Best free Android VPN app 2017 to browse anonymously and safely

We invited you to read our reviews of the best free Android VPN app 2017 to browse anonymously and safely. You can also access the websites not available in your country through VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Android is now the most popular way to be online in the world, so it is not surprising that there is a great interest in the use of Virtual Private Networks from Android to protect privacy. The Agency for National Security (NSA) and the headquarters of the British government communications (GCHQ) are spying almost everyone. The US government has just given to Internet service providers (ISPs) have the power to sell web browsing histories of customers. The British government has recently adopted the surveillance laws “extreme” in the history of modern Western democracy. Everywhere, similar stories are taking place. Common users who use the internet are rightly concerned about privacy. Fortunately there exists a technology that can improve decisively that confidence. This technology is called precisely Virtual Private Network (VPN). In the article we will review the best free Android VPN app 2017.

What is a VPN?

The VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a network that operates using a different server than the one provided by your connection: the latter takes its name, in fact, the VPN server. The term is used in any computer science, in the branch of systems, and therefore, VPNs are not exploited only by the Android operating system, but by all mobile devices and desktop simply using the browser installed.Best free Android VPN app 2017

The VPN is a closed network and, therefore, accessible only by users who use the same communication system, and the password to join the network: only with this you can take advantage of VPN.

For what a VPN is used and what is it?

A VPN is mainly used to hide your IP address, and thus be anonymous from the moment you start browsing the internet through a private server provided by the VPN. Not to be confused with the term “proxy”: the latter does not provides neither the protection nor the encryption of data, but will make sure to change simply your IP.
A VPN server, rather, on the contrary, provides protection and at the same time, the variation of your IP address.
The technique we’re talking about is exploited to exchange data and information in complete safety thanks to the narrowness of the network because, just who has the password can see what happens in that particular VPN. In this regard, I suggest the best app to save passwords.
This method is also used to use certain services that, in the country where we are, are not accessible.

How to choose the best VPN for Android?

There are several VPN with excellent support for Android. Ultimately, what you choose depends on personal preference or some smaller details. When choosing the best VPN for Android, you have to go looking for some things.
Of course, a dedicated Android app helps to simplify things as much as possible. Then it should be easy to use, while offering enough options to allow some adjustment (particularly for more experienced users).
Other considerations are safety and, of course, a privacy policy and easily understandable conditions of service, that make clear what records and details are stored by the provider. The simultaneous connections supported and subsequent speeds you can get with VPN are also important, but not vital in this case.

Best free VPN apps for Android to browse the web anonymously and safely

Following the request of many users and, after testing several applications for several months, we are pleased to present a guide to the best free Android VPN app 2017. Let’s review them.

ExpressVPN – Best Android VPN

ExpressVPN is our first choice for Android users, well known to provide an extremely rich fast, reliable service connection. One of the reasons, apart from the quality of their service, is due to their customer service. Their customer service is better than most of the services of other enterprises, and offer 24 hours on 24. Their guide for the Android installation also has a video tutorial, which is something that is missing from many other suppliers.
ExpressVPN also has a global coverage than average, with servers located at key locations around the world in 78 countries.


If you need a free VPN that does not limit your bandwidth, CyberGhost is an excellent option – is one of the few that does not limit you. Their service poses to the speed limits, just to maintain a relatively good connection with all users, but despite this is a great option for streaming and download.
Another great thing about this Free VPN is that it really anonymous – CyberGhost does not save any log of activities, so you never have to worry about being traced or monitored. Also they accept Bitcoin and use shared IP addresses, so you’re almost impossible to trace.
Their customer service has limited availability time. It is one thing to keep in mind.


Can I say it? I love TunnelBear VPN. It is the simplest and has limited access, but it is one of the most user-friendly VPN I’ve ever seen.
Their software does not look, do not like and does not act as the VPN perfect, but it is exactly what it is – despite the cute little bears who scratch their heads and destroy spam with laser beams. In addition to limiting traffic, there is not much to complain about TunnelBear. Their free VPN is also compatible with most operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Android and iOS, unlike Cyberghost, which imposes compatibility limitations in their package free.
Another nice thing about TunnelBear is that their support is active 24 hours on 24, even if it is just a ticketing system by e-mail. You should receive a relatively early response if you have connection problems.

Hotspot Shield VPN

Hotspot Shield VPN is not bad as free. There are no limits to download and does not limit your speed, so it is good, when compared with others. The only drawback is the advertising. However, we do not do too picky. If you can not give her weight, they offer you unlimited bandwidth and compatibility with most popular operating systems. However, support is not live on 24 or 24 hours, have a ticketing system by e-mail, in case you need help.
Not the best free VPN out there, and I just can not say it’s the fastest, but if you look for more bandwidth availability, Hotspot Shield may be a good choice.

ZenMate VPN

ZenMate VPN for Android is really easy to use and very efficient. It has an important amount of servers located around the world and a clear interface. Thanks to Zenmate, you can, in fact, do all those operations you think of when you download a VPN for Android.
You can use Zenmate free version with important limitations, try the premium version for 7 days for free, or subscribe to one or more months.

TorGuard VPN

Definitely the best in its kind … is, in fact, not the classic application of VPN: This is designed for lovers of uTorrent, and thus provides the VPN server to download movies, music and anything else using the Torrent portal.
Speed, security, absence of log files, bandwidth and low latency are the factors that make this application one of the best Android VPN.
TorGuard allows downloading of the files on Torrent, portal easily blocked by the devices. The app in question solves some of the problems encountered by owners of smartphones including the excessive use of the data connection. Especially for those who does not use a WLAN network it is difficult to download any files.
It also empowers 5 multi login: a plus for this feature, the same app that many competitors provide pay.


VyprVPN is the best VPN app for Android. Someone must be thinking that I’m biased. This is because we also crowned the app as the best iOS VPN app in this article.
VyprVPN, developed by GoldenFrog, is one of the apps best known for features and for the stability that provides the VPN.
VyprVPN is very useful for those who travel often: provides many servers accessible all over the world, capable of being able to unlock the applications disabled in some countries such as China and Russia while maintaining the ‘anonymity, strengthening every security so: no violating privacy in any way.

In your opinion, what is the best free VPN app for Android?

That’s all for now, folks. These are our selection of the best free Android VPN apps 2017. These free applications for Android will allow you to surf the web anonymously and safely. We encourage you to tell us those apps that you like and make you happy. You can use the comment section below. Thank you for reading.