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Autumn is here and the cold is slowly starting to set in. The temperature and time variations are more and more brutal (global warming obliges). So to choose your clothes before going out or to prepare your activities upstream, we made you a selection of the best free Android weather apps!

First reflex before getting dressed look at the weather! To help you see more clearly we have made a top 7 best free Android weather apps. Of course, here the list is not exhaustive but allows you to have a good panel to make your choice.
Best free Android weather apps widgets top 10
What are the best apps for the weather? There are so many of them in the Play Store, but in this list, you will find only the most up to date, efficient and accurate services to keep the weather situation under control and pull out the raincoat or umbrella right in time to avoid storm!

Best weather apps and widgets for the weather: you will not leave without an umbrella

To make it easier for you to choose most of the work we did it. We’ve tested for you the best 2017 android apps in our opinion.
Below is a brief list listing our review, hoping that somehow it will be useful to you in your choice. First, however, it is necessary to specify that there is no precise 100% weather application.
The weather is often unpredictable and sometimes escapes any kind of prediction, even that of the most sophisticated computers. However, the applications below are a good level of reliability and, in most cases, forecasts are reliable. Let’s see them below.

Precise Weather YoWindow

One of the complete apps you can find on the Play Store. YoWindow differs from other apps for its originality. Once you set the desired location, the display shows an animated landscape that reproduces the current weather situation. All this is accompanied by sounds (not annoying) typical of a serene or rainy day, depending on the weather.
For those who want it, there is also the ability to set the weather situation as a background. If you scroll past our finger on the display you will see the evolution of time throughout the day. On the mobile screen, you will see alternating day and night and any atmospheric changes.

AccuWeather with Superior Accuracy

Initially, AccuWeather is none other than the # 1 website for weather forecasting. Based in America, the private service comes in a multitude of languages and continues to improve to maintain its leadership. The application itself is really very well done, it’s pretty and it’s well thought out. You can navigate easily between the menus and the weather is really accurate. Little more, the minutecast, ie forecasts to two hours to tell you if it will rain and if so how intense, really practical!
Finally, it also offers very simple widgets that allow you to have in front of all the information you want. This is probably one of the best weather applications if not the best. It is not for nothing that manufacturers like Samsung or HTC base their weather application on AccuWeather.


Here the focus is on the aesthetics of the application and especially these widgets that fit very well on any desktop. The application is really very ergonomic. We move easily and we do not get lost to get the information we want. Little more than this application, an educational side that will explain the weather terms that we do not always understand. In addition, it also offers some explanatory videos.
Do not you want to waste time in the app drawer, look for the weather app and open it to check the weather conditions of the day? 1Weather has provided this laziness by providing you with a convenient widget for your home screen!

Weather Underground

Probably the most accurate and reliable android weather app. Weather Underground features interactive radar, satellite maps, and a weather alert feature.
Again, there are many options available. Weather Underground provides an interactive map with all the radar stations in the area.
Not too bad the interactive widgets and the health chart that monitors the air quality and the risk associated with UVA rays. The 72-hour forecast is very accurate and very rarely wrong. This app is free but contains ads. To remove them, you must activate an annual subscription and a very low cost.

Weather by Weatherbug

Graphics is the powerful piece of Weather bug that offers an interface rich in detail and yet easy to use. In one screen you can check the weather forecasts of the day, temperature, humidity percentage, wind direction and speed, atmospheric pressure, and the time when sunset will rise and set. In short, if you are a meteorologist, this is the app that’s right for you.
If for you, graphics, aesthetics, and customization are, first of all, WeatherBug is well designed in this regard.

Yahoo weather

We hold with Yahoo the most beautiful weather application that exists, if the aesthetics of an application is essential for you then you need Yahoo Weather. Of course, the weather is also very reliable because it is based on Weather Underground a network of personal weather stations. In addition to the weather, Yahoo offers to have a picture behind the weather related to the city where we are, this photo is taken from Flickr, the photo-sharing service of Yahoo. We can say that Yahoo has given the best of itself by providing detailed information without confusing ideas with over-complicated and complicated features. It should also be said that there are no advertising banners to ruin their aesthetics and user experience.


Surely one of the easy-to-use weather apps. With a simple Swipe, you will have all the information you need to look at without losing too much touch and menu. A reliable service and is perfect for all those who expect a single weather from a weather forecast: the day’s forecasts. Quality does not end there, thanks to the geoposition feature. The app will always know what region you are in to update you with the correct weather forecasts and do not waste your time adjusting the settings.
Do you want to know the temperature of the day in degrees Fahrenheit? All you have to do is tap the temperature indicator to move quickly from one unit to another! Not all roses and flowers and to offer such a well-executed application, developers have put some banner ads down, but nothing too invasive.

Morecast – Weather Forecast with Radar & Widget

To welcome you find a modern intuitive interface featuring a layout to scroll vertically. You will find up-to-date sections on real-time weather forecasts, while scrolling down, you’ll see more details. Once you’ve downloaded the app, just enter a name for a location to find current temperature, perceived and all information about precipitation, wind, humidity, UV index. You can also browse the weather forecast for the next 14 days and choose to see them displayed on a chart by clicking on the dedicated icon. By using the radar or webcam you can also monitor your favorite locations more closely!

Weather & Clock Widget for Android

One of the most downloaded weather widgets, Weather & Clock Widget offers the ability to view directly on the home screen, in addition to date, time and percentage of battery charge, including all current weather information.
Depending on the size you choose for this widget, you’ll also have a look at the weather all week, knowing the speed and direction of the wind, the percentage of humidity and atmospheric pressure. A detailed, efficient, highly detailed app that will fit your home screen smoothly with minimalist and stylish design.

Weathershot by Instaweather

The most social, the one that will make the weather display a pastime to share with friends!
We can take a photo of the place where we can add real-time weather to where the picture was taken, ready to share on the most popular social networks (Facebook, Google+, Twitter).
Highly customizable, we can choose icons, frames, themes and more. “Pure” weather is average, if it is very good for small towns.

This was, therefore, our selection of the best weather apps for Android. Do you use these weather applications? Let us know in your comments, in the meantime, we remind you that you can find all of our Android apps guides in the phone book: the Best Android App.
Which apps and widgets do you rely on regarding Weather Forecasts? Let s know in the comment section below. Thank you.