Best Dash Cam Reviews – Dash Camera For Car Buying Guide

A witness, impartial, is always sitting next to you. Discover the best Dash cam for the professional and consumer user through our best dash cam reviews.

The dash cams are devices to very specific spaces: the case of small video cameras to be fixed to the windshield or dashboard that record the video of everything that happens before your eyes. Read our best dash cam reviews and you’ll definitely get the best solution for you.
Best Dash Cam Reviews Dash Camera For Car Buying Guide
More and more users rely on Dash Cam to record events and any additional claims. A tool reserved for law enforcement has transformed over time into a must for those who want the maximum in the car technology. But what really takes a Dash Cam? What models can we buy? In this guide, we will look at the Dash Cam world and we will recommend the best models currently available on the market.

8 of the best dash cam reviews in 2016. By choosing one of these top dash cams, you’ll be sure to have a camera reliable and efficient that never let you down.

TaoTronics Car Dash Cam

Best dash cam reviews
The best dash cam at value for money is the TaoTronics Car Dash Cam. This wide angle HD camera provides a clear image of day and night through the resolution 1080P / 30fps and recording at wide angle of 150 degrees. It is positioned on the windscreen of the vehicle and does not mask any view because it is very compact. It is also discreet and easily detaches from the holder.
The Taotronics CD05 is easy to install and use. The camera begins recording when the vehicle is moving. It lights even automatically at startup if it is plugged into the cigarette lighter. In an accident, the sequence being recorded is locked and can not be erased. The Taotronics CD05 has a small 2.7-inch LCD screen. It comes with a 32GB SD card. It can record up to 4 hours of video footage.

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DOD TECH LS460W Dash Camera

Dash Camera For Car Buying Guide
The DOD LS460W is the best dash cam in video quality. With Sony Exmor sensor and lens F / 1.6 and WDR technology for better night vision, this dash cam offers better video quality than its competitors. It allows for HD videos and crisp precision.
The LS460W offers GPS tracking, a 2.7-inch screen and supports 64GB SD cards. This dash cam is protected by the password. Only authorized users can change settings or video files. The DOD LS460W offers unsurpassed video quality still mostly at night but the resolution is only 1080p. Some dash cams offer higher resolutions like Vicovation Marcus 4 for example.

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Transcend DrivePro Car Video Recorder

Transcend 16GB DrivePro 200 Car Video Recorder review
This Transcend DrivePro 200 Car Video Recorder has WiFi connectivity. It allows you to synchronize with Android and iPhone smartphones and transfer real-time video. Then also it boasts a battery built in, which does not require the connection to the car’s cigarette lighter. Thanks to this you can not only set up wherever you like, but you can also use it outside of the car as a portable camera.
The camera with its f / 2.0 apertures has a viewing angle of 160 degrees very wide to shoot scenes also very decentralized. It can record video with a resolution Full HD and you see very well even if they are made at night. It is available in a version with 16 GB and a 32 GB, with the ability to insert micro SD.

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SplashETech Vicovation Vico-Marcus 4

SplashETech Vicovation Vico Marcus 4 camcorder
The Vicovation Marcus 4 is the best dash cam for high resolution. It allows you to record videos of slightly less quality than LS460W but at much higher resolutions: 2304x1296p (4: 3) and 2560x1080p (16: 9).
The Wide (16: 9) was found to be particularly useful for driving recorder. This allows shooting additional details to the left and right of the camera and it looks more like film.
The Vicovation Marcus 4 has in parking recording mode and uses an internal capacitor instead of a battery for better heat resistance. It provides GPS tracking and is compatible with a standard LC filter. This dash cam camera is a compact and discreet too.

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BlackVue Wi-Fi DR500GW-HD 16GB Car Black Box

top 10 best car dash cams reviews buying guides
Blackvue DR500GW-HD is another best dash cam for cars. It costs a bit ‘more, but has everything, apart from the LCD monitor. It is small and discreet, cigar-shaped, can be installed from front or back, has wifi, and then you can see in real time the shooting transmitted from the camera. By using your 3G phone you can send the street shooting video through the app BlackVue Legacy (Android or iPhone). It possesses anti-shock sensor and starts recording if moved. It includes a 16 GB Mini SD card and shooting in Full HD.
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Garmin Dash Cam 35

Garmin Dash Cam 35 review
This camera is definitely more functional that you can find on the market and goes beyond being a simple dash cam. The most important feature of this dash cam is that it features a GPS module. This allows you to record not only the video, but also the data on the position, the speed of the vehicle, date, time and direction in which it was oriented. This way you will understand the dynamics of any accident very accurately.
It is not over here, since the camera has a feature that warns when there is a risk of collision due to a too small distance to the vehicle ahead. Or when there are speed cameras on the street, becoming almost like a real GPS. The camera can record in an infinite way. It powered by a built-in battery but can also be connected to the cigarette lighter.

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THINKWARE X500D Dashcam with Rear View Camera

THINKWARE X500D Dashcam with Rear View Camera review
This dash cam has it all, especially for those who drive long distances. Indeed, the front and rear camera not only record your route video is Full HD 1080P but also act as an incredible assistant. With various integrated systems, it can warn you when speeding or alert you if there is an obstacle in sight. The Thinkware X500 32 GB has a collision program that will warn you of any danger.
We all know, the purpose of this little drive recorder is filming scenes outside of the car when we drive. With its HD quality and LCD screen 2.7 inches, you can review in detail the possible clash, but why not a super luxury car that overtook you at full speed or tornado chasing you! A perfect choice for your car.

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Falcon Zero F360 HD DVR Dual Dash Cam

Falcon Zero F360 HD DVR Dual Dash Cam Rear View Mirror
This is a revolution in the world of dash cams. It offers a nice feature: save on all sides! With two rotary heads and viewing angles of 180 ° and 120 °, it can film front and back with superb 1080p resolution. You can view the recordings in real-time on an LCD screen 3.5 inches.
To avoid losing the data Falcon Zero F360 HD embeds a 32GB SD card (included) depending on your settings and you can set the recording time before the crash data. So if you saw an unusual scene, why not share the big screen with family and friends thanks to HDMI and TV output! But ignore the sound; we think it could be improved. Anyway … this black box camera fulfilled its role perfectly, but attention to the rear camera that tends to shoot the passengers of the vehicle rather than the road.

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That’s all for now folks. We hope that you have found the best dash cam for your car through this guide of the best dash cam reviews. Thank you for supporting us.