Best board games for iPhone and iPad

Here’s our selection of the best board games for iPhone and iPad devices that you can play anywhere.

During these last years, the board games have seen to grow its popularity, reaching what we could call its “golden age”. They can be competitive or cooperative, of strategy, luck or even “party”, each one has its favorites. Who has not played Risk at all? Or the Monopoly?Best board games for iPhone and iPad

Some of the most famous games have been available for iOS for years, although it is true that in most cases we will have to pay. Anyway, when we already know the rules and their mechanics, and therefore, we know that we like a certain game, it is probably worth paying that small amount, is not it? Here’s a selection of the best board games for iPhone and iPad devices.

RISK: Global Domination

Enjoy the original game of strategic conquest. Attack enemy forces, move your armies and fortify your positions in a phase-structured military action war. Check out the progress and relative strength of your opponents with easy-to-access game statistics. All with perfect sound effects s to give the game a greater realism, intensity and exciting combat.

Trivial pursuit

Show off what you know in this contemporary version of the classic board game. Enjoy 1,000 new questions , with text and colorful images. Combine your brain with that of 4 other players through multiplayer modes Pass and play or WiFi. Its innovative touch – screen controls , stunning graphics and amazing sound effects make the game more interesting for people who like to play questions and answers games. You will surely like this free iOS game.


If you do not know Catan, you probably have not played too much board games. This is the game “initiator” par excellence, which everyone proves when it begins to catch the taste of this hobby.
The objective of the game is to get 10 points of victory building roads and villages and acquiring development letters to improve your result. If you are not a friend of luck, this game will not like you too, as it depends heavily on the dice rolls.

The mobile version of Catán looks quite like the original game and allows you to play against the machine and also, of course, against other players. The best thing about this application is that it is fully customizable and you can choose the parameters you want to create the best possible game. And do not forget the expansions!


The classic game that combines puzzles and turn-based strategy, Carcassonne comes to this version for iOS offering two game modes: the solitaire, to solve puzzles and multiplayer , with up to eight people on the same device or online. In case you do not know the rules, the application has a brief guide for you to understand the mehanics. In fact, it is an extremely easy game to learn.
Place the tiles of roads and walls strategically, trying to control the largest number of farms, monasteries and cities. In the meantime, do not miss the opportunity to annoy your partner.


The domino is one of the classic table games par excellence, and one of the most players has trapped. This domino for iOS is my favorite because it is multiplayer and allows us to play with people from all over the world in games of 2, 3 and even 4 players. You can play individual games, also games in pairs, points or rounds.

Galaxy Trucker

Less popular but also very entertaining and with a theme not so frequent in the genre (space travel), we can not fail to recommend also Galaxy Trucker. The game is divided into two phases, mainly: in the first, you will have to construct the best possible ship from different types of components; In the second, you begin to travel and your construction is put to test in diverse adventures. You can play in multiplayer mode (up to 4 players ) both locally and online. The game is compatible with only iPad devices.

Neuroshima Hex

Much more similar to Risk than any of the previous ones, Neuroshima Hex also deserves to be highlighted, although the armies that face in this war are all fictitious. The game begins with 4 of them (each with its own history and its own resources), although we can buy expansions that add another 5, and are distributed among the different players (have local multiplayer, if you are not enough you can control the machine).

Small World 2

Small World 2 is much more complicated than the previous ones (and more expensive too), but it’s worth the effort to get hold of the intricate set of rules that govern it. In principle, it could be presented as a Risk of Tolkien theme (the tutorial is starred by the wizard Gandulf, for example), but the reality is that the combination of races and skills give a complexity that goes far beyond that one. You can also play individually against the machine or in multiplayer mode, both online and local.


We end up with the classic promise of board games. Who has not played Monopoly for hours and hours? In case someone had never played, it is a game of moving boxes by dice rolls and picking letters where we can make money to build our properties or even end up in jail. When an opponent lands in a box of your property, he must pay for it. Monopoly is a constant fictional money swing. The game has 3 different levels of difficulty and we can play up to 4 players.

And that’s all … for the moment. Thanks to these board games for iOS you can play anywhere. What’s your favorite game? Let us know in the comments. Thank you.