Best Android Apps For Yoga And Meditation: Free And Easy To Use

New technologies allow you to practice yoga and meditation in the home. Discover the best Android apps for yoga and meditation to achieve progress in this ancient Indian practice.

Today we can use our mobile devices for thousands of things. Among the frantic chaos of everyday applications available to help at work, move, entertain, connect with friends … sure, after a while, you need a relaxing time. If that is your case, here we offer a list of the ten best Android apps for yoga and meditation.
best Android apps for yoga meditation

What are the most useful Android apps for practicing yoga? Best Android apps to do yoga at home

The official app is one of the most used Android Yoga apps right now. The reason? This application is free, easy to use, with a modern and well-structured graphics. It offers a collection of nearly 300 positions and breathing exercises, 37 preset programs that show clearly how to perform certain positions. They are illustrated by explanatory videos made by a professional to learn to perform them correctly. In addition, explanatory text with its purpose is included along with many supporting images that explain the muscles involved in each movement, as well as the audio narration of each yoga position to perform the exercise without having to be constantly checking your device. This is my personal choice also.

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Yoga – Track Yoga

This app allows anyone, beginners, and experts, to approach the world of yoga without having to take out expensive subscriptions to the gym. The app offers several sections devoted to different levels, categories, favorite locations and sequences. Select the one that suits your preparation best and you will end up in front of a list of locations with photos and explanation. Unfortunately, the app offers no explanatory video but the attached picture will clarify ideas about where to place the feet and hands. By accessing the section Categories, you will find all positions divided by type. In this way you can decide to work on specific muscles without having to go in search of individual exercises.

Yoga for health

After trying the two previous apps, Yoga for Health might at first seem a bit confusing. Actually use it is quite simple and, once opened, you will be faced with the exercises divided by categories. Today do you want to work on meditation or positions that allow you to balance on your arms? Select the corresponding category and you will be faced with the list of positions to be put in place.

Each exercise is flanked by an illustrated photo and with the original name. Once you’ve selected the excursion with which you want to figure out, the app will show all the details about it: from the name of the location name to the step-by-step procedure, to a more detailed analysis with tips for the most experienced and Beginners, in addition to illustrating benefits and contraindications. In short, all you want to know about the Utthita Trikonasana and the other many positions is provided by the app, with pros and cons. All you have to do is get ready to sweat so you can collect the fruits of your commitment!

Daily Yoga – Get Fit & Relaxed

Daily Yoga is probably the most complete and most downloaded Android app for Yoga. Its main advantage is that, unlike other similar tools, defined at any time the limitations and requirements of each exercise so that the user is aware of the difficulty or length of the series in question. It presents different sessions with different levels of difficulty and length for you to choose. It works as a personal trainer, with 40 sessions, 300 positions and background music with explanatory videos and picture galleries. There are also numerous add- ons that you can download to expand the content of the application.

Yoga for all

Yoga for all is perhaps less pretty than the previous application, but at the same time a little more technical. It uses pictures and graphics to show the positions. The most interesting is that it offers you ways to solve pain or disease, and can select the exercise to be performed depending on the affected body part. In theory, these exercises will help you feel better.

Meditation sounds Relax music

Yoga requires a high degree of concentration to reach a state of consciousness that allows a session in the right conditions. The sound atmosphere helps a lot to reach that state so that applications like this Meditation Sounds become quite useful. This application comes with a huge library of soothing sounds from nature. You can also combine with each other to reproduce the environment that you like. In addition, you can choose a specific time for the series to mold it to the time in which you conduct the session.

Simply Yoga FREE

This app is part of the series of Daily Exercises applications that contain programs of effective exercise and faster for men and women, to be carried out in total comfort to your home. These proven exercises, demonstrated by a certified personal trainer, focus on the most important muscles. The simple interface of the routine, complete with video and timer, allows you to easily keep your schedule to measure and understand each exercise. Select the type of routine you want and follow your program!

Relax Melodies: sleep & yoga

Relax Melodies: sleep & yoga is a tool to improve your meditation exercises and yoga, thanks to its extensive library of tunes and background sounds . It is an aid to improve concentration and isolate you from outside noise, allowing you to leave a random order or create your own combinations of sounds and melodies. You can activate as many simultaneous sounds as you want and also choose the volume at which each will play. So, for example, you can set the rain to play in the foreground while hearing birds and thunder in the background.

Yoga Trainer – For your Health

Yoga Trainer is another good app for practicing Yoga. It comes with a very simple and intuitive interface and easy to use. Yoga exercises will help you in mental and physical cleansing, in the store explanations explains that you can cure the disease successfully.
However, this app provides 9 categories (Salutation, Diabetes, Backache, Heart, Kidney and Liver etc), and each pose shows the individual steps in detail, instructions, YouTube videos and more to allow you to achieve maximum results in the shortest possible time. Just emulate the methods demonstrated by the application to derive the best benefits.


Finally, Omvana is an app that is not about yoga directly. This is a platform from which to download music for meditation and suggestions for guided relaxation.
Omvana combines relaxation guides narrated with a large library of background music and pleasant sounds to improve your sleep. It also includes inspiring speeches of famous leaders, authors and teachers of meditation. The application offers 1,000 different audio tracks, and you can mix and match them. Sleep better, relax better and transform your life with exclusive audio of many of the best teachers of health, wellness and meditation in the world.

That’s all folks. These are our selection of the best Android apps for yoga and meditation. Dear users, we would say that with these applications you can perform and learn many new yoga positions. Do you know other applications that have received excellent grades and a decent number of downloads? Please, write the name in the comments. Thank you for reading this.

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