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Learn how to choose the best blender and read our best blender reviews to have the top blenders on the market.

A high-quality blender is one of the most necessary versatile appliances you can have in your kitchen. By having the best blender, you can crush ice, vegetables, make smoothies, soups and more. In this list of the best blender reviews, you can find a variety of designs, so you can find the one that best suits your needs.
Best blender reviews and buying guides
If you do not have a stand mixer or a good food processor, then the blender becomes almost essential to have an appliance in the kitchen, as it allows you to make the most of many dishes, and recipes.
The editorial department of has chosen for you the best blenders on the market today and for sale online at Amazon for the best price!

How to choose the best blender?

Before you buy a blender there are a number of considerations that must be done. First of all according to your own needs and secondly to assess the actual efficiency of the selected product. Below we propose a series of useful tips to make the right choice, then highlight the best blenders on the market.


First of all, we should take account the capacity of the motor that generates the power to be transmitted to the blades for cutting. A high wattage enables us to work well even with a higher capacity or crushing ice for example. With a low power there is the risk of stressing the engine to overheat and with the possibility of losing it forever, just read the many posts on the web to understand that often make the wrong choices. The coating of the base is almost always plastic, but there are high-end models that use the brushed metal. In this way, you will definitely get a more integral and resistant model but also heavier. The average power is from 300-500 watts if possible orientate on those mixers that have more speed to be selected.


Our advice is to not take a blender with a too limited capacity because you might regret it. However, if you are sure that the use that you will do will be to a glass of milkshake a day just for you, we can not comment further. If the blender that you have chosen has the plastic binder you should know that this will scratch more easily than glass. However, the latter also allows us to better preserve the liquid obtained. The disadvantages of glass are those of having a heavier carafe and more fragile. It’s still glass or plastic is always best to have a measuring cup. In this way, you can check the quantities released to follow any recipe. The jug has a handle and a spout for pouring, a cap with central pull-out drilling to include other ingredients or more liquids.

The security

The modern blenders have almost all the Interlock function. This blocks the engine from starting if the container or cover is not inserted correctly. This feature is definitely the best way to prevent accidents in the home with the blender, but a good product must have other precautions. A very large base of increased stability on the surface, but even better if there are non-slip rubber feet, always slip material should be handled. Another convenience is that of having a cable reel to avoid dangling wires or to occupy less space.

Our advice

In the previous sections, we have omitted some details such as one of the blades, which by now are all stainless steel. Another tip that could be highlighted is to choose products washable in the dishwasher, but even this is what everyday. Then remember to orient towards a product that has a good wattage in relation to the capacity, better if with ice crusher and with more speed to be selected. The pitcher that is made of glass or plastic is not so much difference but the important thing is to have the handle and pouring spout, preferably graduated. Each modern blender absolutely must have the safety interlock, so the blades can not create a hazard because it blocked. That being said so you just have to search through our reviews and see which model is best suited to you.

The best blenders of 2017

In good weather there’s fruits and vegetables more flavorful and juicy, it is a pleasure for the palate to fully enjoy these excellent sources of vitamins and antioxidants to make the most of the summer. Freshly pureed fruit is easy to digest and has undergone a burst of energy and vitality. Choosing the right electric blender makes it even more pleasurable to enjoy a healthy and tasty drink.
Here are our tips for buying facilitates the comparison between offers that there are more interesting happen.

Oster 6811 6-Cup Glass Jar 12-Speed Blender

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Named as the best Oster blender, the model 6811 is a basic but powerful blender for your kitchen. This fruit and vegetable processor has 12 speeds and has an attractive design. Perfect for smoothie making and prep work, the Precise Blend 300 is powerful and versatile to help create deliciously appetizing and flavorful meals. It includes a 450-watt motor, which provides enough power to perform mixing tasks in any kitchen.
This electric blender can cut, blend, blend and crush ice, make it a valuable and versatile kitchen appliance. In addition, you will love its price even more.

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All-Clad Immersion Hand Blender

best blenders on the market
Do you want a different experience when using a blender? The All-Clad Immersion Hand Blender is one of the best blenders with a unique design and a powerful engine. This kitchen appliance can quickly mix food, vegetables, mash and more directly from the palm of your hand. The All-Clad Dipping Blender is one of the best hand mixers you can find. It does not have a jar or base.
To use it, simply place the mixing device in the food you want to liquefy and you will see the results immediately. Using this product is very simple, it frees you from the cleaning tasks and takes up less space in your kitchen, but still provides the same exceptional results you get in a blender with a glass jar.

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BLENDTEC Classic Blender

best blenders at Amazon top rated
If you are looking for the best blender and do not mind the price, you’ll be pleased to know that the Blendtec Designer Series WildSide can do everything. This commercial-quality countertop blender has the power (1,570-watt 120 volt) to mix any type of substance in large quantities. It has a variety of settings to help you create juices, soups, ice creams, crushed ice and more. In addition, this blender has a flat and smooth motor base, so any spill is very easy to clean.
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Ninja Master Prep Professional

best rated blender machines at Amazon
If you want a quality blender at the best price, this option will interest you. Considered the best blender for less than $ 100, the Pro QB1004 Ninja Master Prep has everything you need for your kitchen and more. A culinary test found that mixing and liquefying fruits and vegetables as effectively as expensive blenders. However, it seems to us that it is not as durable as the higher priced ones. This is the only Ninja brand blender that makes us feel confident enough to recommend it.
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Braun JB5160

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Braun JB 5160 is one of the most powerful blenders on the market, has a motor with 1000W of power. Its design is very elegant and is one of the best on the market: the cylindrical black base with brushed steel controls, a knob to adjust on, off and speed with backlight when lit makes it very nice to see. The biggest advantage of this powerful blender is its engine, capable of ensuring excellent performance in terms of speed, endurance, and the end result. The speeds are 11 complete with a function of “pulse” to give a final finishing to the smoothie, by adjusting the level of the combination of our preparation. Also, its capacity is significant and amounts to 1.6 liters, making it ideal for two or three people. Finally, you can wash the different blender detachable components in the dishwasher.
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Vitamix 1709 CIA Professional Series

Vitamix 1709 CIA Professional Series blender review
The Vitamix 1709 wins rightfully the crown of the best blender on the market. Because among all its competitors it is incorporating the most desirable features for a blender to use as much and often. The base engine is made of stainless steel, firmly on its anti-skid feet, sturdy and heavy. The carafe, made of BPA-free Eastman Tritan copolyester, is fantastic, as it only makes the food safer to eat. The capacity is very good, up to 1.8 liters, a record among home blenders! It comes with a commercial-grade 2+ Peak Horsepower Motor that allows the blades to this blender to attack even the hardest foods effortlessly. The result of these features is a machine that is not afraid of long-term use, and has no difficulty to really grind everything in a very short time! You will also get a recipe book.
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Tribest Green Star Elite

best juice extractor 2017
This blender uses a revolutionary system similar to that used by human teeth to chew food. With this system squeezes the juice from the pulp instead of turning as if it were a centrifugal juicer. These types of blenders make higher quality shakes by preserving all the nutrients and enzymes in food. With this machine, there is less chance of oxidation in the press because it has no air flow.
This device is equipped with four different screens to accompany your juice and food adventure. It includes the fine screen to extract juice with minimal pulp; the homogenizing blank for basic food processing; the coarse screen to extract juice with more pulp mixed in; the breadstick (mochi) maker set to make delicious raw breadsticks and rice cakes.

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Breville BBL605XL Hemisphere

best blender for home buying guide
We recommend blender Breville Hemisphere Control Blender BBL605XL as the best blender for every housewife. This brand is worthy of being on our list of the best blenders as it provides great capacity and restaurant quality – for much less than it should cost.
If you want the blender to give you more for your money, this is your best option. This product easily handles the hardest liquefaction tasks, like chopping ice to make margaritas without any problem.

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If you are looking for the best blenders on the market, this list will help you find it. You will be able to buy and find the best blender and smoothie that suits your needs. Thank you for reading this.