Best Folding Gym Mats | Top Gymnastics Tumbling Mats Review

Read our top gymnastics tumbling mats review to have the best folding gym mats.

Whether for sports in our own homes or to take them to the gym, best folding gym mats mark a before and after in our yoga or pilates way. They can provide great comfort without taking up much space once folded. Within our comparison, we leave you some tips on what to look for when buying one of these folding mats so that, if you have doubts about what to look for, you have clues of what to look for. After that, you will find some of the top gymnastics tumbling mats review.
Best Folding Gym Mats Top Gymnastics Tumbling Mats Review

What to look for when buying a quality gymnastics tumbling mat?

To choose the fitness mat, you must take into account the type of activity practiced and your training frequency. Four criteria can help in the choice.

Density and thickness

As the first important point, we have the density and thickness of the foam. When we talk about folding mats we talk about that these will always be made of foam, of one kind or another. So it is necessary that this has the necessary thickness and density so that we do not sink too much when lying on the mattress. The thickness will bring comfort and density hardness to the mat so that the higher the density, the firmer the weight of our body will be. With this question is directly provided the weight of the mattress, since greater density and thickness greater weight and being an item that we possibly carry with us is essential that this weighs little.


Another important issue is the dimensions once folded. Actually, it is something fundamental in this type of mats, as we talk about an item that we will keep once used and that we will transport with us. So we need to occupy the least possible space. But it is also necessary that these dimensions once opened allow the user to feel comfortable and broad on it and that this is not narrow. This will also depend on the size of the person who will use it although this type of folding mats usually has dimensions, both long and wide, suitable for almost anyone. As for this folding and transport, also seeks to include transport handle and closure safely so you do not have problems during the journey.


And as a final point, look at the materials of the folding mat, both in its outer sheath and in the core of it. As we have mentioned before, look for high-density foam cores so that the person who uses it does not sink on it and foams at least 3 to 5cm thick so that you do not have the feeling of lying on the floor but without feeling like on a mattress of rest because to do sports we need firmness. As for its case, it should be resistant and simple to clean, with materials that can withstand humidity well and if they are waterproof much better, since they may have to withstand our sweat during sports.

The resistance

Depending on the training frequency, you will need a more wear-resistant mat. If you use fitness mats for regular or intensive use, choose one with a protective film, which will ensure greater resistance to abrasions caused by sports shoes.

Top 6 best folding gymnastics tumbling mats

If you are a fitness enthusiast in all its forms, at home or in group lessons, you may be tired of borrowing the mats available to all participants, or to do your sport on the carpet of your living room (not very comfortable). However, if you have not yet made the purchase of your own accessory because you are afraid that it is not convenient to store and carry, you will certainly be more convinced by the test of the foldable gym mat. Just the opposite of the non-transportable boxing bag and made for power, the foldable yoga mat is lightweight and made to withstand the precise movements of your exercises. Usable both for your yoga session, gym, pilates … you will have a versatile object that, at the end of the session, folds back on itself in the blink of an eye and is transported without any problem.

Best Choice Products 6′ Exercise Tri-Fold Gym Mat

Best Folding Gym Mats
This multipurpose folding mattress will allow you to use it for a multitude of exercises and sports, whether for stretching, practicing yoga, pilates, judo and much more.
With an approximate weight of 2.2 kilos, you can take it comfortably wherever you need it. Its high-quality foam core will provide you with great comfort and firmness in your exercises. It will take up very little space and you can transport it wherever you need with total comfort.
It has large dimensions of 6 x 2 ft so you will always feel comfortable on it and a thickness of 2 inches that protect you from the ground properly. Its surface is resistant and free of phthalates and you can wash it easily and without it spoiling.

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We Sell Mats Gymnastics Tumbling Exercise Folding Mats

Top Gymnastics Tumbling Mats Review
This other model of folding mat will allow you to use it for all kinds of exercises and gymnastics. It has a soft and pleasant filling that will cushion the load of your weight without difficulty providing you with the comfort and firmness you need during exercise.
It closes in five parts so it will be very compact once folded to make your transport even easier. Its velcro closure and straps will allow you to transport it easily.
Its open dimensions are 122 × 305 cm with a thickness of 5 cm, so it will be very comfortable and suitable for any exercise.

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Tumbl Trak Folding Gymnastics Mat

Tumbl Trak Folding Gymnastics Mat
This folding mattress is without a doubt, a good option for any exercise you want to perform that requires it. Its high density foam padding will protect your joints providing you with the firmness that your back and muscles need without it being too stiff. The dimensions of 4ft x 8ft and its 2-inch thickness will provide you with the comfort you need during exercise. Its synthetic leather case and velcro straps, as well as its two handles, will allow you to transport it, once folded, with total ease and comfort. It has anti-slip surface to protect against accidental slips and is very easy to clean.
It is perfect for gymnastics, yoga, aerobics, pilates, judo, wrestling, prepartum exercises, rehabilitation exercises and much more.

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Giantex Folding Panel Gymnastics Mat Gym Fitness Exercise

Folding Panel Gymnastics Mat Gym Fitness Exercise
Always in the top of the range, Giantex, recognized fitness brand, offers this foldable foam mat covered with a durable PU leather coating. Its surface is intended to adhere to the ground.
It has dimensions of 4ft x 10ft x 2 inches. With several nice colors to choose from, it is perfect for doing your exercises at home or in the gym. It folds to fit easily in a corner, it is very light, resistant and with a non-slip property.
Its thickness makes it a suitable accessory for weight training exercises (abs, sheathing and it is thick enough to not feel the ground when doing your exercises. Recommended by Amazon customers, it is actually well rated.

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Soozier PU Leather Folding Gymnastics Tumbling Mat

Soozier PU Leather Folding Gymnastics Tumbling Mat
Another best foldable gym mat, Soozier is selling this foldable floor mat, available in several colors to choose: grisaille, green, blue, black, purple pink and turquoise blue, etc. This folding mat is a great addition to your home gym and provides you with a comfortable spot to do your floor exercises. Large enough, it is 8ft long and 4ft wide. It has a convenient design so that you can fold it and store it when not in use. This exercise mat is thick and quite durable. The workout mat also has sewn in handles making it portable. It is covered with non-absorbent PU leather so you can clean it easily.
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Soozier PU Leather Folding Gymnastics Tumbling Mat

Best Folding Gym Mats Top Gymnastics Tumbling Mats Review
If you want a really personalized rug, there are also self-made models that have a very practical side. Amazon offers you an example with the 66Fit brand. Indeed, it is interconnectable carpets 60 cm by 60 cm, square shape.
They are specially designed to be placed under sports equipment such as treadmills, indoor bikes, dumbbell bench … However, you can very well use it to create a custom mattress at home.
The squares are non-slip and waterproof, which makes them easy to clean and pleasant to use. Costing less than 90 $ for 4 carpets, you then nest them at your leisure for a total size of 1.44sqm.
With such a low price, nothing prevents you from buying multiple sets to cover a children’s playroom or a gym at home, or professional. Many possibilities with a simple and well thought out accessory!

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What is the best folding gym mat?

When reading this review, if you could give you an opinion on the ideal foldable gym mat, do not hesitate! You will have the comfort of an accessory adapted to your needs for your sports sessions while being convenient to carry. Moreover, if you only need a basic mat to do your gym, yoga, etc., you can also take a look at our guide to buying the best yoga mat. And by helping you compare different fitness accessories, complete your equipment and fitness and weight training equipment at the best price while directing your purchases to higher quality products.