Best business card scanner app for Android to digitally organize business cards

Today we will see the best business card scanner app for Android to read business cards directly from your Android smartphone or tablet. Let’s find out all the details.

Business cards are a redoubt of the past, of a way of doing business, which is still in force and in many ways more vivid than ever. It is not only an exchange of contact data but also a social act, of acceptance of the other. But managing these contacts is easier today. Let’s see the best business card scanner app for Android to organize business cards from the smartphone.
Best business card scanner app for Android
Because, if there is an element that a professional of the company will carry on today is none other than his smartphone. By installing a business card reader app, you can take a photograph of the business card and capture the data by incorporating them into your agenda. You can save them in the digital card holder, from where you keep them safe in the cloud or in the local memory of your smartphones.

Expand your network and do not lose any contact with these 7 best free business card scanner app for Android.

Free CamCard – Business Card Reader

Free CamCard is the number one Android app to scan business cards. You can read and save your business cards remembering all those taken from various companies. When taking the picture to the business card you can store on your phone all the information, only to have it available at any time. Each business card scanned folders can be categorized according to the following criteria you set. Also you can edit the information or write additional notes at will. It is the perfect solution for those who have a lot of business cards or who love business social networking. You can easily share them by e-mail, social network or QR codes.

FullContact Card Reader

Full Contact Card Reader is one of the more polished offerings on this list. It works by simply taking a picture of the card and then will be automatically added to your contacts. This business card reader app also offers one of the higher levels of integration with a suggested compatibility with over 250 apps. This app is also highly compatible with services like Dropbox, SugarCRM, SalesForce and Evernote. If you want a fully integrated and highly functional card reading app then this might be worth a look.

ScanBizCards Lite – Scan Card

This is the most versatile business card scanner app for Android. It allows you to keep all your business cards in one place to keep track of all your contacts. The ScanBizCards is very similar to CamCard, quickly and accurately reads business cards and save on the phone all the information. It gives you the ability to run a scan of your cards directly from your smartphone or transcribe it manually. You can then send the invitation to Linkedin contact, call or send direct mail and text messages. In addition, you can export contacts to Excel CSV for import of CRM programs. It also supports 22 different languages.

Business Card Reader Free

It allows you to simply capture all the details of the contacts present in the cards and is capable of reading up to 21 different languages. It transfers immediately the information on the card to your smartphone synchronizes the various card on your Android smartphone via ABBYY cloud storage and share contacts via email, SMS or Wi-Fi.

CardToContact Card Reader

This application allows you to read business cards and helps you perform a scan to save them among your contracts. It works by simply taking a picture of the ticket and the application will automatically provide you with the contact information directly to your smartphone or tablet. You can save your contact information on one or more accounts on your device; add notes to tickets and also offers an interface optimized for the tablet.

Evernote Hello

Evernote Hello is the service available from the great application for notes. If you already use this service so that you do not forget anything, it makes perfect sense to use Evernote Hello to capture the business cards of the contacts. Evernote Hello, besides saving them always online, is integrated with Linkedin to complete data or add a photo to the contact, for example.

WorldCard Mobile

Another application that can be very interesting as our organization grows is WorldCard Mobile available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. It also has an application to install on the computer, so that the management of captured contacts is much more agile and simple than having to do it from the small screen of the smartphone, especially if you have to modify or update data.

These are our selection of the best business card scanner app for Android. Actually, the options are many, but these seven seem the most common and best business card reader apps for Android. What method do you use to digitally organize business cards? Which of these applications do you think is the best? Let us know in the comments section? Thank you for reading.