Best alternatives to Steam gaming platform to buy video games at the best price

Steam is not the only platform that makes video game offers for Christmas. Take a look at these best alternatives to Steam video gaming platform.

If you are a video game enthusiast, then you probably know about Steam, the digital distribution platform and multiplayer services developed by Valve Corporation and used by independent developers as well as large software corporations for the distribution of video games and other types of games. However, other sites or platforms are already trying to end the monopoly of Steam and hence we will show below some of the alternatives to the famous platform that has a good catalog of titles. The top 8 best alternatives to Steam PC gaming platform.
Best alternatives to steam gaming platform to buy video games

Trusted alternative stores to Steam to buy PC games

Without any doubt, Steam is the best video game platform for users who like to enjoy their favorite games from the PC, as it has a large catalog of video games. The several millions of connected users that Steam every day, endorse the importance and popularity of the platform, however, there are more and more sites and platforms that want to make a dent in this industry of distribution of video games for PC. Here are some alternatives to Steam to buy PC games.


best steam alternatives to buy pc games
It is a video game sales and distribution service. It specializes in older classic games and carries by flag that everything it offers is DRM-free. Therefore, the user does not have to install a special client to download or run the video games, nor to be connected to the Internet or the GOG account to play.
They organize promotions almost every week where you can find real jewels at low prices and give promotional codes for a video game in qualifying competitions. It has a good community, forums, IRC channel (unofficial) and a group on the same Steam. The community also proposes games that they would like to buy and GOG tries to get the distribution. It is the best and biggest service for anyone looking for a real alternative to Steam.

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Green Man Gaming

Green Man Gaming steam alernative
UK based online video game retailer with a catalog of more than 5,200 video games from different publishers that are on sale in 185 countries. Undoubtedly, one of the favorites among the players has been characterized by offering a unique and rechargeable credit system with which users could get their games and that still lasts.
Unlike other services Green Man Gaming has a somewhat tighter refund policy and therefore, it is not so easy to get a refund if we are not happy with the purchase.
It has a new game client, Playfire, which is undergoing a strong development and is a kind of social gaming network where users can keep track of their games and achievements from Steam, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live.

Itch io vs steam
It is the platform of reference if you are looking for indie games and independent applications. It offers thousands of them with prices that in most occasions do not exceed 10 dollars. Free of DRM, has a desktop application that is a simple extension of the website but fulfills its purpose. It has a very active forum for everything that smells to match an independent software. Your desktop application is a simple extension of the website but does not offer much additional functionality. But it provides a place to store and access games purchased from the web without any problem.

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Origin vs steam great alternative
A software developed by Electronic Arts that allows you to manage the video games purchased to the company itself through a user account, allowing users to play on any computer without having to have the game CD or DVD.
Your games are available on your website and through your desktop client. Origin is a reliable video game distribution point, very similar to Steam, which works with the vast majority of current games, although it is not enabled for some older ones, where games are always updated and also adds some extras for the games themselves. It also allows the refund of some games if the user is not satisfied with their purchase.


best steam gaming platform to download video games low cost
It is an online video game store for Windows, OS X and Linux. It has lots of games from leading developers and many smaller to complete a catalog of more than 6,000 games. All of them are mostly AAA-rated and DRM-free.
It has video games both older and modern, which quite often can be achieved with significant discounts and a fairly popular rewards system. GamerGate uses a virtual currency called Blue Coins that can be obtained by making purchase reservations, ratings, opinions, etc. It also has a Gamer Tutor to consult any questions or problems with any game.
Its rewards system is one of the most interesting in the market, using a virtual currency of its own called Blue Coins. Often, it offers huge discounts on great games. A week ago had the Elder Scrolls with 75% discount (Skyrim for $ 10).

Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle steam
This is a very special platform, which offers games, commercial and independent for Windows, Mac, and Linux, at a very economical price depending on the package that the buyer requires and which is usually customized by the saga, developer or genre. The proceeds go to the creators of the portal, developers and also to charities such as the Red Cross. We offer them almost every week because it is one of the accessories that we like for Steam and because we have been able to buy real jewels for very little money.

Game Jolt and Game Jolt Client

Game Jolt and Game Jolt Client
This service offers a large library of independent and largely free games, which can be enjoyed in both the desktop version and the client. It has a very easy to use interface and an easy-to-configure video game catalog. It is perhaps the ideal site for loyal followers of Pokémon despite not being an official Pokémon repository. Game Jolt also has a forum called Fireside, from where the site keeps all users informed of the news.

top 10 Best alternatives to steam gaming platform
Finally, we have a great platform for PC that only counts on the games of Blizzard.
The main advantage? The use of exclusive servers that rarely have falls and in addition maintain with constant updates to their main games.
While the disadvantage lies in its absence of titles. Anyway, it’s a great (obligatory) alternative if you plan to play World of Warcraft, Hearthstone or Starcraft, among others.

That’s all for now folks. These are some of the best Steam alternatives that also offer fantastic videos games for PC at best price. We are reviewing some other Steam alternative sites. We will share them soon with you. In the meantime, tell me what your favorite platform is and how many games you have. Also, leave your username to add to the networks.