Best document scanner apps for Android (Scan PDF or JPG documents)

Turn your Android a document scanner with these best document scanner apps for Android to scan PDF or JPG documents.

Nothing equals the quality of a lifetime desktop scanner, but not everyone has one, or they have it but it gives them a lot of laziness to turn it on and use it to scan a small, unimportant document. Once again, mobile phones come to the rescue. By using the best document scanner apps for Android, you have a powerful scanner, more than valid in most occasions, in the palm of your hand.
Best document scanner apps for Android
In Google Play there are several tools that allow us to scan documents and transform them to PDF format directly on our Android. It is true that only with the camera of your smartphone does not solve all the functions of a scanner. However, it is easy, comfortable and free.

Best free apps to scan PDF or JPG documents with your Android

CamScanner -Phone PDF Creator

It is one of the best document scanner apps for Android and our personal recommendation. CamScanner has a perfect and intuitive design, which makes it impossible to get lost in the handling of it. It works like any camera application. You just need to focus the smartphone and take the photo of the document or image that you want. You can choose whether the document has a single page or several pages. Then you can edit and save it in PDF format. You can also convert PDF images from your gallery. In addition, it has a process of trimming and retouching the image (manual and automatic) that will make your documents clear and readable. It also has a system of labels so you do not miss a document. All files are saved in the CamScanner folder.

Tiny Scanner – PDF Scanner App

It is another application with a very simple operation and similar to CamScanner. Open the application and choose either to take a photo to scan a document or convert a photo into PDF format. Adjusts page corners and brightness for a perfect finish. Give it a name and that’s it. Then you can share it directly from the application. It is fast and simple. The documents are saved locally in the MyTinyScan / Documents folder and will be available in both PDF and JPG image files.

Genius Scan – PDF Scanner

best apps to scan pdf jpg documents with android
Another very interesting tool available on Google Play is Genius Scan. This is a simple and handy document scanner and workspace with which you can capture images in PDF or JPG. You can scan in color or in black and white, depending on the type of document needed, improving the result of the image so that the texts are perfectly readable, and also improving the perspective automatically so that the documents do not appear crooked. Genius Scan can create multipage PDF documents.

Google Drive

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For a long time, Google Drive has the ability to scan and the possibility of converting photos taken with the camera of a smartphone in a file with PDF format. And of course each document is going to be saved directly in your cloud account. It’s very easy to use this feature. Just enter the Google Drive application and click on the add symbol (‘+’). A small menu with several scanning options appears. Choosing the scanning option will activate the camera and you can take a photo of the document. The application will adjust the scanning directly to the edges of the sheet if the contrast with the background is sufficient. Once the image is taken it will be shown in black and white, but you can choose the contrast mode. When everything is in order you just have to confirm, and the PDF file will sync directly with your Google Drive in the cloud.

Scanbot – PDF Document Scanner

Best Android document scanner apps free
If you need a portable document scanning machine, Scanbot is for you. This application not only detects the edges, but when it determines that the image is clear enough, take the photo automatically. Adding more pages is a matter of a few glides as well, making Scanbot one of the most useful applications for scanning many documents quickly.
Scanbot also has some image editing options, with several ready-to-use filters to convert the image to black and white or in a sketch. You can save PDF documents to your device or to almost any cloud storage you can imagine.
The Pro version includes OCR recognition, themes, automatic renaming of captures, although you can also activate these free functions by activating the ads in the application.


Evernote android app
In organizational matters, Evernote is one of the most popular applications. One of its capabilities is to be able to scan a document and link it with a note. It is very simple. Just click on add in the application and you can choose several options among which is ‘Document’. But beware this application needs a little more contrast than the previous ones to properly adjust the corners of the document, so if the paper is white make sure the table is dark. It works much like Google Drive, but instead of storing it in the Goolge service, it links it to your Evernote account.

Office Lens

office lens android app
Although it is a Microsoft application, Office Lens is not tied to any service in the Office family, although it does require that you have a Microsoft account in order to save the files you choose to scan. Besides the JPG format, this application also allows you to convert the scanned files into PDF, Word and PowerPoint.
This scanner detects in real time the edges of the paper before taking the photo and is able to use OCR to extract the text and save it in a document Word or Powerpoint.

CamCard Free – Business Card R

CamCard Free Android app
This is an application specialized in scanning business cards. In addition to archiving the image of the card, in case you lose it, it is able to recognize the information it contains and directly generate a contact to keep it directly in your calendar. The operation is very simple. Just open the application and select the camera icon. Make the photo of the card and the application will show you all the data you have found in the corresponding fields. Edit the fields to make sure the information is correct and save the contact to the account of your choice. The application itself also has a card holder so you can search among the cards you have if you do not remember exactly what the name of the contact you knew last week was.

Write on PDF

And we can not finish this compilation of the best document scanner apps for Android without mentioning an application that allows us to edit the PDFs we created from the photographs we took with previous apps. This is Write on PDF and is an excellent application for Samsung devices. It allows you to add annotations to the documents that you have stored in PDF format in your device. And if you do not have a Samsung device, then you should take a look at the Xodo Reader and PDF Editor application.

Actually, the options are many, but these five seem the most common and best document scanner apps for Android. What scanning method do you use? Which of these applications do you think is the best?

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