Best Android apps to get fit | top free app to get in shape

A selection of the top 8 best free Android apps to get fit. These free applications will help you stay in shape all time.

Getting in shape or leading a more balanced diet are challenges that often occupy the top positions on most people’s New Year lists. Probably also in yours, but you’re still looking suspiciously at the brochures of the gyms in your neighborhood, waiting to make a decision.
If the gym seems a necessary evil but does not motivate you at all, maybe it’s time to change strategy. Have you ever tried to train at home? It requires much less effort, time and money than a gym. It is true that, in both cases, you need determination and willpower, but there are apps that serve the double function of assisting you in your training and keep you motivated so you do not leave it to the first change. Do you want to know what are the best free Android apps to get fit?

Top 8 best free Android workout exercise apps to get in shape

With the Google Play Store you can find many applications to get in shape, but as we know that you are busy we are going to simplify life and we will recommend some of the best Android apps to get fit. When you choose the one that you liked most you just need to download it in the Play Store and get going to look great in the pool or on the beach.

7 Minute Workout

Best Android apps to get fit
The 7 Minute Workout app is an application that is based on the Tabata method, developed by Japanese Olympic athletes. It challenges you to perform 12 different types of exercises with your body weight for 30 seconds and then rest 10 seconds between one set of exercises and another. Among the exercises to be performed are sit-ups, squats or push-ups. In addition, this app allows you to regulate the type of training at your level, you can choose between a stronger or softer intensity. If you do all the exercises that this app proposes to you, you will surely tone the muscles and burn the calories you have left over.

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Flat Stomach Lumowell

top free android app to get in shape
Are you looking to burn abdominal fat effectively from home? Well, you are facing an application that, if you are able to follow its instructions, is able to make you get what you are looking for.
Since we started on the first level, which is supposed to be the basics for beginners, we have already noticed that fatigue makes a dent in us. Each exercise routine comes perfectly explained and detailed, both the time that should last the exercise as the rest interval between them.
Something very interesting about this application is that it contains explanatory videos so that we do not miss any details and do everything as God commands. On the other hand, the flat stomach has a complete diet plan, although if we want to have a diet we will have to pay for the pro version.

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Lose It!

Best android apps to lose weight
One of the best Android apps to get fit is Lose It. This app tells you at all time the calories you are burning, so you can control them daily. A feature of this app is that it has a community around the app that can give you tips at all times, so you will feel stronger. If you want an app that helps you control the calories, then this is the best app. In addition, it can be connected with a lot of wearables.

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Mammoth Hunters Fitness & Diet

fitness and nutrition apps android
To keep us healthy and strong, it is not enough to strengthen our body: we also need a balanced diet. The combination of training and diet is the perfect formula to get good results.
Mammoth Hunters is a fitness and nutrition app based on these principles. After entering data on your goals and fitness, the app will automatically create a training plan and a personalized diet that you must follow for 10 weeks. The training sessions are fast (between 7 and 20 minutes) and do not require equipment. Each exercise includes a video demonstration of how to do it. Without a doubt, one of the most complete and innovative fitness and nutrition apps.

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RunKeeper Android app free
Aside from losing weight, it is also important to exercise and if above you have help from a personal trainer better than better. With RunKeeper you can have a coach on your smartphone that helps you get in shape and get your eye. This application allows you to control how many kilometers you run or walk, or the distance you ride with the bike, for it the app needs to connect to the GPs of your mobile. After performing the daily exercise the application will give you the exact statistics of your progress. In addition, RunKeeper allows you to take photos of your training in order to share them then on social networks. The app has a function called the Group of Runners, you can choose a challenge, invite your friends to make it more fun and meet the challenge.

30 Day Fitness Challenge Workout

30 Day Fitness Challenge Workout Lose Weight Android
The 30-day Fitness Challenge app was selected by Google as the best app to get in shape for 2016. With this application, you can get in shape in 30 days, so those who wanted to hurry this app is perfect. But the application is more focused on people who want a continuous plan to get in shape but do not have much time. The app has several different training options that will last 30 days, no need to have good resistance since it is also indicated for people with low physical fitness. It has three different types of intensity, one for beginners, one intermediate and the last for the more advanced. And if you have any doubts about the exercises, the app has videos of each exercise.


MyFitnessPal Android free fitness app
MyFitnessPal is one of the best free android apps to lose and maintain weight. It has a large database with a barbaric amount of food. In it, you can have control over your pretensions (lose weight, catch weight or keep you) just by entering the target, automatically the program records all the activity you perform in the day to analyze the progress in real time.

Zombies, Run!

Serialised fitness app Zombies Run Android
Finally, you will find a very fun app to exercise and it is Zombies, Run! This app is a mix between game and exercise that invites you to have fun while you get fit. How does it work? As indicated by the name of the application we will have to flee and kill zombies while controlling the pace of our race or running. It is certainly a great application for lovers of runners, as it is a new way to practice this sport. If you get bored while running then this app will charm you.


In the Google Play Store, there are a lot of apps to get you in shape. Now that we have a smart technology such as smartphones or wearables you have to make the most of the different applications since you can have a personal trainer in your mobile. There are no excuses for not doing sports, with these best free Android apps to get in shape you can get a good guy in a short time. What do these applications look like? Do you know any other? Let us know in the comment section below.