Best Christmas Gifts For Architecture Students | Good Gift Ideas To Present

How to choose a good Christmas gift for architecture students? Read our Christmas 2017 present ideas to find the best Christmas gifts for architecture students.

Now that Christmas is coming, if you have a friend or relative who studies architecture, here is a series of products that will surely make you look good. And if you study Architecture, share it with family and friends so they know what they can give you.
Give the student of architecture in your life something that will help him or her in studies or foster love for his or her chosen field. The workload of architectural students is notoriously heavy and difficult. Keep it in mind when choosing an appropriate gift. Also, keep your tastes and interests in mind to ensure a successful gifts experience. We have taken on the task of collecting Christmas gifts with which you can be very good with a student of architecture and also will be very useful to perform their work.

Top 12 best Christmas present ideas for architecture student

During the year we all look for gifts or details to deliver to a special person. After making the best Christmas gift ideas for a professional architect, this time we tell you what gifts are suitable for an Architecture student.
Do you have a relative or friend who is an architect or designer? And do not know what to give an Architecture student? Do not worry! Here we tell you what can be good gifts for an Architect.

LEGO Architecture Studio

Best Christmas Gifts For Architects
No, it’s not a toy. Although almost all of us have been able to enjoy some other LEGO construction when we were children, this particular box is designed for adults. With a recommended age of 16 years or more, it is the perfect gift for the most nostalgic of LEGO. The box has more than 1,200 white and transparent pieces of many sizes and a manual of 272 pages with ideas and advice. LEGO Architecture Studio gives you everything you need to create your very own unique buildings. Let your imagination guide your design! A good present to give your boyfriend or girlfriend who studying architecture.
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Reusable Technical Pen

Best Christmas Gifts For Architecture Students
Pen & ink are the most popular media for any Architects, Architecture Student, Designer and Graphic Artist. Originally, technical pens were used for drawing the sort of diagrams and designs more commonly produced using CAD software now. However, some people still prefer to do their technical drawing that way, and these pens have found other fans, for drawing and writing. Technical pens are top preferred. Disposable, reusable, different kinds of technical pens are available. Here we are giving you a list of best reusable technical pens. Read our selection of the best reusable technical drawing pens and choose one or more pens to give him or her.

Drafting pencils/ mechanical pencils/ lead holders

Good Gift Ideas To Present architecture student
The most essential part of an architecture student’s life is the mechanical pencils/ lead holder. Can you pass a day without that if you are an architect? Without any doubt, architects always find the perfect and best fitted things for them. So we already have made a good selection of the best drafting mechanical pencils from where you can choose the best suitable mechanical pencil for you. Let’s discover them here.

Reading lamp

Good Christmas Gift Ideas To Present architect
We all know that an architecture student reads a lot. That’s why a reading lamp would be a good gift for architect boyfriend or girlfriend. It could also serve him at his desk or drawing board as support to carry out his work. There are design lamps that can be quite attractive and that besides fulfilling their function of illuminating can be flashy and have a bit of grace. This is definitely one of the most useful gifts you can give to an architect or designer.
The TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp is probably the best option currently available. It is a soft, stable and non-flickering desk lamp and the lighting is friendly on your eyes so you can enjoy what you’re doing for longer. It also has a built-in USB port that lets you charge your eReader, tablet, or smartphone, for example.

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Moleskine Special Editions

Moleskine Special Editions
Not just a cult object: Moleskine, like any other notebook, is an indispensable tool for architects to pinpoint ideas and impressions anywhere and moments. Students and young architects end the pages of their notebooks at an impressive speed, so giving a Moleskine means going safe! But if you want to make a special gift you should just consider the idea of a limited edition Moleskine as a gift for an architect.
Yes, because the collection of Moleskine notebooks is regularly updated with special editions inspired by popular culture, cinema and literature. Some examples? The Moleskine Lego collection: a notebook of this line might be a great idea for a gift for a “themed” architect: so to say one, you could combine it with one of the Lego Architecture products!

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Neufert Architects’ Data

What to give an architecture student in Christmas 2017 2018
Here you go to culture. Neufert, the world standard for all architects and civil engineers, provides a framework for the main topics of the construction sector and a normative reference on the various types of buildings, also following the transposition of European building safety legislation and both in the fire and in the construction sector. Ideal for students specifically, and hard-pressed architects generally, this is a great source book for the basics.
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Moleskine Art Plus Sketchbook

Moleskine Art Plus Sketchbook
We must not forget that architecture is an art and architects, some more than others, artists. And something that every artist should always carry is a small and light notebook for sketches with a multitude of blank pages, ready to be the recipient of hundreds of good and not so good ideas. It can also be very useful to take notes in the work.
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Drawing and Sketching Pencil Set

Drawing and Sketching Pencil Set
It is useless to carry a sketchbook if we do not always have a pencil at hand with which to unleash our imagination. And much better than a single pencil, which we will end up losing, is this case that includes 12 pencils, an eraser, a pencil sharpener and a small notebook. The best thing about this set is undoubtedly the case itself, a very simple and comfortable system to carry our drawing tools.
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3D Printing Pen

3Doodler to draw in 3D
The 3D printers have evolved rapidly in recent years becoming increasingly affordable and simple to use, so no wonder that at some point someone successfully exploited this technology to create a way to create 3D hand pieces. What looks like a simple, yet thick ballpoint pen is actually a perfect tool to create three-dimensional models quickly and effortlessly. One more way to let the creativity of an architect flow. Therefore, we invite you to read our selection of the top rated 3D printing pen reviews here and choose the right one.

A good printer

For an architect to have a good printer at home is a joy. It saves you a lot of time (and money) in eternal queues of copy shops and printing centers. As a plotter seems too big to have at home, an A3 format printer is a very good intermediate point and very useful. You can some good options here with a detailed review.

cardboard cut Olfa

Best Christmas Gifts For Architecture Students Good Gift Ideas To Present
The faithful friend of students and architects, who accompanies us through long night hours and took us out of trouble in more than one activity outside the workshop. Giving a model of cardboard cut Olfa will always be a useful and precious gift.
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Pen Drive

Flash drives are loved by all architects by the head, moreover, desperately need them. Assigning a familiar designer a bunch of drives with such an interesting design, you’ll surely notice the tears of grateful emotion in his eyes. Read our selection of the best USB 3.0 pen drives, USB 3.1 pen drives, and USB pen drives with type C connector. You will surely find a good solution to give her or him as a Christmas present.
We hope that you have decided on one of the gifts that we have recommended and that you tell us if you like it or not (although you will surely like it). And if you can think of one more, tell us in the comments. And to you, what would you like to be given?