Best Call Recording App For Android | Top Free Android Call Recorder in 2017

A good call recorder is always handy, right? Here’s a selection of the best call recording app for Android in 2017 to record calls on Android.

You are looking for an app for your Android smartphone that allows you to record your phone calls? You are (as always) in the right blog. This article will tell you the best call recording app for Android to record a call on the fly, with descriptions and direct links to download from the Play Store.
Best Call Recording App For Android Top Free Android Call Recorder in 2017
There are many opportunities to record phone calls, for commercial or personal purposes. To record telephone conversations on Android there are many applications available at the Play Store. Unfortunately, however, is not everything that glitters is gold. In fact, some of the applications to record calls on the Play Store should be avoided as they are of poor quality. To simplify your choice we have compiled a list of the best apps that will allow you to record the most of all the calls that you want in an easy and fast.

Here is our selection of the top 7 Android call recorder in 2017 (FREE download) to record phone calls on Android.

Have you ever had an important phone call and had to record something? Sometimes you had to remember the phone number or address? You were stuck in traffic when you have received an order from a major customer? Maybe sometimes you were in a situation where you had to remember a shopping list? Maybe sometimes you wanted to keep the sweet memories and words of your better half? In any situation, install an Android call recording app is a great solution for you. Here we see the 7 best free apps to record phone calls on Android.
Take into account that, at least on Android smartphones, applications that record phone calls only work well if you activate one at a time.
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Call Recorder

Call Recorder is an application that makes it easy to record phone calls on Android. It has a highly intuitive interface with the options and the various well-arranged function and easy to understand.
Call Recorder has a simple switch that, when activated, will record all calls automatically. You can just make a phone call and think the application to record the conversation in the background.
You can set an access code to keep private conversations. Finally the application also allows you to automatically upload your recordings to Dropbox, so that if you happen to lose all data on your smartphone you still have a backup.

Automatic Call Recorder

Automatic Call Recorder will allow you to choose which calls to record and which to ignore, giving you the ability to add notes to each recording. You can choose from three default settings for automatic recording and enable a summary menu calls that appear immediately after each call.
This call recorder is well integrated with Google Drive and Dropbox, so as to also allow you to synchronize the recorded calls in Cloud. By purchasing the Pro version, in addition, you can make calls from certain contacts are automatically saved.

Call recorder (Free)

This is another top free Android call recorder app that should try in 2017. This application has some good features that make it one of the best to record phone calls on Android. It allows you to automatically record phone calls and save them on external memory to save space on the internal memory of your smartphone.
The application also allows you to mark some recorded conversations as you wish to prevent from being erased accidentally. Another useful feature is definitely the ability to save conversations in different formats or filter numbers that automatically record call.

RMC: Android Call Recorder

Undoubtedly, this is one of the best call recording apps for Android to free download. RMC looks a bit ‘like the integrated call log in Android. It is very simple to use and has a graphical interface of pleasant use. The application may have some problems on some devices. So it is recommended to make a test call and test its operation before using it for other purposes.
The simple graphical interface shows on the screen only the basic information for each call is stored the date and time. You can also make manual adjustments. But that’s not all, after each recording, you can also check the details and enter a note, so you find the conversations more easily at a later time.

Auto Call Recorder

Another Call Recorder for Android that performs its task very well is Auto Call Recorder. The app automatically records all calls and stores them in a user-defined location.
Also, you can listen to recorded conversations with the media player included in the app and set a password so that no one else can access the recordings. You can monitor the space available directly from the application and send via email or upload recordings to your cloud service preferred.


This is a professional tool for automatic call logging, which is quite simple to use. CallX offers a unique set of features that allow you automatic call recording. The additional feature is the “Shake to record” that allows the instantaneous recording of any call. You can listen to recorded calls at any time or synchronize with your account on Dropbox.
On some devices, you can not do the recording because of hardware limitations. This restriction does not depend on the application, nor is an application error. We ask you not to leave the votes and the negative comments if the recording function does not work. The recording function will not work even if there are more applications for call recording. Please close or to remove other for call recording applications.

All Call Recorder

Another best call recording app for Android in 2017. All Call Recorder is a simple and efficient app for Android that records all incoming and outgoing calls in 3gp format. You can then save the files to a cloud service like Dropbox and Google Drive. You can also send recorded calls via e-mail, messengers, Bluetooth, etc. To delete or send a single record, long type on it to show context menu.

We think that among these applications listed you will find the one that suits you (and especially functional – one hopes – with your smartphone, as the compatibility is not always guaranteed). We just have to do is to wish you a good download and a good use. If you know other apps (preferably free), let us know in the comment section below. Finally, if this article came in handy, we ask you kindly share it. Thank you.