Best apps for Xbox One (movies, music, cloud, video chat, etc.)

Whether you have an Xbox One in your possession for some time or just get one, do not miss the best apps that exist for the console! Let’s see the best apps for Xbox One.

A console, in this case Xbox One, is to play mainly, that we are clear. Now, a key aspect of each generation of consoles that comes out is that it offers more and more possibilities, not only to play, but to enjoy with them other types of content, such as movies and music. Watch videos, download photos to watch them on television, watch the broadcast of the League of Legends World Championship or enjoy as many times as we want from our favorite episodes of Game of Thrones are some of the many other things that we can do in our Xbox One. However, in most cases probably will not use existing applications there. We bring together the best apps for Xbox One (movies, music, cloud, video chat, etc.) so you can do all that and more. Also read our selection of the best Xbox One games in 2017.
Best apps for Xbox One movies music cloud video chat

Top 10 best Xbox One apps that you should download right now


The video channel par excellence has its own application and can not miss in your console. If you get tired of accessing YouTube using the Internet browser, do not hesitate and download the application because it gives you:
• Easy access to all your favorite videos and channels with the Plug and Play mode.
• Link your music playlists to the side of the screen so you can play while you listen to it.
• Connection with applications like Game DVR and Upload Studio that will allow you to upload clips to YouTube.
• Control by voice and gestures with a hand thanks to Kinect so you can use the application without having to make use of the remote.
• Unlock achievements for people who want to also compete outside the games and demonstrate how good users they are.


YouTube’s top competitor, Twitch, also has its own application and is positioned as one of the favorite and essential applications to have on the Xbox One. Although one of its main uses is to watch live games, Twitch offers many more:
• Relay your games live.
• Enjoy the live broadcasts of other people and events around the world.
• Unlock Achievements, similar to YouTube.
• Thanks to Snap Mode you can continue to play while watching a live broadcast or explore Twitch’s outstanding games and channels.
• And if you get tired of using the command to navigate through the application, you can do it using voice or gestures with one hand thanks to its compatibility with Kinect.
Although it has many similarities with YouTube, Twitch will offer you a better service if you want to enjoy retransmissions or do them yourself.


Another platform that has gained special relevance over the last few years is Netflix. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most popular video-on-demand services available today. Now, thanks to your application, you can enjoy all your favorite content on Xbox One. Even if you are the people who still have not contracted this service and have doubts about it, you can subscribe for a month completely free to discover all its content and decide with more reasons to do with it or not. If you have not downloaded it yet, do not waste any more time and do it!


The storage service in the cloud exclusive Microsoft allows access to files and photos on both PC and Mac, iOS and Android. However, they are not the only ones from which this service can be accessed, since the Xbox One also allows its access thanks to the application of OneDrive.
As we said at the beginning of the article, if you want to enjoy the photos of your last vacation on television with your family or even need to see a file urgently and you do not have the computer on hand, you can do it simply thanks to this application.

Blu-Ray Player

It looks like a truism, but it is very interesting to have the application that allows us to play Blu-Ray on Xbox One. Of course, it also serves us to enjoy movies on DVD. A particularly interesting aspect is that if we have an Xbox One S, that same application will be used to play Blu-Ray 4K, an advantage that is not available in any PS4 model. Of course, you already know that you need a 4K TV (and, preferably, also with HDR) and high-speed HDMI to get the most out of it.


If you are one of those people who use Skype every day to connect with your family or friends, the application of this service can not be missing on your Xbox One. You no longer need to connect to your computer or mobile to have a conversation or video conference. You can do it from the comfort offered by your console.
• Individual or group video calls in HD thanks to Kinect, Microsoft’s game control system.
• Play and talk at the same time thanks to the adjustable Skype window.
• Send messages to your contacts while you play or watch TV.
• Receive notifications on TV so you do not miss any.
• Call any number from around the world at low cost and from the couch.


TED is the application that provides access to the famous conference program covering virtually every field of human knowledge. This is in fact an acronym for Technology Entertainment Design and sifting in its database, you can find hundreds of interesting ideas, shared by speakers of high caliber ranging from former presidents of the United States experts to beatboxing, passing by physicists, mathematicians and programmers video game. Install TED on Xbox One is a great way to demonstrate to parents that consoles are not good only for “toys”. Then when leaving the room you share with GTA V.
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Upload Studio

It is clear that this is one of the best applications of Xbox One , as it takes advantage of a very gamer aspect. If you want to upload videos with your best games and you do not know how to edit them from the console itself, the best Xbox One application for it is Upload Studio. Although it is always advisable to better use a video capture and edit it with Adobe Premiere or a similar video editor, Upload Studio achieves a quite acceptable result if you do not have the time to edit.
To use this application, you only have to use the clips saved with the Xbox One and edit the video to upload it later to YouTube.


Crunchyroll is dedicated to those who love the world of anime and want to find everything in one place without wandering from site to site. This app offers over 25,000 episodes and 15,000 hours of streaming content, including big guns like Naruto Shippuden One Piece and which make an offer really huge and free. For the most demanding, the payment of a subscription will allow the elimination of advertising content and a shorter wait time than the publication in Japan, which will shrink so an hour.


Thanks to this application, you can create a sort of small home server that lets you share all types of content within your personal network. That way if you have something on the PC camera and you want to stream from the living room TV, you can use the console as a media center, even if the aforementioned PC is hundreds of thousands of kilometers away. Unfortunately this is not free, since to maximize the functionality of Plex you have to pay a subscription, the price of which varies depending on the type of subscription. Configure Plex is very simple (in each case the net is full of tutorials). We recommend the use even if you have a console, because it could save your life when you desperately looking for a movie to watch out of the house!

In your opinion, what are the best apps for Xbox One?

That’s all for now, folks. These are our selection of the top 10 best Xbox One and Xbox One S apps. If you enjoyed this article, do not forget to share and give feedback on the comments!
Do you know any other apps exclusive for Xbox One? Tell us the name. We will add them in our future top 10 Xbox apps list. Thank you.