended products, taking into account the main factors such as the quality of the materials, efficiency, brand, features and especially the price.
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For each fryer without oil, you will also find the convenient links that redirect directly to the lowest price on Amazon US and UK, the best place to shop securely online, reliable and fast forwarding. However, before see the best air fryer reviews, let’s know the answers of some questions that you may want to know.

Are air fryers healthy?

Fried foods are unquestionably delicious. Generally, however, they aren’t so healthy and balanced to eat. The amount of oil needed to fry them, in addition to expensive, means an increase in total calories that do no good for our health. However, and although it seems impossible, you can enjoy all the flavor of the fried without adding fat. How? Using a fryer without oil/ air fryer. Because air fryers use air to heat food, it does not require the extra calories that submerging food in oil can add.

How does the Air Fryer work?

It is necessary to clarify the concept “without oil” because it is not completely true. You have to use oil, but very little (one or two tablespoons). Oil-free fryers operate similarly to what an oven might have. This kitchen appliance works as follows: in a closed vessel, a stream of constant hot air exits which provides a cooking very similar to frying (crispy). Keep in mind that they are not chips, but rather a mixture between fries and roasted potatoes. Of course, it is much healthier than cooking with lots of oil. Depending on the model, this container has more or less accessories.

Is an air fryer a convection oven?

Turns out, the Airfryer is less a deep fryer and more a mini convection oven. Philips labels the product a “low fat fryer” and “multicooker”, but the machine does all its cooking by means of a high-speed fan that circulates hot air. It’s a rapid, controlled, efficient convection oven.

Why use an air fryer

With a good fryer of this type we will reduce considerably the amount of fried oil we consume, which will be much healthier for our body. Manufacturers indicate that consumes up to 75% less Fat at every meal.
This is the main motivation of people who decide to buy a hot air fryer, but there are others:
• We do not have to watch for food burns, since the best fryers incorporate timer systems.
• Smells in the kitchen: Cooking with a fryer without oil means saying goodbye to the smell of fried that may become so annoying.
• Oil is a considerably expensive product, so we will also save money.
The drawbacks are clear: do not expect the typical flavor of potato chips in oil because it is not. As we have said, it is a mixture between fried food and roasted food. We like it, but for lovers of the fry of the whole life we recommend to take a look at the catalog of traditional fryers.

Fryers without oil: buying guide

If you are looking for a fryer without oil you will have noticed the number of models that are available. We are aware that it may be difficult to choose one of these novel devices, so we have prepared this guide to buy the best oil-free fryer on the market today. Our main objective is that you choose a good and economic.

Important features

You can use these fryers without a single drop of oil or a spoonful of it for a result something more similar to the traditional one. However, regardless of the more or less healthy use you are going to give, it is important that you take into account some significant characteristics.

Size and power

One of the fundamental features of these oil-free fryers is that they are usually compact, meaning that they will occupy almost no space in your kitchen. However, make sure that it has an optimum power that should be minimally between 80 ° C and 200 ° C. Also, check that this amount of temperature can be regulated because not all foods need the same temperature and cooking time. Some oil free fryers also have the thermostat with a timer so you can leave it to do your work while you spend that time on other tasks.

Security system

If you are doing a comparative of fryers without oil safety is another factor to consider. Whenever we go to buy an appliance whose operation includes high temperatures we must carefully read the specifications to know your security system. In the case of oil-free fryers, it is best to incorporate an automatic disconnect mechanism to prevent overheating.


Before you ask how much it costs, think about how much food you need to prepare at the same time. Although most of these fryers are compact it is good to take into account the capacity. It is therefore important to answer, for how many people do I cook regularly? For single persons or in couple, a small oil-free fryer with a capacity of one or two liters is enough, but if there are more than three people there are fryers of three to five liters.

What is the best oil free fryer in 2017?

We have prepared this list with the best oil-free fryers on the market to help you choose the one that best suits your needs. Do not give up the taste and the tradition of your kitchen: update and discover best air fryer. Your health and your taste buds will thank you!

T-fal ActiFry Low-Fat Healthy AirFryer

Fryers without oil buying guide
Its inner container is coated with non-stick material to prevent the fabric from breaking when stuck. It has a capacity for three or four people. You can cook up to a kilo of food using as little oil as a spoonful. Enjoy delicious food while taking care of your health and your line. With 1,450 watts of power, the T-Fal can cook multiple servings at once. Thanks to the transparent lid you can observe the cooking process as well as protect you from splashing. It is very easy to disassemble and to clean. It comes with an Actifry Spoon for accurate oil measurement. This appliance is essential for those who care to maintain a balanced diet without losing an apex of flavor. With your Actifry spoon you will know exactly how much fat to add to foods according to their volume.
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Philips HD9220/26 Airfryer

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This oil-free fryer is very useful and powerful. The Philips HD9220/26 Air fryer has a filter that prevents odor from spreading your kitchen to ensure a pleasant experience in every way. You can cook all kinds of genre inside, not only classic fries and potatoes but also meat and fish. Through its Rapid Air technology, its rapid circulation of hot air allows roasting and frying food without bad odors or excess fat. Its time and temperature control allows you to adjust the cooking times. Once finished, it will alert you with sound. The temperature can be adjusted up to 200 degrees. This fryer without oil has a capacity of 0.8 kilos, more than enough for the daily use of a family. It comes with a recipe book to let your imagination fly and use the fryer beyond the typical croquettes or fries.
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De’Longhi MultiFry Extra, air fryer and Multi Cooker

Best air fryer review top Fryers without oil amazon
De’Longhi MultiFry Extra is a good fryer without oil if habitually cooked for many people. This model is able to cook up to 1.7 kg of fresh chips. Also, with its dual system of grill (one upper and one lower) proved to be one of the most versatile multi cookers to cook many recipes from appetizers to dessert.
In fact, this air fryer De’Longhi was primarily designed as a convection oven to cook anything you want with or without the addition of a little olive oil. This kitchen quickly fryer Multicooker kitchen quickly with excellent cooking performance can make the foods crunchy outside and soft inside. It has a tub with ceramic non-stick coating easy to clean and a shovel to stir the food during cooking.

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T-Fal ActiFry 2 IN 1 Multi-Cooker

Without a doubt, the best oil-free fryer on the market. It has all the advantages of other fryers, but much larger (1.5 kg capacity), with LCD screen and recipe book.
If at home you are many or if you are of those that you eat of tupper or freeze the food to not waste time, this is your ideal model.
It is not a model for all budgets, but the quality of the materials and the opinions of the buyers show that this is a very GOOD INVESTMENT. The model is available in two colors: black and white, and you can have a look at your chips from here:
Key features:
• Power 1400 W and capacity of 1.5 L.
• 1.2 kg. Of real chips with very little oil (2cl).
• 2-in-1 technology and patented healthier cooking plate.
• 2 in 1 control panel for cooking in the 2 cooking areas.

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Avalon Bay AB-Airfryer

cheap air fryer without oil
Avalon Bay Air Fryer is a cost-effective product for anyone who is seeking to cook and eat healthy food. It utilizes the Rapid Hot Air technology that functions by circulating the hot air at a high speed. The system provides precision in the final results that are obtained utilizing this unit. it is very easy to clean. You can wash the detachable parts of this device in a dishwasher that would eventually save both your time and the efforts.
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Philips AirFryer XL

Philips XL Airfryer The Original Airfryer Fry Healthy with 75 Less Fat
Philips AirFryer XL brings a lot of quality in your kitchen but also a note of truly important style.
In common with the product, we saw earlier the same technology air-jet which uses very little oil optimizing it to the fullest and allowing a variable area management to the point where even earns, in this case, the definition of Multicooker. Even with Philips Air Fryer XL just one scant teaspoon of oil is enough for frying perfect and crispy potato chips or any other whim will pick.
But in fact not only we speak of fried, because with Philips AirFryer XL can also roasting, browning, grilling, defrost or warm any dish that will become part of your menu made of lightness and taste.

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Because of its huge advantages, our favorite oil-free fryer is the Tefal Actifry. It has a great capacity and a high technology design to provide us crispy and tasty fried without the need for excessive oil. It is safe and easy to clean. For a great price, Tefal Actifry will allow us to cook the most delicious dishes without oil.
So far our guide to buy the best oil-free fryer on the market. We hope you have found it useful. Remember that if you have any questions or comment you can send us through the comments in the articles, our contact section or through any of our social networks: Facebook, Twitter or Google+.
See you soon, hugs!