Best CC cream 2017: the best products to correct the complexion

Disembarked shortly after the BB creams, CC creams act as color correctors. With pigments that adapt perfectly to the complexion, CC creams are also for skin care. Selection of the best CC cream 2017.

After the success of the BB creams or Blemish Balms, the CC creams were not slow to make their appearance on the market of US cosmetics. Another product from Korea, according to a Japanese concept! The goal of this cream, like its big sister BB cream, is to correct the colored imperfections of the complexion.
How? Thanks to encapsulated pigments that reveal their shade only in contact with the skin. Result, the small defects of our epidermis related to the color (dark circles, redness, stains …) are corrected thanks to a pigmentation perfectly adapted to our needs.
If a few days ago we recommended the top BB Creams on the market, today we could not miss a special article dedicated to her sister the CC Cream. Surely many of you wonder what difference there is between a BB Cream and a CC Cream, we’ll try to explain very briefly.

Difference between BB Cream and CC Cream

The BB cream is a balm with color that aims to moisturize the skin and unify the tone of the skin. If you want to read more about what a BB Cream is, we recommend that you click on the link that we have indicated.
With respect to CC Creams, they are the improved version of their predecessors, which, in addition to moisturizing, unifying the tone of the skin and adding color, also corrects the skin tone perfecting problems such as redness, blemishes or discolorations.

A CC cream against the irregularities of the complexion

If the intelligent formulas of CC creams first unify the complexion, they also correct imperfections and irregularities (radiance, skin grain …) thanks to an integrated care action.
Some combine, for example, a make-up and anti-stain action thanks to assets specifically selected for this purpose. Others possess anti-aging, anti-pollution or anti-redness qualities. Generally, this type of product is also accompanied by a UV filter to protect the skin from sun damage, even moderate, in the city.
Finally, some CC creams are similar to bases to blend together to correct local imperfections: green product to correct redness, yellow to reduce dark circles … etc.

CC cream, a day care in its own right

Like the BB cream, CC Cream easily replaces several products of the care routine.
If one has a normal to mixed skin, no need to apply a day cream before using it, it fulfills very well the functions of corrective, repairing, protective and moisturizing care.
Between care and makeup, CC cream, however, is slightly less opaque than a BB, which is more like a tinted cream and replaces easily a foundation. We therefore prefer the CC cream if we are lucky to have a skin without too many imperfections and we are looking for a correction and a complexion unified in transparency.

Now, let’s see our selection of the best CC cream 2017 and choose the one (or, more) that suits your skin. Ready?

Nude Magique CC Cream by L’oreal

Best CC cream 2017

This CC Cream of L’oreal is sold in three different tones:
• Mallow (anti-fade) is suitable for yellowish skin with low light.
• Peach (anti-fatigue) is designed for tired faces with greyish sub-tones.
• Green (anti-reddish) is for skin that generates a lot of redness on the face.
The main advantage of this CC Cream is that it is responsible for controlling the problem of each type of skin and solving it by giving the face a natural, luminous and healthy appearance. In addition, the cosmetic contains SPF 20 protection factor. As a main characteristic, it should be noted that the product is fluid in texture, very easy to apply. It provides a lot of hydration and is not greasy at all.
Anti- Dullness Cc Cream by L’Oreal Paris
Anti- Fatigue Cc Cream by L’Oreal Paris
L’Oreal Paris Anti- Redness Cc Cream

Bobbi Brown CC Cream SPF 35

Top 10 CC cream reviews amazon
This CC Cream of Bobbi Brown is one of the most demanded. After applying this CC cream, you will notice radiant and luminous skin. All thanks to color-correcting pigments that combat redness and botanical extracts. Bobbi Brown creates three different tones that fit each skin type: Golden Nude for darker skins, Warm Nude for mid-tones and Pale Nude for lighter skins. It is unnecessary to convincing you because just talking about it you know that your skin is in good hands.
Golden Nude CC Cream by Bobbi Brown
Bobbi Brown CC Cream Warm Nude
Pale Nude CC Cream by Bobbi Brown

CC Cream Bourjois 123 Perfect

Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Eye Cream SPF 15 Concealer for Women
We continue with another CC Cream suitable for young skins. What we like most about this CC is that, unlike the previous one, unifies in a single product three shades to correct the color of the skin, ie, combines peach, white pigments and green to completely eliminate all imperfections and bring much freshness to the face. Therefore, it is suitable for all types of skins.
As for the coverage, it is not very high but, once again, we are talking about a CC and not a foundation of makeup. If you want maximum coverage you will not like the finish of this CC Cream of Bourjois or any in general. However, if you want a beautiful and light coverage you will love this product.
As for the solar factor, this CC Cream has an SPF 15. Like the previous one, provides a lot of hydration and is not fat at all. So we recommend it also for girls who have mixed skin with a tendency towards fat.

Discover more and the price here

Yves Saint CC Cream

Yves Saint Laurent Ever Light Creator Colour Corrector Serum
There are three tonalities that the French firm has created for us: the rose that gives vitality to our face, ideal for those tired skins, the dwelling, improves the luminosity and finally the apricot tone that unifies the face. This CC cream will be one of your secrets to get an improved look and enhance your beauty even more.
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Olay CC Cream, Total Effects

Olay CC Cream Total Effects
It is a Cream CC aimed at women with mature skin and tendency to have dry skin. This product contributes a lot of hydration, in fact, it is not recommended for women with oily skin or looking for a high coverage as its main purpose is to provide luminosity and not cover imperfections of the skin.
It has a creamy finish, very natural and natural looking. It makes the skin look very fresh, nourished and radiant. In addition, it has protection factor.

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Max Factor CC Colour Correcting Cream

Max Factor CC Colour Correcting Cream
My favorite CC Cream par excellence! I guess I like it because it has a makeup finish but with a very light formula, that is, it does not grease the face and does not have a finished mask. In my case, as I said before, I do not have color correction problems. Therefore, this CC Cream is the one that best meets my expectations, since it does not focus especially on that subject, but in bringing much luminosity to the face. In addition, it covers enough to be a CC and has a very affordable price.
Also, it has an SPF 10, it is oil free and it is available in several tones, so it does not stay very clear for those of us who are brunette.

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What is your favorite CC cream?

For me the CC Creams are the perfect solution for the day to day in which you want to hide imperfections, avoid redness and at the same time protect your skin, but without the feeling of heaviness that give some bases of makeup. In addition most of them apply very easy and are great to carry in the bag and to resort to them at any time.
What do you think about the selection of best CC Cream 2017? For you what is the best CC Cream on the market? Do not forget to leave your comment! If you have any suggestions, do not hesitate to share it with us. Thank you.

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