Best free Android GPS apps for cycling

Here’s our selection of the best free Android GPS apps for cycling. What is the best Android app for bike or ATV? What app to download to use your Android as GPS?

A GPS for cycling is a navigation system for cyclists. Just like a car GPS, a GPS bike gives route instructions. In addition to the standard map features, the GPS bike records distance, speed, slope and more. A GPS for cycling is a very advanced speedometer for cyclists. An alternative to GPS for cycling is a simple GPS app for cyclists. This kind of application uses the smartphone’s GPS to record your bike trips. The best free Android GPS apps for cycling use the built-in GPS and turn your Android into an onboard computer. It provides live and historical GPS tracking of your cycling performance – calories, distance, time, speed, altitude, and pace.
Best free Android GPS apps for cycling
In this article, we will let you know the best available, all downloadable for free (some have in-app purchases) and full of features.

Best free GPS apps on Android for cyclists that can make your cycling and mountain biking experience even more totalizing.

In this article we describe the 6 best GPS Cycling apps for Android that once installed allow you to turn your mobile into a computer, these applications connect all through integrated GPS signal by tracking paths, timing, distance traveled over the days, speeds, and will daily report all the reports and progress made. We would say that these applications cannot be missed by a cyclist.


BikeComputer complete GPS app for cyclists
BikeComputer accompanies you in your bike ride or any activity using GPS with offline maps – available all over the world. You can download offline maps directly from your app and surf without the Internet connection. Follow your route on the map and see distance, speed, and all other relevant data. You don’t need to register or login to use the app.
Plan a route by setting its points on the map, BikeComputer will calculate the route and its distance. For example, set your home on the map and you will always know how far from it. You can also share your cycling sessions on Facebook or upload to Strava or other site dedicated to managing your workouts.

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Strava GPS Running and Cycling

Strava GPS Running and Cycling
Looking for a digital personal coach when cycling or running? Do not look any further. Strava Running and Cycling will accompany you in your workouts and outings, keeping your bike tours and the statistics of each route.
Strava gives you insight into the time, distance and route you take. It also provides detailed information about things like your heart rate and overall condition. The app allows you to track your personal records. Also, you can compare times compared to those of friends and neighbors. In order to keep you all the way, Strava is bombarded with challenges. The application can be used in many languages. Try it, you will like it.

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ViewRanger GPS & Maps

Best free Android GPS apps for cycling
Anyone who likes outdoor activities will find in ViewRanger GPS the perfect adventure companion. It is a service of maps, guided tours, and navigation without the need of an Internet connection. Complemented with the web application, it can be used to plan an outing on foot, by bicycle or ski.
Discover thousands of trails and paths, download more detailed topographic maps and choose your adventure with the GPS navigation system. Share your itineraries and publish your paths with photos and descriptions. ViewRanger is perfect for all outdoor activities such as cycling, hiking in the mountains, horseback riding or a simple out-of-the-way trip.

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Runtastic Road Bike GPS Bike

Runtastic Road Bike GPS Bike
Make the most fun and enjoyable bike ride with Runtastic Road Bike, the best app for cycling enthusiasts. You can turn your smartphone into an extraordinary GPS cycling computer with more than 50 engaging features – not just speedometers and mapping but also speed, distance, cadence and the ability to train alive and receive encouragement from friends – and integration with compatible accessories. Designed specifically for bicycle users, the app offers everything a cyclist needs and is perfect for all bike-related activities, from park trips to training to ranges from racing to competitions. Start right now to track your excursions, races, and workouts, take advantage of all the benefits of comprehensive statistics and advanced data, and experience a whole new experience.

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Map My Ride GPS Cycling Riding

Map My Ride GPS Cycling Riding gps cycling apps Android
Are you the type that takes cycling seriously? Or do you just want to bike with the family on Sunday? In both cases, MapMyRide is the application you need to plan your routes and record all your cycling activities.
MapMyRide GPS Cycling Riding is an application specially designed for people who pedal constantly and look for a complete utility to measure their performance. The app works like a personal trainer, monitoring data such as distance traveled, average speed and calories burned – everything is calculated through the device’s GPS. What’s more, you can also easily register your routes and share them with others, as the app ensures integration with Facebook through the “Sign up with Facebook” function.

Runtastic Mountain Bike

Bring your bike passion to a higher level with Runtastic Mountain Bike, the best app for MTBs! Runtastic Mountain Bike is the perfect app for MTB enthusiasts and turns your smartphone into a multi-function off-road computer with more than 50 engaging features and compatible accessories. For your favorite excursions or while exploring new trails in nature, Runtastic Mountain Bike is the perfect ally for your MTB tours.
This app has been created specifically for the needs of mountain bikers and offers everything an amateur or professional rider may want. Thanks to offline maps, you can even take advantage of maps where there is no internet connection available and enjoy the most lost and untouched paths.

Accessories for cyclists

To use GPS apps for cyclists, you need to fix your phone on the bike. Fortunately, there is a bike holder for smartphones that can fix the phone on the bike.
If you want to fix the smartphone on your handlebars, you have to choose a quality support that really protects your smartphone. The best bike mount for your smartphone is the Quad Lock Bike Support Kit. It is a light and resistant support that exists a universal version and also in a special version for iPhone 6, iPhone 5 / 5S, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5.
On this site, you will find comparative accessories for cyclists:
– cardio belt
bike lock
bike LED lighting
– mini bike pump
– bicycle foot pump


As you can see all the apps are available free of charge, but if you want “more” I recommend paying close attention to the priced versions of the available pro or extra versions available … That said, there is nothing left to do but hope for a good download and good use.
All the advantages and disadvantages of the bike GPS apps are explained in our article with the tips for using a smartphone like GPS bike.
Do you know other similar applications? You can let us know the name with a comment. We will review the app as soon as we can.