Best Android app to improve WiFi signal

Here we present the best Android app to improve WiFi signal. With these free Android apps, you can increase the coverage and improve the WiFi connection on your Android.

The truth is that today our mobile phones are the devices where we spend more time online. It makes a lot of users with the WiFi mobile enabled so that when you find a trusted network, connect to it and stop spending your mobile data. However, it is likely that on many occasions we are tired of suffering continuous cuts or have a bad WiFi signal that does not allow us to navigate fluidly, transfer files or make VoIP calls. Without any doubt, mobile phone remains one of the workhorses in the world of telecommunications and surely will improve. Meanwhile, if you want or need to improve coverage and quality of the WiFi connection on your phone you can make use of some applications. To help you, we have made a selection of the best Android app to improve WiFi signal. Let’s see them below, all are free to download.
Best Android app to improve WiFi signal

Top 7 applications to increase coverage and improve the WiFi connection on your Android.

Internet Booster & Optimizer

This Android app is designed to guarantee you the most effective navigation on your phone. While it is true that everything will depend on the source of your Internet provider and what you have in your contract, this app can implement a significant improvement in this regard.
Through a series of commands and optimizations, the app puts your Internet browser as a priority application, so that all resources are focused on improving your Internet connection. Moreover, not only improves access but also improves navigation with 3G, 4G mobile data. A very professional application that will allow faster browsing and fast downloads. Best in this field.

Wifi Analyzer

Wifi Analyzer is yet another best Android app to improve WiFi signal. This free application transforms your phone into a measuring device and monitoring professional wifi. This allows you to know in detail the characteristics of the wireless signal received your Android, thus helps you to find a less crowded channel.
Wifi Analyzer can monitor wireless networks surrounding and indicate which of them are overlapping, in which channels and show their evolution in terms of signal. It also has numerous indicators to enable you to test the effectiveness of changes on them, as an audible alert signal reception, which can be used to check the best coverage of a given network. Using this application is very simple.

Fing – Network Tools

Fast and effective, this Android app to improve WiFi signal is one of the most complete in the world. In just a few seconds you will see the devices connected to your WiFi network (and know if anyone stealing your WiFi).
Thanks to its intuitive interface you can see at a glance a very complete analysis of the networks around you, their security level (if they have password or not), detect intruders and resolve problems with Internet. You can view the history of these networks and share this information via Twitter, Facebook, SMS or email. The basic options are free but you can expand the options through payment app.

Speed Test & 3G 4G WiFi Maps

OpenSignal is different from the rest and thanks to its wide range of features. With this application you can see the network coverage of your mobile phone, find WiFi access points around you (hotspots), do a speed test, improve your reception and navigate the faster. Through a symbolic compass, the app will tell strongest points, close and safe access. You’ll be able to find the best WiFi range in your area and is synchronized with Google Maps! You can save the data on your SD card and also to improve your connection is free and without advertising. What more could you ask for?

FXR WiFi fix and rescue

The low WiFi signal is really annoying especially for those who devotes a lot of time surfing the net. It can result in the continued loss of connection or a slow navigation, frustrating circumstances that make the use of your smartphone. To make the most of your WiFi home network and navigate with your smartphone without problems it is necessary that the Wireless signal detector has at least three signs. If you are not in this circumstance, a useful application that allows you to maximize the receipt of your cell phone is “FXR WiFi fix and Rescue”. It allows you to change the configurations of the integrated WiFi card in your smartphone so as to optimize it. Unlike many other applications, “FXR WiFi fix and Rescue” really works and improvements are visible immediately.

Network Speed Booster

This app works, explain, renewing the connection to mobile towers, achieving better reception and Internet speed. Kinda like when you plug and unplug the router and manage everything goes faster. The improvements are remarkable: the quality of the call, the radio reception, Internet, etc. It also has a very intuitive interface, so it is not difficult to learn to use it to make the best of it. You will surely like this free Android app.

WiFi Connect

It is a kind of WiFi networks manager that shows you what you have close connection points, in addition to their signal strength, the channel number, security, link speed and IP address. In addition, you can also activate notifications, to always know if you have WiFi network at your fingertips. The best, however, is its design, quite original: the available connections appear as paper cuts and stuck on a bulletin board. A very handy app for Android users.

That’s all for now, folks. These are our selection of the best Android app to improve WiFi signal. With these apps, you can improve the wifi in Android, increase speed and have more signal on mobile and tablet. Tell us your experience with applications to improve access. Have they worked? Have you tried any of these apps for Internet access? Do you know any other better? Leave your comment below. Your comments and suggestions will help us make this article better. Thank you.