Best Android apps for composing music

Melody in the soul? Your android phone allows you to let your imagination run wild. Here are our top 10 best Android apps for composing music.

Do you like music? Are you creative and think that composing music and your own songs would suit you? Do not you have an instrument to rehearse with? Do not worry, today I bring you the best Android Apps for composing music on your smartphone and tablet device.Best Android apps for composing music

There are a lot of music creation applications that we can choose in Google Play. In this article, we present you with five applications with which you can compose your music on Android and make your first steps in an artistic discipline in which you will surely never become Mozart, but in which you may be able to surpass a good percentage of the prefabricated groups that appear on radio formulas.

Create your music on Android: top 10 of the best apps

Composing music can be done in different ways, and providing an exhaustive list would be worth wasting. Also, we have prepared a selection of 10 free and paying applications offering you different possibilities for musical composition. We speak well here of creation, for listening to music, you can take a look at our selection of the best music players on Android.

Audio Evolution Mobile DEMO

One of the most spectacular interface programs and, perhaps for this reason, one of the preferred by users. In addition to the practical nonlinear editor, a must for any music composition software. Audio Evolution Mobile DEMO is compatible with USB MIDI sequencers and virtual instruments, a feature that is at the forefront when it comes to such applications are concerned.
In addition, WAV, MP3, AIFF, FLAC, OGG, M4A, 3GP and AMR files can be imported into this software, allowing you to work with both music tracks and sounds captured from the device’s own recorder. In addition you will have the possibility to work with an unlimited number of tracks and packs of loops, as well as to control each hue of your sounds thanks to the enormous variety of possibilities of equalization and effects available between its menus.

Music Maker JAM

Music Maker Jam lets you manage every part of your creation (instruments, voices, effects) as you like. Simply choose your style of music and tweak your piece to perfection. Do not forget to share it with your friends.
Music Maker Jam lets you choose for free from 4 styles (Hip-Hop, Dance, Electric Jazz and Rock Ballads). The others (metal, rock, drum & bass … about fifteen different styles) are accessible by means of cash and stumbling. Once your favorite musical genre, let your melody sense speak. Select the audio loops that interest you. You can treat different parts of your song (instruments, voices, effects …) and arrange the parts (chorus, bridge, verse …) according to your wishes. Once your creation is complete, nothing prevents you from saving it and then sharing it.

Reactable mobile

Reactable is basically a table, as the name suggests, of musical composition. It was originally conceived as an electronic instrument using very physical objects. In fact, it is a round surface on which the musician places blocks representing each of the elements of a synthesizer. These blocks are linked together virtually by the table which displays visible links. The sound can then vary in different ways by varying the distance between objects, rotating them, and changing the virtual cursors appearing around them on the table.
The object fascinated DJs of all kinds and Bjork used it in concert. Today, Reactable is virtually accessible, at a price much lower than the original one, but higher than that of an average application.

Groove Mixer

GrooveMixer gives you the ability to quickly create percussion loops. GrooveMixer is the application you need if you only want to mix percussion. Cymbal, bass drum, tom tom, medium tom, clap, scratch … the application will allow you to easily create real heady rhythmic loops. Once your loops are finished, you can save them. Note the presence of a paid version which offers more sounds.

edjing Mix

Do you have dream of becoming a DJ? Edjing will help you. The application allows you to mix your favorite tracks like a pro.
As a real DJ, you will see your virtual disks appear on decks and can mix them to wishes by adding effects. Possibility to export your own mix. You can pick songs to mix on your favorite streaming platforms (Soundcloud, Deezer and Vimeo only) or on the internal memory of your mobile device (.mp3 file). The application allows you to export your musical creations. Convenient to compose your playlists and DJ Sets for your evenings and share your own compositions on your DJ page.

Music Composer

Another free application that you can use to compose music on your Android phone. If you are serious in music composition, this application does exactly for you. Some of the features of this application are as follows –
• Finger track discs light up and follow the movements on the screen.
• Multi-touch compatible
• You play the piano in real time based on your finger movements.
• The music stored in the MIDI file
• MIDI files are saved in two track format.
There are so many features of this application. Keep reading, by visiting the link below. You can also install this application from there.

Ensemble Composer

Ensemble Composer is another free Android application for composing music on the phone and tablet. It is very easy to use compared to previous applications. With the help of this Ensemble Composer application, you will become a talented music composer anywhere. This app also allows you to record your flashes of inspiration. Some of the most useful features are –
• Used for MIDI sound
• It is compatible with savings stores for future re-edition
• It is capable of playing 15 instruments at the same time
• You can configure your compositions as a ringtone
• Multiple levels of undo to edit easily and without problems
Visit the link to see more features and details of the application. You can also install this app from this link on your Android device.

DubStep SM Full

If you prefer DubStep, choose DubStep SoundMaster instead. Some fifty sounds, more or less strange, are at your disposal to compose your creation.
DubStep SoundMaster is a more complete (but less aesthetic) alternative to the Dubstep Drum Pad application. If you are a fan of “music” Skrillex no doubt this app will make your happiness. Let your fingers run over the different buttons to discover the sounds (more or less strange). You can even save your creations.

Pocketband Pro

Pocketband is a musical composition tool that integrates several instruments. It can create loops, modulate sounds and apply effects to them. But where pocket band stands out, it is because of being a sort of social network of Creation of music.
You can remix the songs posted by other members, note down and make you note, and comment on each other’s creations. The best tracks will be broadcast on the application’s radio. Pocketband offers you the opportunity to produce music on your smartphone and do it by collaborating with people anywhere on Earth.

Musical Note Pad Free

As the name implies, it is a free Android application to compose music on your Android device. This application gives you a standard musical notation to compose music. Not only can you write, save and load your compositions in-though they can be audibly played by the choice of 128 MIDI instruments. Most interesting features –
• Offers SD card save and automatic save functionality
• Musical Notepad directory to access files directly
• Increase of the maximum distance of estrangement in the new version.
• Chords now have stems and flags

FL Studio Mobile

FL Studio Mobile is the Rolls-Royce applications to compose your music. 133 instruments, many drum kits, sequencers … FL Studio Mobile is a real portable recording studio. The latter will delight fans of music and creation. The impressive number of possibilities that the application offers can discourage neophytes. The amateurs of MAO (music assisted by computer), them, will be at the angels.
In addition, regular updates have increased the number of compatible phones. New features appeared, such as an accelerometer, and new beats. It would be a shame to miss it.

That’s all the guys! Install any of them for your entertainment. If you are serious about becoming a musician, these best Android apps for composing music are mandatory for you. These applications are the best platform to learn music composition. And, if you do not want to play music but play games, discover our top 10 strategy games.