Best Free Android Voice Recorder App

Here’s our selection of the best free Android voice recorder app to capture high-quality voice recordings on android.

The Android phones have many options that make them popular among users and one of the most used is the Android voice recorder. By default, Android comes equipped with a voice recorder that can be highly configurable. However, we are nonconformists by nature. That’s why today we’re going to talk about the best free Android voice recorder app we can find on Google Play. We present ten alternatives for all tastes and needs: for those who record their thoughts, as well as those who record their classes and meetings.
Best Free Android Voice Recorder App
Often you need a good voice recorder to work or simply to real hobby? Well, Google Play offers a veritable army of “VOICE RECORDER” applications for all tastes!
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You have an Android smartphone and you are looking for a good voice recorder? Keep up with the reading and find out what are the best available on Google Play!

Voice recorder

This is one of the best free alternatives when it comes to voice recorders for Android. Voice Recorder wins the reward for its simplicity. It is also ideal for making recordings. All we have to do is press the REC button and repress it when we are done. Once this is done we can save it together with the rest of the audio files and assign the corresponding name. It’s the one I use for my classes and interviews and so far I have not been disappointed.

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Smart Voice Recorder

Smart Voice Recorder is another good option for those wishing to have a recorder with many features. This application allows us to configure, for example, the option to eliminate silences, as well as the possibility to calibrate the microphone. It also allows us to create special folders to save the final recordings and is an excellent choice for those who use the voice recorder for business meetings and need to save time in the recording of the notes. Best of all, with all the customization, it’s still a free application.

Easy Voice Recorder

As well as its name, this alternative is very easy to use. It is a voice recorder designed so that we do not waste time when making personal notes or record classes and meetings. It allows us to use certain audio filters (only on devices running Jelly Bean) as well as rename our files directly from the application. We can assign the recordings as our ringtone, as well as integrate the application with Tasker and Locale. We determine what format is saved, prioritizing quality over size, and we can easily share with colleagues.

Titanium Recorder

We will then present Titanium Recorder, another free voice recording app for Android. The best feature of this app is that it is completely free and at the same time has no ad. You will have the ability to record audio in HD using 8-bit configurations and 16t-bit and if you want to save some ‘of space you can choose some of the compact sizes available MP3 / ACC / 3GP. It has a very nice and simple and very good file manager that is really simple to use, with editing and sharing options of the name at hand. Another great feature is the ability to record in the background so as not to block the normal use of your phone. On the other hand, there are several complaints from the users related to the specific devices, however, most of them praise the app in their reviews.

Hi-Q Voice Recorder

I recommend this application for those who need or want to record classes, but also want to prioritize audio quality. This is important, especially when we stop paying attention at a given time. This application allows us to record in MP3 format, which means that the final result can be reproduced on a large number of devices and can also be shared with others to be heard from anywhere. In addition, it has advanced functions to adjust audio recording according to our needs.


Within all Android voice recorders that exist on Google Play, eRecorder has a differential value, its ability to synchronize recordings in the cloud by sending them to Dropbox or SoundCloud. In addition, it also allows us to share our recordings through text messages. All this, in a free application very simple to use, with a friendly interface reminiscent of Voice Recorder. We can not configure too many audio options. However, if we want something simple to record in our classes, this is a good application for college students.

Netmemo Voice Recorder

The voice recorders for Android mentioned so far are thought to be free to give us the time to record. Netmemo, on the other hand, wants to help us remember our things through the voice. That’s why it allows us to record short voice messages that we can send directly to our inbox or to our colleagues. In this regard, we can not expect much from personalization or audio quality, but it is a good alternative for those who have the habit of self-sending emails to remember the pending tasks. We can also upload these voice notes directly to Dropbox, where we can access them from anywhere.


This is one of the most powerful applications to record audio in Android, thanks to a series of advanced functions that leave the process more in our hands. It is, of course, a voice recorder, but high quality and simple to use, with multiple utilities. We can record different audio qualities, depending on the moment, use it as a dictation machine, and also use a widget to start recording directly from the main screen of the phone. Once the recording is made, we can also share the audio through email, as well as upload directly to Dropbox where we can access it from other devices or share to other folders. Recordings are saved on the SD card to save internal memory.


we closed our list of voice recorders for Android with an ideal application for dictation. This is Dictadroid, which although it does not allow us to edit our audio in depth, is a good alternative for those who are looking for simplicity again, with good options to share. Therefore, it has synchronization with Dropbox but also lets us send the recorded audio to an FTP or through a multimedia message. With the free version, however, we are quite limited since we can only record for five minutes. If we want to make the investment, Dictadroid is a good alternative for those who have to record, and much, during their day, for example, journalists and people working in this industry.

A nice roundup of real applications? Of course, for better or worse are all alike (more or less) … But surely as I wrote you will find the one that suits you. Good download and good luck dear.
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