Best free Christmas Live wallpaper for Android 2017

Download these Top free Christmas live wallpapers for Android to get inspired with holiday spirit.

Many people want their Android phone to resemble the holiday colors so that it looks cool and alive. It’s the best way to impress your friends and co-workers. Actually, we are talking about changing the themes of your phone and tablet according to the festival. As the month of Christmas is coming, so we’ve picked up some free and splendid Christmas live wallpapers for your live and festive Android phone interface. These cool and free Christmas live wallpapers and themes will not only impress your friends or co-workers but will also give you a different user interface. You will love doing more with your phone.
Best free Christmas Live wallpaper Android
Let’s see our selection of the 10 best free Christmas live wallpaper for Android and download the one (or more) you like from the Google Play Store.

Free Christmas Live Wallpapers for Android in 2017

Christmas is at the door! What better way to “tweak” your Android with a nice Live Wallpaper theme? This is the compilation of the best and free Christmas wallpapers for your Android phone:

Christmas Live Wallpaper Free

Best free Christmas Live wallpaper for Android 2017
Who totally change the face of your cell phone and let the Christmas spirit in your gadget? The 3D Christmas Live Wallpaper Free is the right choice for this. With it, you will not have any work to make your handset look even more beautiful and modern. So it’s a lot more fun to celebrate the holiday season.
On the screen of your device, underneath the icons, shortcuts, and widgets you will find a Christmas tree, made with only lights and sparkles. The 3D Christmas Live Wallpaper Free shows a scenario being formed with beams of light, leaving from the top down. After the tree is in the display, glows and appear to complete the look. In addition, the application will show the countdown to the most anticipated date of the year, showing how many days are missing for Christmas Eve.

Snowfall Live Wallpaper

Snowfall Live Wallpaper will take us to a forest of Christmas firs dyed white by the snow moving in the wind. The application has multiple adjustable parameters, such as the color of the sky, the density of the snow, the inclusion of Christmas lights in the trees or the possibility that the sky changes depending on the time of day in which we are. Although the free version do not let you configure your preferences, but it is good to test the effect of the application. You will surely like this best free live wallpaper Android.

Snowflakes Live Wallpaper

A fairly simple but beautiful and gimmicky application. With Snowflakes live Wallpaper we will bring the winter to our device, with an eternal snowfall of geometric snowflakes. We can configure different parameters, such as speed of movement or size of the snowflakes, as well as the background image on which our snowfall will fall.

Christmas Live Wallpaper

Fly over the forests of Lapland with Santa Claus thanks to the Christmas Live Wallpaper app for Android. With it you can go checking how the king of Christmas goes around releasing gifts right and left. In addition, the landscape is dynamic, and if you move the phone you can discover how the landscape also moves. Best free Christmas live wallpaper for Android users.

Christmas Lights LiveWallpaper

If things are a bit more horticultural, you will like this application. Christmas Lights puts a fun frame to your mobile with its good color lights flashing on a starry background. If they criticize you, do not mind. Do not doubt for a moment that as soon as they turn around they will be downloading the application.
Amuse your kids, enthrall your pets, captivate your audience…cheer up your holidays with a Christmas light display!

Cute Christmas Live Wallpaper

Cute Christmas Live Wallpaper provides incredibly positive and beautiful live wallpaper for Android. Feel the proximity of Christmas and New Year. Download these cute live wallpapers for free on your mobile device. It offers a variety of Christmas motifs in the background of these wallpapers, cute lamb, different lights, effect of living water, lights and much more. We loved the frozen window effect, as when you wipe the screen with your finger it appears to clear the condensation from the window.

Christmas Countdown

This is a Christmas Countdown 2017 3D Live Wallpaper app for Android. If you are one of the many people who eagerly anticipate the festive season, impatiently crossing off each day as Christmas approaches, then this is the app for you. Phenomenal application with beautiful graphics, smooth animation, and sound effects. Christmas Countdown provides one simple and useful function: counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds till this event. With a clean user interface and optimal performance, this is the perfect app for all those who await Christmas.
This live wallpaper app now features music in the form of Christmas carols. It also features a lit up Christmas tree with a choice of six trees available, and the app is interactive, so you can rotate the tree and countdown timer to get a 3D effect.

Rink Christmas Live Wallpaper

Rink Christmas Live Wallpaper is a beautiful animated wallpaper that shows the various people skating on the ice of a frozen lake in a landscape reminiscent of the nineteenth century. In the background there is a beautiful Christmas tree with some ornaments and the snow falls slowly. The live wallpaper is practically an animated work of art. It’s not just a live wallpaper, in fact developer did it as an interactive Christmas game. They do not believe me? Touch any Christmas character and see what happens!

If you are looking for some good Personalization App for your Android device, then you should simply try this app. This is one of the most beautiful personalization apps for Android.

Christmas Moon

Christmas Moon is a beautiful live wallpaper for the screen of your Android phone. In this theme, you will feel a magical night with the full moon of shining signs, falling snowflakes and more things that makes magical Christmas night. Not only this, you can manage the type and amount of snowflakes, activate the smoke from the chimney, garlands activate the animation, the size of the moon and many other settings to design your own world.

Christmas Live Wallpaper HD

This Christmas wallpaper app has some beautiful winter images to set on your Android screen with HD graphics and 3D parallax effect. It uses as little battery as possible as it sleeps when your device is inactive. It also has a social share button so you can easily share the images with your friends and family. There is a nice choice of wallpapers available including Christmas decorations, Santa, a nativity scene, candles, polar bear, gingerbread man, golden star and more. A recent update added more live wallpapers and backgrounds.


There is a vast amount of Christmas wallpaper apps for Android to choose from on the Google Play Store. We believe our choice of the best Christmas live wallpaper for Android apps has something to appeal to all tastes. Downloading and installing a Christmas live wallpaper for Android will enhance the spirit of the holiday season in the run-up to and throughout Christmas and the New Year, so get your jingle bells out, deck your halls with boughs of holly, and ding dong merrily on high. Merry Christmas and a good new year!