Best food steamers reviews and buying guides 2017

Are you looking to buy a food steamer or want to know more about this appliance? Read our best food steamers reviews and buying guides where you can know more about this appliance and find the best food steamers for steam cooking.

In this article, we help you choose the best food steamers (comparing models, prices and offers). The steam cooking refers to a technique of cooking food using steam in an airtight container so that in this way it is cooked quickly and easily. The electric steamers also offer the benefit of cooking the foods conserving the nutrients of the same in their original state. Besides, they allow you to have the food ready in a short time in exchange for a very economic price and an optimum quality. In this best food steamers reviews and buying guides, we will explain what features you should look for to choose the best food steamer, as well as what other qualities and benefits it offers you to use a steamer to prepare your food. Next, you will find the best food steamers review.
Best electric food steamers reviews and buying guides 2017

Buy an electric steamer

Ideally, you should buy a product that suits your needs because it is not the same a steamer that only allows you to cook one food at a time and that you have to be pending at all times, a steamer with included timer or several trays to cook several foods at the same time.
Here are some of the features you should keep in mind:

1. The price of a steamer:

How much money do you plan to invest?
The steamers are located within a wide range of prices, so it is good that you establish a budget that helps you narrow down the search.
The cheapest electric steamers are below 50$, but the best quality models and with more benefits, it is normal for a unit costs between 50 and 150$.

2. The number of containers or trays

How many foods are you going to steam at the same time?
The modern kitchen steamboats bring up to 3 containers or hermetic compartments to cook the different kinds of foods separated from each other, conserving their nutrients (vitamins and minerals mainly). So you can cook up to 3 different kinds of food, such as fish, vegetables and / or rice.

3. The type of steamer

What is the difference between an electric food steamer and a normal food steamer?

Electric food steamer reviews

The main difference is that with the electric one can adjust the time, the degree of cooking of the food according to its class, using more or less water; In addition to having security controls when the water tank is empty to prevent the appliance from getting hot and suffering damage.
Many of them also have a system of retention of vitamins and minerals of the vegetables, what makes them ideal to conserve their nutritive value.
All these and other functions are handled from the LCD screen. This allows greater accuracy in the exact level and time of cooking.

Normal food steamer reviews

With a normal steamer instead, which is usually baked in the oven, many of the nutrients (vitamins and minerals of vegetables) evaporate, since they do not have a hermetic system of use of water vapor.
Many of the traditional steamboats are made of cast aluminum or stainless steel, do not bring timer or water filters, and of course, do not have a system for graduating the amount of water vapor with which to cook.

4. Power

What other characteristics are important when it comes to knowing the best steamer on the market? obviously, the power. To have more than one compartment for the cooking of food, require enough power; which can range from 400 W to 900 W or even up to 1800 W or 2000 W.
The amount of power varies depending on the functions that the steamer brings in, such as automatic adjustment of the steam for cooking, the power needed to reach the last compartment, etc.

Which electric food steamer to buy? Reviews of the best food steamers 2017

Taking into account the above aspects and others as the opinions and assessments of the buyers, below we analyze 6 models of steamers. Let’s review them.

Hamilton Beach Digital Food Steamer

Best food steamers reviews and buying guides 2017
The Hamilton Beach Digital Food Steamer is one of the most practical and best quality kitchen appliances on the market. You can prepare a whole meal in this, easy-to-use appliance. With it you can prepare from steamed vegetables, to lean meats of beef, chicken and pork, thanks to its great power of vaporization. It has LED indicator to program its function of cooking of the foods, besides 2 compartments for foods in transparent plastic. Also includes a rice bowl with which you can prepare white or brown rice (Also see our selection of the top rated device to cook rice) and small foods. It is useful for cooking for several people. If you are looking for quality and reliability it can be a great choice.
Discover more and the price here

Oster CKSTSTMD5-W 5-Quart Food Steamer

Amazon best seller electric food steamer
Despite being a simple model, it is useful to cook 2 foods at the same time to make a complete meal quickly and easily. By placing the bowls on top of each other, you can set the cooking time, as indicated on the steamer. You do not need to be aware of the cooking of food, since its automatic shutdown system makes it possible for you to engage in other activities while cooking.
This steamer does not need much power, since it does not include specialized functions for the cooking of foods. It is ideal for steamed protein, such as chicken and fish, as well as light and delicious vegetables. The overall evaluation of this machine is very positive.

Discover more and the price here

Viante Intellisteam Counter Top Food Steamer

Top rated electric food steamer reviews
This food steamer mainly draws attention for its design. This square shape steamer for cooking food comes with 3 separate food compartments; each with separate temperature and timer controls. The sealing characteristic of each of the compartments allows you to steam vegetables, meats or fish and rice without mixing smells or flavors. Its LCD allows you to set the temperature for each food separately, which is very useful, since lighter foods, such as vegetables, need less temperature and less cooking time to be ready. All accessories are dishwasher safe.
Discover more and the price here

Magic Chef MCSFS12ST 3 Tier Food Steamer

Magic Chef best 3 Tier Food Steamer
The Magic Chef MCSFS12ST is one of the best food steamers in 2017. Like all other electric steamers, it can better preserve the vitamins of food. Thanks to its 3 separate compartments, you can cook 3 kinds of food at a time, as the smells and tastes do not mix.
With the Magic Chef Food Steamer, you can perfectly steam your favorite vegetables, rice, meat and more. Its 7 easy touch program settings allow you to start dinner at the touch of a button while the LCD digital display makes it easy to check the time. All Removable Parts are Dishwasher Safe. It is one of the most capable steamers of all.

Discover more and the price here

Gourmia GFS300 Vegetable and Food Steamer

Gourmia GFS300 SteamTower300 Electronic Digital 3 Tier Vegetable and Food Steamer
An easy to use kitchen steamer. With a capacity of 9 liters in total allows you to cook large amount of food. It is a steamer helps to conserve the vitamins and minerals of food, which in the traditional way, are lost. The compartments are made of plastic. Very safe and easy to clean. It comes with two additional baskets to prepare rice and grain. It has an immediate shut off system when the water runs out. You can steam a wide variety of vegetables, fish, poultry, rice and grains. It comes with heat and impact resistant material that can ensure quality and durability. And the Circu-Steam technology uniformly distributes steam for faster results.
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Euro Cuisine FS2500 Electric Food Steamer

Euro Cuisine FS2500 Electric Food Steamer review
And we finish this comparison of the best food steamers with this model of the Euro Cuisine brand. It is an electric steamer with superior performance with stainless steel housing. With automatic shut-off timer and safety shutdown system, it ensures that after the indicated time, it does not continue to operate, if it is not switched off or disconnected manually. A high quality steamer for the operation of the steam cooking system, due to the large capacity of the water tank, with 4.2 Liters. With cold-grip handle, non-slip base and water quantity indicator, it facilitates the cooking time and quality. You can prepare food in your sauce, rice and steamed vegetables. It is also one of the best rated models if we take into account the opinions of buyers.
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What is the best food steamer, in your opinion?

Here ends our comparison of the best electric food steamers, a healthy way of cooking. Do you know any other quality food steamer? Let us know in the comment section below. And, don not forget to share this with your social friends. Finally, you may want to read our article on a new type of appliance: top food dehydrators. We hope that this website is of interest and help you choose the steamer that best suits your needs and budget.

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