Best external hard drives (HDD) of 2017 – reviews and buying guides

You have little time but want to know the best external hard drives for your needs and budget, right? Read our best external hard drive reviews and get the deals for the best external hard drives.

For work and personal matters, we have computers at home, through which we not only connect to the network or communicate with our loved ones but also, we proceed to save a myriad of files of all kinds. A situation that causes the time comes when we have little free space in the memory of the device and we can not save anything else. In that case, without a doubt, the fastest and most effective solution is to buy an external hard drive. Therefore, we invite you to read our best external hard drives reviews to have one of the top rated external hard drives currently available at Amazon.
Buying guides of the best HDD external hard drive disk 2017

What is external hard drive?

As the name suggests, external hard drive is an external peripheral to said PC or laptop. It is connected to the PC or laptop via a USB port and has the particularity of being able to store a lot of information. That is why an external hard drive allows, therefore, you to free the computer to save so many files which, in turn, will assume that it can work much faster.

What type of external hard drive is better?

There are many brands and models; so many that you could feel something lost without knowing what to decide. So it is very useful to take into account the main features that a good external hard drive should have. This way you can compare brands, models and prices, so choose the best option in the value for money.
There are at least three types of external hard drives; the mechanics, which are usually cheaper, have a good data transmission and large capacity. There are also SSDs that do not use traditional magnetic plates or disks so they are less heavy. However, they tend to have less capacity and be a bit more expensive. And finally, multimedia external hard drives, which in addition to storing, allow you to play multimedia files for example when connecting to a TV.

What to consider when buying an external hard drive?

An external hard drive is really useful and functional, so anyone can find it interesting to buy one. And when we tell anyone we are referring specifically to you, you are now reading this article. In case you decide to buy one of the top rated external hard drives available at Amazon, we recommend that you pay attention to certain characteristics that are the ones that will help you not to be wrong in your choice:

Storage capacity

This is the main factor in which you must put your attention since based on the capacity that owns the disk, will be able to allow you to save more or less files. In particular, more and more are on sale with 1 TB.

Speed and connectivity

It is advisable to carefully review the specifications on the transfer speed of the external hard drives. Although the standard connection is still USB 2.0 and allows an approximate transfer of 60 MB / second, there are currently hard disks with faster connections, such as the USB 3.0 interface, which allows a transfer in the order of 600 MB / second.
If you need the external hard drive to unpack your computer once a week, you may want to buy a cheaper one and not so fast. But if you need to save files while you are working on the computer, it is more convenient to choose one more Quick. External hard drives with e-SATA and Firewire technology, although more expensive, offer great speed and space.
The compatibility with the operating system and the price are other of the signs of identity in which you must pay more attention.

Size and weight

In this case, you must bet for a model that has a small size and weighs little so that you can easily carry the disc with you anywhere and comfortably.


Of course, the firm that is behind in the design, manufacture and production of the device should be a reference in the sector. Generally, devices from quality firms can ensure you quality, endurance and good service.

The best external hard drives reviews and ranking of 2017

Once you take into account the established signs of identity, it is also vital that you do the same with other aspects. In this case, we recommend that you take notice very well what are the best models on the market, according to the value they offer. And is that in this way if you settle for any of them you will be assured that according to the opinions of experts and users, you are making a good investment.
Specifically, if you continue reading you will find the list of the best external hard drives of the moment:

Toshiba Canvio Basics

Best external hard drives reviews 2017
We start our best external hard drive reviews with a cheap but powerful and quality device. Toshiba Canvio Basics is one of the best cheap external hard drives, as it is around $ 55 on Amazon and offers some really interesting benefits. Specifically, its storage capacity of 1 TB, a port USB type 3.0 and works with the Plug & Play system Devices that have Microsoft Windows.
It does not have compatibility issues with various Windows systems and to work with the Apple products needs to be formatted in FAT32 format.
It is a very silent device, compact and solid looking. Toshiba Canvio has four rubber pads on the bottom that increase stability and prevent it from rolling. Furthermore, it tends to maintain a good temperature even after prolonged use.

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WD Elements Portable External Hard Drive

Top rated Portable External Hard Drives
This device has fame among users and probably the best option in the value for money. It is small and lightweight, with a storage capacity of 1TB and an ultra fast file transfer rate.
WD Elements is designed for computers with a Windows operating system at the same time that it can be formatted for Mac. In spite of using the new USB 3.0 interface, it allows perfect compatibility with previous versions of USB 2.0 devices. Its sober design makes it one of the most elegant on the market. Its high capacity in a lightweight design is ideal if you are the one that needs to carry and bring information frequently from one place to another. It is strong internally and externally, the indoor unit is made to the highest standards of durability and impact resistance, while its outside is constructed with a completely metal housing.

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Transcend StoreJet M3 Military Drop Tested

best rated HDD hard disk drive amazon
If all you want is a HDD affordable and resistant to everything, you can not ignore the Transcend StoreJet 25M3 1TB. We say this because it is a HDD designed specifically to withstand the heavier treatment. It is equipped with a sturdy protective casing and is tested according to the American military standard for withstanding knocks and falls, vibration and pressure. It is, therefore, an external memory suitable for heavy and extreme situations work. Available in size 500 GB, 1 TB (the one that we present here) and 2 TB, features the standard USB 3.0 transfer rates up to 5 Gbps. It also has a button that allows you to perform instant backup with a single touch.
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Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Slim

Best HDD reviews and ranking
The Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Slim is another excellent external storage option. This time only available in capacities of 1 TB and 2 TB and with a metallic finish that gives a very elegant and high quality. It has a thickness of only 9.6 mm making it a very compact solution for storing all your favorite files.
It includes a high-speed USB 3.0 interface and comes with the complete Seagate Dashboard application that will allow you to make backups very comfortable and fast. Plus Seagate gives you 200 GB of free storage on OneDrive for two years. For all this, it has gained a place in our guide of the best external hard disks.

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Western Digital My Book Desktop

Best HDD hard disk drive for desktop
Are you looking for portability but high performance and maximum capacity for your money? Then our guide to the best external hard drives has a great choice. It’s the Western Digital My Book Desktop, an external 3.5-inch hard drive that offers in capacities from 2TB up to 8TB and gives you all the performance of a desktop PC disk. Once again, it includes 256-bit AES hardware protection so you can protect your thousands of files in a very simple and reliable way and avoid access to the most curious. Includes advanced Acronis True Image WD Edition software for backups.
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Samsung T3 Portable SSD

Samsung T3 Portable SSD
Finally, if you’re looking for maximum file transfer speed, you’d better go for an external SSD. One of the best solutions is the Samsung T3 Portable SSD that offers sequential read and write speeds of up to 450 MB / s so you can transfer all your files very quickly and conveniently. For this, it makes use of a Type-C USB port that offers the maximum performance and compatibility with mobile devices. Once again, it includes 256-bit AES hardware protection for maximum security on a very light and compact disc weighing only 50 grams. It is available in capacities from 250 GB to 1 TB so you can choose the one that suits you best. Finally, this is currently the best-selling external SSD (Solid State Drive) in the market.
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Samsung M3 Slimline

Best USB 3 0 Portable Hard Drive
When talking about the best external hard drive of 2017, perhaps this model is among the main to take the place according to user comments. Despite counting up to a maximum of 2 terabytes of storage, it has a power supply provided by a USB 3.0 port cable.
Aimed at computers running Windows Vista, XP, or Apple Mac operating systems, it covers a much wider field than previous models, since several of these must be formatted before they can be used with Apple-branded computers.
If you want a small, efficient model and with which you can mobilize without any problem, then this is the ideal one.
Finally, you will find this model belonging to the Samsung brand. However, it is no less useful than the previous ones.

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WD My Passport Ultra

WD My Passport Ultra
We are entering the final stretch of our comparative list. We now do it with this other external disk of 2 TB of storage capacity. If this feature is attractive you will also find your USB 3.0 connection. Its transfer speeds up to 5 GB / s, a weight of 159 grams and a size marked by the following measures: 8.2 x 1.6 x 11 centimeters.
Users who already have one do not hesitate to highlight its elegant design, which offers the ability to perform a local or automatic backup in the cloud. It also includes WD Security, which serves to protect the content you have. Also, do not forget that your current value in the Amazon online store is around $ 90.

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We hope this guide will help you choose the best external hard drive in this 2017. If you have doubts and questions, comments are always open!
Here ends our guide of the best external hard drives on the market. Do not forget to share it on the social networks to help us. Thank you.