Best Android app to measure distance between 2 points

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There are many uses we can give our phones thanks to the wide variety of applications that exist. Such is the case of applications to measure distance, which allow using the camera and the GPS of the device to calculate distances. Let’s see in this article, the best Android app to measure distance between two points.
Best Android app to measure distance between 2 points
In other entries, we have already talked about the best App for architects. Next, we will give you a list of the best applications to measure distances. Applications to measure distances of objects, distance traveled or any type of measurement, if you need to measure something, surely one of these apps will serve you.

Top mobile Apps for measuring distance

Applications and mobile phones are replacing everyday objects and tools of our lives. Today we talk about another great utility for Android: applications to measure distances.
No, we are not referring to the measurement of walking distances, but to precise measuring of interiors and / or exteriors. Calculate everything that is put before you!

Maps Measure

This application uses the Google Maps service to carry out the measurements and is very easy to use. Basically, in the common version, it allows measurements of distance and perimeter. The operation is very simple, marks on the map the points to measure and automatically tells you the distance on the screen. It is the best option to measure distances on a map, very useful for measuring land and measuring farms. You can calculate the distance of any terrain on the Google Maps map.


This app allows you to measure the distance traveled by walking from one place to another, recording the steps you take and calculating the distance. It has other useful options for people who want to lose weight, such as showing the calories consumed. However, the developers clarify that to take an accurate measurement it is necessary to enter a precise step length.

Smart Measure

Application to measure distances, height, and width of objects, with a fairly accurate accuracy, especially outdoors, not so much indoors. This measurement app uses the camera of the device to take a photo and then selecting the object within the photo, to know the distance from where you take the photo, to the object. An important point is that to measure a distance, you must aim at the ground. For example, if you are going to measure the distance between you and a person, aim at your feet, to obtain greater precision.


It provides data on the extensions, areas, and distances on the land. AndMeasure is a bit easier to use. Something that is very good about this application is that it works with almost any measurement format, making it a tool of universal use that works with the placement of marks on the map in a very practical and simple way. Either to measure a terrain or to know how long it can take to travel a certain route, this tool is excellent for all types of professionals, hikers and anyone who simply needs to know what is the distance from a point Y to a point X.


If you have to measure something, but you have lost the rule, this app will be useful for you. With Ruler, you can measure distances and also have an option to convert different units of measurement. A simple but very effective application.

3D measurement app – Plumb-bob

An application to measure distances something peculiar and quite complex. It is like the old plumb line used to see if an object is correctly aligned, along with other utilities to measure sizes, proportions, distances, and volumes. It works with the phone’s camera. Point to the object you want to measure and align and through some line you can check this. It is somewhat complex to use, but this is due to the function it fulfills, although with a little practice of insurance you will learn.

Tool Box (Free)

As its name indicates it contains a set of tools, precisely 23 tools which you can use for different purposes, among which some are included to measure distance.
Among the utilities you can find from rules, altimeters to conversion utilities or a calculator.
Here are the tools you have with this application:
1. Compass
2. Leveler
3. Length measurement tools
4. Conveyor
5. Vibrometer
6. Magnetic field detector
7. Altimeter
8. GPS locator
9. Pulsation monitor
10. Lantern
11. Unit converter
12. Magnifying glass
13. Calculator
14. Abacus
15. Accountant
16. Punctuation
17. Roulette
18. Code bar reader
19. Mirror
20. Radio
21. Chronometer
22. Clock
23. Metronome
It is one of those applications that it is always good to have the phone to be prepared for every occasion.

Map Pad GPS Land Surveys & Measurements

App to measure distance, which allows you to measure lengths and perimeters using various services, such as Google Maps, Bing Maps or even the phone’s GPS. To measure you can mark the points on the map or also by GPS location. It is the best option if you want to use the GPS to measure land.
Among some highlighted functions is that you can export the data in various formats, including KML, CSV, GPX and AutoCAD DFX. It is a very useful app, especially for professionals who are dedicated to making measurements and need a quick way to send locations or data they have captured.

Distance Measure

It is an application to measure distances of the objects taking as reference the height of them and not the width, is another type of measurement that is more effective.
To use it, simply enter the height of the object and then the two points, the base, and the cone and you will have the measurement.

So far we have come with the collection of the best applications to measure distance. We hope you liked it and if you know another one that has been useful to you, name it in the comments.