Best Bluetooth Soundbar System with Wireless Subwoofer for the Home Theater

A soundbar allows you to improve the sound quality of your TV by giving a cinematic sound in a small footprint. Read our best Bluetooth soundbar system with wireless subwoofer reviews and choose the right one for your home theater.

Modern televisions are increasingly subtle sacrificing the quality of the audio. Soundbars exist to increase the quality of the TV without having to install a traditional surround sound system with its annoying cables. Stand-alone base soundbars do not have a subwoofer, the more advanced soundbars are equipped with subwoofers and satellite speakers. In addition to soundbars, you can improve quality with soundbases, but where is the difference? And what is the best Bluetooth soundbar with wireless subwoofer? How to choose the top-rated subwoofer for home theater? Let’s find the answers below.


To improve the sound of your TV just buy a soundbar or soundbase. A soundbar is a slim speaker system that can be mounted to the wall under the TV, or in front of a cabinet. Usually, a Soundbars is stereo 2.1 (2 speakers and a separate subwoofer) but it provides a compelling virtual surround effect.
A SoundBase instead is a fairly flat unit that can be placed under the TV. It usually has more woofer than a soundbar, which does not require a separate subwoofer. Soundbars and soundbases may have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity for streaming content from smartphones, tablets, and computers to USB ports to connect external hard drives, HDMI inputs, Full HD outputs, and 3D TV playback. Recent models tend to have a single optical input, which allows you to connect everything to a single-cable TV.

The Best Sound Bar – Buying Guide, Reviews, and Analysis in 2017 – 2018

Soundbars are the best alternative if we want to enjoy our favorite movies, shows or programs with the best sound quality, and we do not have large spaces for a loudspeaker system, since they are very compact and light. As there is a wide variety of sound bar offers on the market, we recommend that you review certain specifications to get the best. Among these, we have the size of the equipment or design, which suits the spaces you have available. Also important is the power of the equipment, which is generally not less than 200 watts, a high definition sound system and HDMI connectivity.
If you are doing a comparison of sound bars pay attention to the following characteristics so that you check the specifications of the product well before making the purchase.

Size and design

In the market, there are square, rectangular, hexagonal or round models that fit the size of any TV if you want to keep the aesthetics of the set. You will have no problem getting a sound bar with your style. There are also brands of televisions that sell special soundbars for each model.

Sound system

There are simple 2.0 stereo systems, but they are also available in high definition 2.1, 5.1 or 7.1, offering surround sound experiences for demanding users. There are also advanced models that include DTS-HD or 3D audio although the price increases considerably.


These sound bars can be connected to the TV via a wireless cable usually with Bluetooth technology. Some models include a separate subwoofer from the soundbar. As we have said, most include HDMI connection and USB port, plus have optical, auxiliary, RCA or 3.5mm jack inputs.


What is your priority, power or audio quality? This will depend on your tastes, but we recommend betting on recognized brands and sound quality, rather than on a higher power. Most bars available have a similar power that is enough to fill a room with music. That a bar offers great power does not necessarily mean that it delivers quality audio.

Top rated Bluetooth soundbar system with wireless or wired subwoofer for the home theater

A sound bar allows you to play high fidelity on your TV the audio of all audiovisual content such as movies, music, videos, video games, etc. If you are looking for information on the best sound bars of 2017-2018, here are some suggestions:

Q Acoustics M3 Soundbar With Built-In Subwoofer

Best Bluetooth Soundbar System with Wireless Subwoofer Home Theater
The Q Acoustics M3 is widely regarded as one the best-sounding ‘bars on the market. This is an updated version of the M4 and has sleeker design, extra features such as an HDMI input, and a clearer, more detailed sound. It supports Audio Return Channel (ARC), so you’ll be able to feed sound from the TV directly into it and sync up control so you need use only one remote.
Other connections include an optical input, a pair of analog RCA inputs and a 3.5mm socket to plug in other sources.
For those wanting to stream songs wirelessly from their smart devices, aptX Bluetooth makes the process fast and painless.


Beautiful musicality
Easy to use
Reasonably compact
Good value


Built-in sub might not satisfy bass junkies
Slightly resonant midrange at high volume
Rubbish remote

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Philips B5/37 Fidelio Soundbar Speaker

Philips B5 37 Fidelio Soundbar Speaker review
Modern televisions lack quality speakers and good power, so have a good sound bar, as the Philips Fidelio B5 is the best choice for quality sound. This product has the Dolby Digital and Pro Logic II system allowing you to obtain excellent sound quality.
A bar that in addition is able to emulate the 5.1 system including a subwoofer that helps to obtain better results than with most bars of the market.
Whether you want to install it under your TV or you want to place it on the wall, the Bluetooth connectivity will help you to forget the cables and connections between the bar and the Subwoofer system. And in any case, you can control it directly from the included remote control so you do not lose control at any time.


Instant surround sound
Versatile Bluetooth speakers
Easy to use


Massive as a single bar
Quite pricey
Weak stereo sound
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Focal dimension with Focal Subwoofer & APT-X Bluetooth Receiver

Focal dimension with Focal Subwoofer and Bluetooth Receiver review
Among the good features this soundbar has a virtual surround system and a great design but unfortunately is expensive. Now we all know that Focal offers excellent speakers that we recommend to those who want to get the most from the listening quality.
The Dimension is a high-end soundbar that fires 5.1 sound into your living room without the clutter that comes with a traditional surround sound system. With high-quality speaker, the Focal Dimension is aimed at discerning listeners with a big budget. You can use it alone or in conjunction with the Dimension Sub, which clamps onto the back and turns it into a soundbase.


Balanced sound
Impressive bass without a sub
Gorgeous build quality


Difficult to adjust post installation
Limited surround experience
Cheap remote

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LG SH7B 4.1 Channel 360W Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer

top rated soundbar with wireless subwoofer review
This is the entry-level soundbar of LG that does not disappoint despite its low price, especially for it has little room. From the reproduction of music and surround sound, you can not expect the maximum in this price range but the quality remains respectable. The LG SH7B offers excellent performance, particularly for movies. The connectivity on offer is better than most competitors with HDMI, optical, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Streaming options include Google Cast, Spotify, and Pandora.


Flexible and painless setup
Good sound for the price
Syncs with other LG speakers


Buggy Android app
Music playback is lacking
Narrow imaging

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Sonos PLAYBAR TV Soundbar/ Wireless Streaming TV and Music Speaker

Sonos PLAYBAR TV Soundbar Wireless Streaming TV and Music Speaker
It is a system with nine speakers that offers surround sound, six of them medium range and three treble tweeters offer a clearer sound.
To connect it to the television we will use an optical cable, the only option available. The other way to make use of Playbar is like with the rest of Sonos devices, through Ethernet connection. The bar includes two Ethernet ports, one to connect to our network and a second to share the wireless control.
It integrates with Sonos systems and needs special TVs for HDMI connectivity. The Sonos Playbar alone is able to give a good boost to the TV with the advantage of being able to follow a Sonos wireless system, and can also act as the front with three speakers in a 5.1 configuration.


Beautiful sound
Integrates well into Sonos system
Can wirelessly add sub and satellites
Clever audio modes
Rich, broadly-compatible apps


Not cheap
Requires particular TVs
No remote in the box
Only one input

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Sony HTNT5 Sound Bar with Hi-Res Audio and Wireless Streaming

Sony HTNT5 Sound Bar with Hi Res Audio and Wireless Streaming
This Sony soundbar is a 2.1 audio system with HDMI 4K-ready inputs, a wireless, a subwoofer and a Hi-Res Audio that can work with 24-bit audio as well as with Spotify Connect, Google Cast, Wi-Fi, NFC, and Bluetooth, which also covers both AAC and LDAC codecs at a high resolution. The three-way subwoofer performs brilliantly shining work while the Sony S master digital amplifier guarantees high-quality sound throughout the line, with stereo amplitude better appreciated when mounted on the wall.


Excellent build quality
Easy to install, versatile orientation
Surprisingly musical performance


Subwoofer doesn’t go LFE deep
Hardly a volume monster
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Samsung HW-K950

How to choose the best top rated soundbar with wireless subwoofer
Do you need Dolby Atmos? This is the most engaging ‘3D surround tech system’ that has a standard soundbar design, but with a couple of satellite speakers and a subwoofer. The use of rear speakers with speakers upwards creates a virtual system 5.1.4. It works in DTS stereo (unless you are using a Blu-ray player that can convert it to Dolby Digital) and even if it’s not cheap it’s really great.
Its Bluetooth connectivity helps make your configuration and connectivity much easier to manage, without cables or complications.


Incredible sound quality
Dolby Atmos support
4K passthrough
Good value


Only stereo DTS support
Needs specific room setup
Needs the right sources
Expensive vs non-Atmos products

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Bose SoundTouch 300

Bose SoundTouch 300 Soundbar review
Among the strengths, we find a wide and articulated sound presentation and a great design quality but without a subwoofer. Its sound quality is above the average and while not being a 2.1 audio system, Bose allows the purchase of Acoustimas wireless sub. The soundtouch 300 is also compatible with the Bose SoundTouch wireless multiroom system that incorporates small Bluetooth loudspeakers.


Wide, articulate sonic presentation
Gorgeous design and build quality
4K pass-through with HDCP 2.2
Compatible with other multiroom components


Potentially frustrating set up
Doesn’t come with a subwoofer
Dialogue can sound a little sharp

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Creative SoundBlasterX Katana

Sound BlasterX Katana Multi Channel Surround Gaming and Entertainment Soundbar
Among the benefits of this creative product, you can count on a powerful sound, RGB lights, and wired subwoofer while the HDMI port is missing. This is an anonymous soundbar, compared to the competition that offers audio systems for TV, Creative aims to offer superior audio quality to computers with a desktop form. USB and optical inputs are very focused on the PC and RGB lighting uses the current trend of PC peripherals.
This is actually made for demanding gamers, who need to be able to perceive slight nuances of sound, appreciate their directionality and also like to feel immersed in the experience. All these requirements can only be covered by equipment like this. Behind its aggressive look, in line with the gamer line, there is a large tri-amplified 2.1 audio system that, with Creative’s DSP, can become a virtual 7.1 to gain nuances and place the sound better.


High audio quality (supports 24 bit at 96 kHz)
Bluetooth 4.2
Special for gaming (for TV and PC)
Led lights
Special DSP for PS4 and PS4 +
Remote control


Optical cable not included

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How to use a soundbar?

A sound bar allows you to amplify the audios that we want to listen in any context. Applying its operation for a specific task contributes to a satisfactory fulfillment of the work performed. That is why it is necessary to have a conscious management to take advantage of its application to various scenarios in which it will be a great ally.

Batteries Charged

Although simple, a soundbar must have batteries in good working order, to ensure proper performance of the device. Since if the soundbar lacks a good battery or a not very well charged battery, there will be interruptions of music followed, becoming more persistent, so it will be better to change your battery or give you electric power.

To see movies

Amplifying the sound when we are watching a movie is an advantage that we will get with artifacts like this one. Just take into consideration what you need to have a USB port or some HDMI connection, which could even be wireless to amplify the sound and give more realism to the movie that we are watching through our TV.

Listen to music

While we carry out cleaning at home, we may use the appliance. It is a matter of selecting our list of favorite songs and putting them to play. Ordering a playlist will allow us to know what we are going to be hearing. The sound bar allows us to move it to any space and thus keep the rhythm with us.

Amplify sound in video games

There is no doubt that the audio plays a preponderant role at the moment of any activity; this does not escape the games. For a more realistic realism of what we play, soundbars allow you to connect to video consoles, in order to make us enter into character and be comfortable when we play.

Use it on your computer

For work purposes, it is very functional to have a video bar connected to your computer, as it will support the sound quality to be emitted. To watch movies on the network or watch videos, the soundbar will emit the corresponding sound. It is to connect it through one of its multiple interfaces and enjoy the quality of sounds with appropriate highs and lows.

Room service

Arranging meetings or some family parties will be a success thanks to this device. If you want to change the musical environment that prevails, the sound bars come equipped with Bluetooth technology, which will allow you to connect to other devices. In this way, the reproduction of music will be in charge of some guest, as long as it does not exceed a radius of 10 meters. This useful connection is formed thanks to the pairing of the devices previously made.

Control of control

Another practical and simple way to give the soundbar a suitable utility is by controlling it. Through this artifact, we can select from a prudent distance the songs we want to hear, raise and lower the volume. All this so that the user is satisfied with the product.