Best Baby Bottles with Spoon Attached to Feed the Baby

Read our reviews of the best baby bottles with spoon attached to feed your baby easy and no spills.

To facilitate the task at the time of feeding our children during their first months, manufacturers invented baby bottles with spoon attached. This is a hybrid between a bottle and a child spoon that allows you to feed baby purees and baby food without complications or problems. You can even give them right there breast milk or formula, in case Mommy should be absent for any circumstance.
There are several models of different brands in the market and to choose one it took some time. I was looking for good quality as well as an affordable price. When you have babies, you really learn the need to look for everything cheaper, right? In the end, I found several interesting options.

What is the best baby bottle with spoon attached?

If you want to find the one that suits you, there are some features that you should consider. I share some to review, based on my experience.


It should be made of soft plastic so you can squeeze it little by little and feed the baby. The designs are usually very nice with colored threads but almost always the bottle is transparent so you can see the amount of content that enters or subtracts. On the other hand, do not forget to verify that it can be cleaned in the baby bottle sterilizer.


They do not usually have too much capacity but it is better when more liquid enters. Some may come in 4 or 6 ounces, that is, between 180 and 240 ml.


It does not have to be immense, nor too small. A medium size will be fine for the baby’s mouth. It is not necessary to introduce it all anyway, while the child learns to eat with a spoon, only the tip can be put on his lips so that he begins to open it and not to suck.


It is advisable to choose the spoon that comes with a sealable cover to protect the spoon from the impurities of the environment and from the inopportune insects that also want to get to eat baby food in one of our oversights.
If you have decided to buy one and you need more guidance, this comparison includes what I consider the best baby bottles with a spoon so far.

EMISH Baby Food Dispensing Spoon BPA Free

Best Baby Bottles with Spoon Attached to Feed the Baby
EMISH Baby Feeding bottle with spoon has a practical design that you can take everywhere and feed the baby without incurring complications or problems. It is one of the most valued designs by mothers of the web due to its convenient purchase price as well as the internal capacity of the product of about 90 ml in total.
Emish Feeding bottle is practical and super simple to handle which avoids the possible disasters that can be derived from other more traditional feeding methods. It comes with a dust cover to prevent food from overflow, dustproof, cleaning. You can use this spoon to feed milk powder, rice paste, soup, juice, etc.

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Munchkin Squeeze Baby Food Dispensing Spoon

Munchkin Squeeze Baby Food Dispensing Spoon
The Munchkin brand has always been characterized by presenting quality products in the category of baby items. That is why today we have some of their practical designs as a candidate for the best bottle with a spoon on the market. Munchkin’s Squeeze infant spoon helps contain the mess to make feeding stress- and mess-free, especially while on-the-go. Simply fill the squeezable base with pureed baby food and twist on the spoon tip. Then, just squeeze the food directly into the spoon and recap when feeding time is done. For busy, on-the-go moms, this is convenient, can’t-live-without-it solution for easy mealtime fun.
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Nuby Natural Touch Silicone Travel Infa Feeder

baby feeding accessories essential
The design of this model makes it perfect for when you want to go out for a walk to the park, to the nursery or to the grandmother’s house, without leaving the child’s favorite foods. Its portability is based on its airtight lid that is very practical to avoid spills and of course contamination with germs.
It is very easy to use to give porridges without messing or making disasters. It can also be used for milk without problems and semi-solid meals. Nuby Baby Feeder is very comfortable and ergonomic. It is available in different colors for the caps and spoons threads.

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Gaodear Baby Feeding Bottle With Spoon

Gaodear Baby Feeding Bottle With Spoon
Perfect for feeding the baby over 4 months, has a large bottle and easy to clean. It is made of food-grade silicone and PP plastic. Does not contain chemicals harmful to health such as BPA or PVC. It is very practical to avoid food spills of those typical that occur by bringing the spoon of the dish to the child’s mouth.
It holds 4 ounces and comes with a large lid to protect the spoon from any impurities and germs in the environment. The threads come in different vibrant colors to choose from.

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Jane Feeding Bottle with Spoon

Jane Feeding Bottle with Spoon
For babies who are just beginning to eat other things besides their milk, this model is an excellent transition. It has good capacity, a little over 6 ounces and its container is made of silicone. Bring a teat to use as a bottle completely and another with a spoon on the tip to start eating the solids.
It comes with a practical protective cap to prevent germs from falling on the tip of either of the two teats. Its use is safe to be 100% free of Bisphenol so there is nothing to worry about. The thread can come in red and blue.

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Samber Baby Feeding Spoon BPA Free

Samber Baby Feeding Spoon BPA Free Silicone Squeeze Feeder
Ideal for mothers to know the amount of food their children eat because it comes with a meter. This bottle is described as appropriate for babies over 6 months of age. It is made of food-grade silicone without BPA and has a capacity of 90 ml.
Samber Baby Feeding Bottle has a dust cover to keep the spoon clean and avoid spills, so it can be taken anywhere, on a walk or to the park in the baby cart bag. It has a length of 21 cm and the spoon 5 cm. To clean, it is preferable to introduce it in boiling water for 3 minutes. It is not suitable for microwaves.

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It is important that you remember that all the accessories for feeding the baby must be previously sterilized to prevent diseases. In the case of these bottles, some will allow them to be included in the bottle sterilizer; others may have to be boiled in a pot.
That’s why it is always necessary to review the specifications so that your investment is not lost and you can use the utensils for longer.