Best free air combat games for Android

Here’s our selection of the best free air combat games for Android that you should try in 2017

Enjoy the best free air combat games for Android on your smartphone or tablet device. Flying is a dream for the human being. And there are many people who enjoy crashing or flying planes on their Android phone. There are a lot of games on airplanes to have a fun time. To help you find the best free Android games, we’ve created a list of the top free air combat games on Android.
best air combat android games
Here are some of the most amazing aerial combat games you can play on your Android phone. Let’s see which are the most rated in a list of the top free air combat games for Android.

Air Combat OL

The first recommendation to be made to anyone who wants to give this subgenre a chance is certainly the Air Combat OL. This is probably the most popular title of all air combat with a good number of merits for it, starting with the good quality of its graphics and following the variety of game modes that makes available to us and which includes several multiplayer modes, both cooperative and competitive. In addition, it is a game that is updated quite frequently, which helps a lot to keep the interest.
Air Combat is not just another 3D aerial combat game for Android. Due to its higher graphic performance, to get the best gaming experience, I advise you to play it on a device that has a big screen.

Aircraft Combat 1942

Best free air combat games for Android
One of the most common variants of aerial combat games are those that are set in World War II and allow us to pilot some of the classic combat aircraft. Of all of them, one of the most popular and most successful is probably this Aircraft Combat 1942.
This free air combat game for Android brings back all the military tension of World War II and provides powerful aircraft with the right weapons to complete missions and end all hazards quickly. In addition to driving the aircraft, you must attack and protect yourself from enemies. Prepare the sights and be sure to be aware of all the details around you. Each slide can be fatal!
3D graphics have both expressive and engaging detail. Throughout the game, you will have a panoramic view of the environment around you and will participate in both aerial and ground-based combat.

AirAttack HD Lite

AirAttach HD is one of the best arcade games, aerial combat, available for Android. The objective of the game is to control a fighter plane and eliminate all the enemies that appear to us as we go forward. We will have to successfully pass 10 missions, unlocking different aircraft and special weapons. Apart from the arcade version, this game also has a survival mode, in which you have to try to get the best score, which will get as far as we get in the game.
This game has excellent animation and sound effects, and gives us the possibility to choose to play by tilting the phone, as well as being able to use optimized external devices such as Xperia Play.


AirFighters best Android air fighter games
We turn now to a much less popular game, AIRFIGHTERS, but it’s worth giving it a try, especially if we seek something as realistic as possible. Although it is true that there may also be more complex, since it not only have to get survive in our encounters with enemy fighters, but has a number of elements more typical of flight simulators, which means that even taking off and landing are in themselves a challenge. There is also an online game mode for multiplayer fans.

Infinite Sky

Infinity Sky is a game similar to AirAttack HD, but it takes place in an open world. The game is free, with more than 100 missions, in which you have to defend the sky from enemy planes. That yes, although the game is free, you have to get coins, which you can use to upgrade the planes and buy special weapons to survive through it. You also have the possibility to make purchases in the game to get improvements and weapons, but this is optional.
Infinity Sky also has great controls and makes the gameplay feel addictive the more you play. It has three unique flight modes, which you can choose from, and 5 different types of aircraft that you can fly in a fully 3D world. The game is also integrated with Facebook and Twitter enabling you to share your scores with your friends.

CHAOS Combat Helicopter 3D

If you want to try a different type of ship (although there is also a version with aircraft) or if you prefer a game totally overturned in multiplayer mode, then give CHAOS Combat Helicopter 3D a try. This is a game where you can put test your ability as pilots in tournaments against other users, with good graphics, a variety of models of helicopters to choose from and the possibility of going to improve them as you go along. You also have several training missions to get the hang of it before entering combat.


If you love to pilot warplanes, fast and equipped with powerful weapons of high caliber, in Bombshells you will find one of your favorite games. In it, you will participate in fierce aerial combats with the armament that never before you have handled. You will be able to support you with your friends, and other players you trust, as support pilots to develop transcendent battles and to prove that you are the master of the air.

Sky Force 2014

We ended up with a concession to retro- cut aerial combat games, which should be considered almost more like arcade games than action games, but with which we can certainly enjoy as well as dwarfs. Sky Force 2014 is one of the best executed of all of them (although it can not be denied that it plays in your favor the nostalgia that awakens the original title) with graphics and gameplay that have been improved without losing any of the charm of its predecessor.

Here are some of the most relevant aerial combat games for Android. If you think that this list should have any more, do not hesitate to tell us. So come on, fly high and touch the sky! Thank you for reading.