Best covers for MacBook air 13 inch to protect from bumps and scratches

We invite you to read our selection of the best covers for MacBook air 13 inch. You can protect your new MacBook Air from bumps and scratches with these best MacBook Air / Pro cases.

Carrying a laptop on top is usually a daily task that has some risk, especially because of the danger to which we expose the team to blows. If you want to be unconcerned about this, you should take a look at this selection with the best covers for MacBook Air 13 inch, designed just to take care of your new or not so new MacBook. You can move from one place to another without worry.
In this sense, covers more than a luxury, as they are usually perceived by some, represent a vital tool to take care of a tool as indispensable as your MacBook Air. Let’s see some of the best ones.

13 inch MacBook Air Cases: quality and price

Keep in mind that MacBook are very delicate computers. It is a unique laptop that Apple has manufactured with much care, so we must take care of its chassis and avoid hitting anything to maximize its life.
To take care of it and protect it, we have selected for you the best cases for Macbook Air 13 inch, with good designs and quality, but always looking for the best price.
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PLEMO Leather

Best covers for MacBook air 13 inch
Do you want to take your MacBook Air 13 “anywhere and not worry? This case is special for this. Conceived as a “premium” product, it is among the best cases for Macbook Air 13 inch. It is thought to be an infallible protector thanks to its materials of polyester and wool, which eliminates the possibility of a blow in case you fall. Fits MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 13 “.
Its compact size even allows you to carry it along with other materials in a bag or briefcase without major inconvenience.

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Plemo Waterproof Case for MacBook

Waterproof Case for MacBook amazon
Are you looking for something much more foldable and even prepared for any scenario? This Plemo case is one of the best cases for 13 inch MacBook Air, because it allows you not to add an additional weight to your daily load. It’s a really compact case.
It allows you to have an additional protection to your equipment by its capacity waterproof to both water and dust. It has a strap that you can incorporate in the shoulder and a strap of hand to carry it in briefcase mode, all thanks to its versatile handles to offer a much more comfortable trip.

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Dodocool felt cover

best MacBook Air pro cases 13 inch
This case is among the best cases for MacBook Air, as it stands out for offering different and wide storage. Not only will you be able to save any 13″ MacBook Air, but it will add a compartment to carry other items like pens or books. It has several pockets designed so that the client can carry a lot of accessories without resorting to a briefcase.
Offering a number of storage options does not limit the security it offers to Apple computers because it protects the MacBook from dust and bumps.

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OMOTON MacBook13″ cover

New Macbook Air 11 inch Case Sleeve with Stand
The OMOTON case for MacBook Air has been designed with a new level of comfort and safety in mind. This case makes the vanguard a daily character. Thanks to its materials made with leather, it gives an additional feeling of protection for your MacBook.
In turn, it is compact and light, which makes it easy to carry your Macbook, so you can incorporate it into any bag or wallet. It is a bet among the best cases for 13″ Macbook Air.

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MOSISO case for MacBook

MacBook Air 13 inch cover and case amazon
This case does not stand out among the best MacBook Air 13″ cases as an economical product or within the affordable cases, but rather is geared towards a more demanding audience and is clear what they are looking for.
Thanks to its internal material made of polyester, your MacBook Air will be protected at all times, and you can leave it anywhere to move it without risk. Its zipper also allows a quick slip and an immediate access.

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Inateck 13 inch MacBook Air Case

Best accessories for macbook air pro 13 inch
With a greyish finish very typical of the Mac, an orange finishes, the Inateck 13 inch case for MacBook is crowned as one of the favorite options for those who look for an economic and quality option.
Its soft interior will protect your MacBook Air from bumps and scratches. The neoprene exterior will protect you from rain and inclement weather, and to top it off, it has a perfect outer pocket for carrying cables, credit cards or the iPhone.

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Tomtoc Sleeve Case for MacBook Air 13 Inch

Tomtoc 360 Protective Laptop Sleeve for 13 Inch New MacBook Pro 2016 Touch Bar
This is one of the options that I like. With a fabric finish, but waterproof, so your MacBook Air will not suffer damage if it rains. This option is positioned as one of the best MacBook Air cases.
It includes a small pocket with capacity for an iPad, or where we can put some notebook or paper and pens. Zippers include a small extender to make opening quicker.

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IDOO excellent design and security

iDOO Matte Rubber Coated Soft Touch Plastic Hard Case for MacBook Pro
If you want to protect your MacBook Air 13 inches against bumps or scratches, iDOO is one of the options best designed for you. Its model is perfectly adjustable to your MacBook Air 13 and its weight reaches only 200g. It has an easy design to remove and put the cover as many times as necessary without modifying its dimensions.
The composition is purely rubber and leaves all ports free for ease of connectivity. It also has ventilation that is extremely important to not overheat your device. They have a wide range of colors to choose from which the most requested is White Marble, an excellent option to show off your MacBook and at the same time protect it.

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TECOOL with plastic cover and more designs

Macbook Air 13 Case TECOOL Hard Plastic Shell with Screen Protector and Keyboard Cover for MacBook Air
To make the competition interesting TECOOL also offers a wide variety of designs. Do you like flags or color gradients? Then look no further and buy TECOOL cases for MacBook Air 13 inch. Their materials are exclusively rubberized to receive impacts, but you will not have a MacBook very lush because its design is superfine and its weight is less than 300g.
If you are looking for protection for your MacBook against accidental scratches or scratches, do not hesitate to purchase TECOOL, the testimonials affirm that it really meets the demands. It is one of the best cases for MacBook Air Of 13 inch without a doubt.

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LENTION, rigid covers for MacBook Air 13 Inch

LENTION rigid covers for MacBook Air 13 Inch
Guaranteed protection from bumps and scratches. Its weight is 290g and includes dust ports to remove any dirt from your stalls. This case is completely rigid and adheres to your MacBook Air 13 inch.
Like the StarStruck you can see your Apple logo through the case and its favorite color is transparent green commonly known as the color of lovers. Also has ventilation against high temperatures of the equipment.

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KWmobile, Transparent Case for MacBook Air

KWmobile Transparent Case for MacBook Air
Now you can enjoy not only the design details of the KWmobile case but this time you are offered the opportunity to have a case that allows you to enjoy a unique finish and is among the best cases for 13 “MacBook Air. The designs of KWmobolie bring with it the transparency and thus to look the two finishes, the original of your MacBook and the one of the design of your cover.
Its weight reaches 300g and has crystal case technology that protects against scratches and bumps. Really a novelty, its design also helps to have access to all ports and the ventilation system is perfect to avoid overheating your equipment. What else are you looking for in a case for your MacBook Air 13 “?
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In your opinion, what is the best cover for MacBook Air 13 Inch?

Considering so many options to choose from the best cases for MacBook Air, it is difficult to keep one. The decision is somewhat complex, but the best option is to contrast customer ratings.
Among all these options you have different prices, materials and qualities, but all of them have received very good ratings. So they are guaranteed to meet your goal and protect your Mac from any danger for many years.
And for you what are the best cases for 13 “MacBook Air? If you have any that you want to recommend or would like to tell us your experience with some of these cases, do not hesitate to leave us a comment at the bottom of the page. Thank you.