Best Automatic Coffee Maker Machine Reviews

Are you looking for a top-rated automatic coffee maker for home use? Read our reviews of the best automatic coffee maker machine 2017. Choose the one to enjoy the authentic test of restaurant quality coffee at home.

Best Automatic Coffee Maker Machine Reviews
Practical and efficient, super automatic coffee maker machines are extremely functional. They allow you to prepare a good coffee directly between the walls just by pressing a button. The operation of these machines is in fact very simple and allows anyone to use them with the guarantee of getting always a tasty and creamy coffee. Super automatic coffee machines do everything through the button: they grind coffee, press it and make espresso. In addition, they also make cappuccino, mount the milk and pour it into coffee always automatically. Unspecified for those who love to smell the smell of ground coffee even at home, these machines have won a good deal of publicity and fans of espresso. Let’s read our best automatic coffee maker machine reviews 2017 and choose the one that suits your needs and budget.

Automatic coffee maker buying guide

How to choose a top quality automatic coffee machine? There are too many models and you have no idea about coffee maker? Don’t worry. We will help you. Take a look at the features and options that you should consider before buying an automatic coffee machine:

Types of operation

The type of operation related to the type of coffee used by the machine is the main property to be calculated before purchasing. We need to decide what kind of machine we want: a semi-manual where we should place our coffee in powder in a special container, completely automatic coffee beans that will be ground directly and automatically, to one side of the waffle and one to capsules. Here the school of thoughts are many, especially with regard to the quality and taste of coffee and its similarity to the espresso in the bar, but we advise you, much more simply, to decide on what you need, remembering that: using machines with grinding coffee to grind coffee beans will result in a far greater savings than those that can only use ground coffee and above all those that can only use capsules or waffles. The best models, in any case, have, besides having an internal coffee grinder to load coffee beans, even the ability to directly use classic ground coffee that can be bought, for example, in 250 grams of groceries at the supermarket. The advantage associated with the use of the capsules is that they keep the coffee powder longer, preserving its scent and fragrance and, above all, it makes it easy to use it basically.


The first question to ask is how many people will benefit from it. You don’t need to buy a huge one if you are single. You can buy a single cup coffee maker. However, even if you are single but you plan to receive guests at home periodically, then buying a more powerful machine that can deliver more coffee in less time will be a good idea.

Pump pressure

We should then pay attention to the pressure of the machine whose value will indicate the quality of the same and the speed with which it will prepare the drink. Of course, too high a pressure will be unnecessary for smaller machines and content, while larger and more expensive ones will have to be more than adequate.

Filters, water and limestone

Fundamentals are also the filters that will allow us to obtain high-quality coffee and pure water. It would not be a bad idea to use natural mineral water, especially in areas where tap water is high in limestone, which is the number one enemy of our home appliances and, if accumulated, can cause irreversible damage. The best automatic coffee machines, in any case, have an internal lymphatic system, just like those of irons.

Steam nozzle

The steam dispensing spout, usually placed sideways at the machine, is useful for preparing other coffee, milk or both (in particular cappuccino) beverages. This is an accessory that we feel advisable because we will have a chance to prepare some great hot drinks, especially based on milk foam, which will make the joy of the happiest, especially in the colder months.

Energy Efficiency

Coffee machines are not large consumers of electrical energy and therefore the search for labels with regard to the same energy efficiency, in this case, takes on less importance. However, we are always talking about an appliance and therefore, in order not to overburden the portfolio too much, it may always be useful to purchase high-efficiency energy (eg class A). Let’s say it’s not the decisive feature that can make a model choice rather than another.

Advantages and disadvantages of automatic coffee machines

Functional for ease of use and the quality of the coffee product, these machines also have some drawbacks to not underestimate.
First of all, the dimensions are cumbersome especially when it comes to complex machines that are doing just about everything. Before buying one, it’s a must see where to place it, so that you can not find it with a product that is not easy to place.
Also, they are quite expensive and in any case you have to choose a quality product to avoid having something bad at home that does not meet your expectations. Not all machines offer different degrees of coffee grinding, but only the most expensive offer very interesting features that justify buying a device of this type.

Top rated and best selling automatic coffee maker machine reviews 2017

Now you know how to choose the best automatic coffee maker to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee without much effort. But, as usual, we want to make your search short and help you buy the right one. That’s why we physically reviewed some of the top-selling coffee makers with automatic function and made our final selection of the best automatic coffee maker 2017. Let’s see them below and choose the one that suits your needs and budget. Are you ready to explore? Let’s start then.

Breville BES920XL Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

Breville BES920XL best fully automatic coffee machine reviews
It is one of the best automatic coffee makers that combines great taste and control features. And being a product from Breville, you do not have to worry about quality or after-sale support. This is a commercial grade espresso machine with compact design and dimensions. Moreover, inside, it boasts double boilers — giving a dedicated performance for both espresso shots and milk frothing. As a result, we had the perfect-extracted espresso cup.
We loved some great optimization features of this machine. For instance, its Over-Pressure Valve is ideal for keeping the right extraction pressure while the PID Temperature Control takes care of the best heat level for your coffee. Apart from these, its LCD-Display control panel lets you control cup sizes, temperature etc. Don’t miss, if you can afford the price.


Excellent Ergonomics and Appearance.
Dual Boilers, Fast warm up time.
Perfect size that fits anywhere.
Extremely durable.
Fully programmable functions.
Easy to use.
A plethora of handy features.


Brew Pressure adjustment mechanism lacking.
Weak Steam Pressure in the boiler.

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De’Longhi ECAM22110B Super Automatic Espresso, Latte and Cappuccino Machine

Top rated Automatic Coffee Maker Machine
This is one of the most popular automatic coffee machines on the market, if not the most. With excellent design and functionality, this is a difficult model to beat. It has a series of features such as standby function, water level indicator, automatic disconnection, and so on. It has a special cap to keep the delicious aroma of coffee. This machine has so many functionalities that we can personalize the coffee in many different ways. It is capable of preparing two cups of coffee at one time. Another great feature is the possibility of saving the optimal coffee for each person in the system. A perfect machine for any type of coffee, whether long, short or a fast cappuccino. This compact automatic espresso machine includes all of the features of full-size machines, but in a smaller, more convenient size.


Easy start-up.
Robust and stable appearance.
Simple operation.
It does not make much noise.
Makes cleaning of the machine when turning on and off.


Good but only with good quality grain.
More delicate device than others.
You waste a lot of water.
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Krups EA81 fully automatic coffee machine

Krups EA81 fully automatic coffee machine review
This fully automatic coffee maker is another of the most popular in the market, which is not surprising because it is one of the complete machines. With an attractive design and great functionality make it one of the favorite options of the public. It comes with an integrated grinder and Thermoblock system. Thus, the coffee comes out very hot and with reduced calcification.
Programmable auto-start and off features ensure that a cup of rich espresso is always available when you want it. The multi-directional steam nozzle makes it easy to create delicious lattes, steamers and more. It has 3 levels of coffee intensity. Moreover, its large LCD screen and easy to use control panel let you personalize coffees.


Faster than other models.
Simple to use.
Materials seem of quality.
Excellent espresso coffee shop.
Very comfortable and easy to use.


The grinder does not grind roasted coffee and does not make adequate pressure.
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Automatic coffee machine Saceo Incanto Carafe

Automatic coffee machine Saceo Incanto Carafe review
A machine with stainless steel finish that delights many lovers of the espresso. It is one of the best Saeco models and, therefore, with the best Italian technology. It has an automated milk frother, which makes our coffees almost as if made by the best baristas. The grinder is 100% ceramic, the perfect material for that element. It also has a boiler with rapid heating, due to its light aluminum body and stainless steel. This machine allows us to make coffees of all kinds. It also allows us to personalize the coffee and adjust the grinder in 5 different positions. As if that were not enough, you also have the possibility of using coffee powder. With 4.2 out of 5, this is another of the best rated and best-selling models in Amazon. A top candidate for any type of coffee lovers.


Good quality finishes and coffee machine.
Super milk frother.
Easy to use.
Makes better coffee than many coffee makers.
Makes a very rich coffee with very creamy milk.
Pretty coffee maker.


It’s worth a lot of money for what it does.
Horrible design (funny as for other people it has a nice design)
Fingerprints are noticed shortly after touching it.

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DeLonghi Magnifica ESAM 4000 Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine

DeLonghi Magnifica ESAM 4000 Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine review
Another quality product. This machine allows you to taste real espresso with incomparable aromas of freshly brewed coffee beans. It has 13 modes to grind coffee beans and turn them into your favorite drink. With the technology of its grinder, you can have a ground coffee according to the finesse you want. In addition, its grinder is quiet, which makes it pleasant to use. Once ground coffee, it does not oxidize and thus preserves all its aroma and quality.
Do you want a sparkling and smooth coffee? This machine prepares you in two seconds thanks to its different parameters that can be adjusted to suit. These settings also allow different coffee configurations depending on your taste and need. In addition, the coffee water is filtered and cleaned of impurities through a filter cartridge system. It is easy to maintain and clean.


Ease of use
Easy cleaning and maintenance.
Numerous adjustable parameters to have several configurations of coffee.
Adjustable coffee temperature.
Guaranteed 3 years


The noises of the machine.
Design a bit too classic.
The coffee grounds falls next to the receptacle.

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Jura Giga 5 Automatic Coffee Machine

 Jura Giga 5 Automatic Coffee Machine review
There are people who don’t hesitate to spend a lot in order to have the best automatic coffee machine. If you’re one of them, Jura Giga 5 Automatic Coffee Machine is for you. It’s a really expensive super-automatic espresso machine that you can use for other special coffees as well.
Jura Giga 5 actually provides two coffee machines in one case with quite standard dimensions. Double heating system, two high-speed ceramic coffee grinders with two bins for coffee beans and individual grinders for each grinder, two pumps for supplying water to the coffee making system. What for? To cook two different coffee beverages at the same time.
The preparation of ristretto, espresso, americano (including two cups at the same time, it can be different kinds and different sorts of coffee), cappuccino, coffee with milk, espresso makiato and latte makiato, foamed milk or hot milk and hot water.


It has dual grinders.
Easy to use.
It can make two cappuccinos at the same time.
The frother is improved over previous models and produces slightly better froth than the Z-series.
It can be programmed to automatically rinse on power-on.


Small water tank without a level indicator. It doesn’t warn early enough and may abort the brewing half-way if you’re brewing a big cup or two cups leaving you with two weak espressos instead of two coffees.
The high price tag makes the value questionable.
Brew group not removable.

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That’s all for now, folks. These are our selection of the best automatic coffee maker in 2017. As you can see, the DeLonghi brand is a good part of the list of the best automatic coffee makers. This does not respond to any preference or personal inclination of our editors. Of course, DeLonghi has a very wide range of automatic coffee machines and a greater number of models than proportionally found in other firms.
If you can afford more, then opt for the Breville brand, which has the quality that can satisfy you fully. However, it is totally up to you. You can choose what you like. Do you know any other top quality coffee maker? Let us know the name in the comment. We will review the product ASAP and add it to this list. Don’t forget to share this with your social friends. Thank you. See you soon.