Best Android strategy games 2017 (free and paid)

Based on game mechanics often slow and well adapted to the touch screen, strategy games are perfectly suited to our mobiles. Here is a small selection of the best Android strategy games, whether paying or not.

The sense of strategy game being quite broad, there is a bit of everything in this selection: from turn to turn, many tactical games and games mixing management and strategy. The common thread of all the applications proposed here: these are all quality applications. We will also update this article as soon as a new game is worth entering. Without further ado, let’s review the best Android strategy games to play on your Android smartphone and tablet devices.Best Android strategy games 2017 free and paid

The best strategy games on Android smartphones and tablets

Clash Royale

When the developers of Clash of Clans decide to actually play the strategy game, it gives Clash Royale. This is actually a mix of Strategy and Tower Defense. The goal here is to destroy the central tower of your opponent by invoking units on a small map. There’s also a card game component, to the HearthStone since each victory unlocks chests allowing you to have more gold and especially new cards, units that can then invoke during the battles. SuperCell has also incorporated a social component since the player can join a clan to find maps more easily. Clash Royale is beautiful, frankly well done and rhythmic and is particularly addictive. A real success.

Age of Civilizations

If you were a fan of the board game Risk, you’ll love Age of Civilizations. This strategy game is based on the principle of turn-based. You must prepare your strategy in advance and your number of shots is limited to your number of points. Really an addictive game. It is proposed for 1.89 € but no in-app payment is offered next to have additional features.

Fire Emblem Heroes

First game of Nintendo to arrive on Android, Fire Emblem Heroes is a T-RPG putting strategy at the heart of its gameplay. There are many of the emblematic characters of the series in a scripted adventure adapted for mobiles. It takes the principle of stone-leaf-scissors to facilitate the fighting and offer short game sessions. The economic model, although free-to-play, is not too invasive and if the chance is obviously of the game, one can advance without too much problem in the history without having to get hold of the wallet.

Autumn Dynasty – RTS

The concept of this game is truly original. First by its graphics, since they are inspired by the style of the famous Chinese paintings. And in its gameplay, since to create your troops you must paint them. A really original idea for this real time strategy game. Only flat, its price. No in-app purchase is expected.

Plague Inc.

Released more than three years ago on Android, Plague Inc. is a great classic game management. No question of ordering troops, the player embodies a virus and the goal is to ensure that no human escapes. Plague Inc is therefore calling for the creation of a virus capable of adapting to the many remedies that these unbearable human beings constantly develop, targeting fragile and strategic countries (for example, crossroads) and attempting to infiltrate islands, usually the hardest to be contaminated. Plague Inc. is also proud of the luxury of being free to download on Android.

Frozen Synapse

If what you are looking for is strategy and pure tactics, then it is Frozen Synapse. The player controls a team of soldiers from above. At each turn of the game, he gives them orders: to put under cover, to watch such a zone, to move here or there or to smash this wall with the rocket launcher. The characteristic of Frozen Synapse is that at the end of the turn, it is not the opposing player to move his soldiers. In fact, the soldiers of both teams simultaneously carry out the orders given during the break. An extra subtlety that requires careful anticipation.

Clash of clans

I think it is useless to present it. Clash of Clans is probably the best known strategy games on mobile devices. The principle is simple: build your fortress to defend itself from the assaults of other players, and attack your opponents before they can protect themselves enough. The game is free, and many in-app purchases are available to evolve faster.


Without any doubt, Hearthstone is one of the top free strategy games for Android. On the bottom, Hearthstone follows the principle of Magic the Assembly: two players compete on a board using cards representing units, spells or weapons. On the form the game is unassailable: beautiful, superbly animated, equipped with an exemplary interface and a progression curve that makes the game very quickly addictive. Heartstone is essentially oriented towards online gaming, but recently extensions (paying) allow players to play against AIs. However, an Internet connection is required to play.

Boom Beach

Boom Beach is a truly fun strategy game. You load troop ships to free the beaches of your enemies, who are none other than the guard ribs! It’s funny, fluid, extremely well done and it’s free. In-app purchases are available there again.

Plants vs Zombies 2

Another extremely well known game based on strategy. Based on the principle of “tower-defense” it will be necessary to arrange plants to defend your home from zombie attacks. Obviously you have to make strategic choices and the developers have in this added version added elements of difficulty. It’s free with in-app purchases.

Out There: Ω Edition

Out There is a survival game in which you must travel through the galaxies to find the necessary resources. You will have to fight against aliens to stay alive. Three different purposes are possible. Really interesting. And the graphics in the Comics sauce are the best effect.

Obviously, this is just a selection of games, and as tastes and colors are not discussed, some of you may prefer other strategy games. If you have any suggestion, do not hesitate to tell us about it in the comments. Thank you for reading.