Best cloud storage apps for Android

We want to present several options in cloud storage services or cloud computing accessible from your Android tablet or mobile phone. Here’s a list of the best cloud storage apps for Android, offering you a comparative description.

One of the best technological advances has been the possibility of saving files in the cloud. The cloud storage is very useful because you have your virtual space to store all that data (documents, photos, videos, etc.) that occupy much space on your mobile device. Another advantage is that you can access this data from other devices and even share it with other people; you ended up going from one side to another with a USB stick. The offer of these services is enormous, most have a small free plan and another payment more oriented to large users and companies.
Best cloud storage apps for Android
The good thing is that the vast majority have applications for Android from which you can manage your space in the cloud. Now the question is what are the best cloud storage apps for Android? Let’s see the best Android cloud storage apps and services.

Best cloud storage services and applications for Android in 2017

If you have Internet and you are interested in saving something without having to take up more space on the local disk, you should only make use of the applications in the cloud. We have collected the ones that we find most interesting, so you will only have to try them and stay with the one you like.


Dropbox for Android best cloud storage services and apps for Android
Dropbox is one of the best-known cloud storage services in the entire network. But it does not mean that it is better, although we recognize that it is quite good. In addition, it is one of those that offer you the most economical services, since you get 2GB of storage space completely free in the cloud with the free account. If you register more users recommended by you, you will receive more MB equally free. It also has compatibility with many other applications and services in the cloud. With the application, you can make a backup of the photos of your terminal, save directly to the cloud the attachments of your emails and even edit some text documents in a simple way.

Google Drive

Best cloud storage services and applications for Android in 2017
Google Drive is one of the most useful and popular among users. The free version is much superior to Dropbox, being in this case 15 GB without having to pay a penny. Obviously, you can also hire more space for different prices. With the application for Android, you can manage all this space from your Smartphone. From the application, you can upload files you already have on your device and even create new ones like text documents, spreadsheets, presentations and even you can scan a document. You can find it for free on Google Play, so do not wait to try it.

One Drive

One Drive for Android
One Drive is another application that allows you to upload some of your files online, such as photographs and everything that has to do with your personal life. You will have the possibility to share them with the people you want, even have a version for companies in which you can upload your work files. With it you have access to a free cloud storage of up to 15 GB. If you need more space there are several possibilities, but the one that offers 1 TB for $ 7 a month also includes Office license for a computer, a tablet and a smartphone.
From the application of One Drive for Android, you can back up all your photos, share files and manage all your hosted documents. To access the text files and spreadsheets you must have other Office applications installed.


best Android cloud storage apps and services 2017 backup
Mega is another cloud storage service that gives its users 50 GB of entry, without paying a single penny. They boast a point-to-point encryption and also have a payment plan that offers 4 TB for $ 8.33 per month. You can share your file folders with the contacts you want, being accessible at all times. Everything you want to do with your data you can do with Mega, either upload, download, rename or delete.


mediafire app for Android
MediaFire is one of the best options for sharing your files over the internet. Free storage starts with 12 GB which you can extend up to 50 GB without having to pay anything. The application is simple and allows you to perform all the basic functions essential in this type of services. Of course, you can also have a backup of all the photos you take with the camera on your smartphone.


box free cloud storage apps for Android
Box is perhaps the least known service on the list, but also one of the most popular and successful. It is focused on business and offers 5GB free. This cloud storage service allows you to access your documents from anywhere and modify them whenever you want, in addition to storing your personal files privately and safely without the possibility that others may invade your privacy. With Box it is very easy to share your files with anyone you want, because it generates a link that you can send by email and so the other person can download the data on your device. It also has a desktop widget that will keep you abreast of the changes that collaborators have created in files or in shared folders. If you are concerned about the security of your files, Box is an interesting option to consider.

My Cloud

My Cloud mobile app for Android
Another of the services most used in the cloud to this day is My Cloud. Its great advantage is the possibility of entering several of the services of the cloud like those that we have already spoken several lines back. Some of them are Dropbox, Google Drive and One Drive. Do not miss.

Google Photos

If you want a much simpler application in which to save your photos in the cloud, Google offers one of them and for free. If you do not absolutely need to upload all your files to the Internet, then you must try it. With Google Photos you have the possibility to upload images of your vacation, holidays or hangouts with colleagues.


copy Android app
If you want to share files, this is the best option. It stands out for the possibility of sharing whole folders and large files without restrictions of size. As an example you can share a 20GB folder between four people, each consuming only 5GB.
Copy offers 15 GB of free online data storage. As in the previous ones you only need to create an account, which can be done from the application itself. By doing so the app allows you to upload photos, back up your information and share files or folders with your contacts.

These are some of the best cloud storage services and apps for Android users, but as always, we accept suggestions. What other free applications and cloud storage do you know? Thank you for reading.