Best free diet app for weight loss | Android diet and nutrition apps

Read our selection of the best free diet app for weight loss in 2018. These free diet and nutrition apps for Android will help you to keep your weight under control.

You want to know the nutritional values of what you usually eat and have an Android smartphone with you? We have already shown different kinds of exercise tools such as the treadmill, rowing machines, step machine, indoor cycling bike, recumbent bike and elliptical machine, to lose weight and keep fit. But since a good part of wellness and weight loss also depends on your diet here are 5 of the best Android diet and nutrition apps that will help you follow your diet.
Knowing the nutritional values of food is very important, and even more so in certain cases. There are many applications for Android that allow you to do it, but in large part do not offer enough data. In this article, I will introduce you to the best diet app for weight loss, full of interesting features and free download.

Top 10 best free diet and nutrition apps for Android to lose weight

Luckily, there are applications for dieting and losing weight that will help you. They provide information that will be very useful to lose weight as for example a calorie counter.
Do you really want to start a diet and start losing weight? I recommend the best diet that exists for quite some time, without rebound effect, easy to follow and above you can enjoy the food.
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Let’s see the best apps for dieting and lose weight for free.

FatSecret Calorie Counter

Best free diet app for weight loss
Are you concern about your weight and want to keep a detailed trace of the caloric value of everything you eat? This application is a perfect choice for you. With this app, you can easily take note of everything you eat and the app will inform you of the number of calories, fats, and proteins that each item contains.
The app also includes different tools to help you manage your diet. There is the calendar, which allows you to take note exactly of what you should eat every day and to organize lunches in advance. Then there is the weight history tool that will keep you up to date with how your body gains and loses weight over time. Another feature included in Calorie Counter is the ability to assign exercise programs to keep you in good shape.

Noom Coach: Health & Weight

Android diet and nutrition apps
Here is another of the most famous software for losing weight. The application is not only focused on diet, but also on physical exercises to lose weight (this is the “old” Cardio Trainer). We will not be offered a precise diet, but according to your program you can set weight goals and consequently also calories. It will be up to you to turn the foods eaten once, to fill in Noom data, which will also give you daily exercises to do. It is one of the world’s most popular slimming virtual “clubs” and as such there is also a social function that allows you to compare your progress with those of other users, to be more and more stimulated.


Best free diet apps for Android smartphone and tablet
Fooducate Healthy Weight Loss is much more than a weight loss app in which you can find diets and recipes. You will have a large amount of information about what is most important to your health. In Fooducate Healthy Weight Loss, users find an app that will educate us, to put it in the same terms in which the app was created, in good nutrition and good eating habits. You will see that there are many things you can do to lose weight naturally without having to resort to extreme diets that can harm your health. You will also find tips, tricks and recipes to implement from the start, so you will be able to get a great game to this app. It also offers a good design and is the simplest to use.


fitbit android app free
It is among the most complete to improve the lifestyle. There are three fundamental pillars: nutrition, physical activity and rest. It was created for users of the fitness tracker Fitbit, but can also be used without the wrist activity tracker device because it monitors different parameters (such as sleep quality) through the sensors of the smartphone. It has a simple interface. The Panel screen gives the main information on the distance traveled and the calories consumed. You can link your Facebook account or sync your contact list and use the Challenges feature to invite friends to train with you and compete in daily or weekly. In the Tips section, there are video tutorials of targeted workouts to reshape the body. To see them, however, you need to download the additional app Fitstar Personal Trainer by Fitbit.

Clorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is a calorie counter and contains many features to lose weight and regain fitness.
Combine a calorie calculator (with food and drink database) to a diet and exercise program. Available free for Android and iOS, it is one of the most popular apps in the world of digital wellness. It allows you to set goals and check progress. How many kilos do you want to lose? How long? In the Diary section, entering the type and quantity of food consumed in addition to the time and intensity of the sport practiced, the app calculates how many calories and fat you are eliminating. In the Progress section, a graph shows the results. Then there are other features like challenges, meals and recipes.


Lifesum android app free
This app works as an advisor so you can achieve your health goals. Lifesum allows you to record what you eat and the exercise you do, and then give you advice based on what you eat, either to improve or to adjust your diet a bit. To register the food you can do it through the food bar code since it has a large database, although it can also be done manually. To make the advice more precise, you can synchronize the app with others, such as RunKeeper and Moves, which will allow the application to take the data of the calories you spent to give you a menu according to it. As a strawberry of the dessert, it allows you to establish a goal and give you an estimated date to fulfill it. Undoubtedly, one of the most recommended apps of this type.

Lose It!

top 10 best free Android diet and nutrition apps
This app is suitable for those who want to lose weight by combining a balanced diet with proper physical activity. Lose it! offers users a calorie counter and different tools to plan meals and monitor food and exercises. In addition, it can be connected to other devices and apps and provides the ability to connect with friends and family and receive motivational ideas.


MyNetDiary android free app
Lose weight and take on a proper lifestyle. Fast and easy to use, among the many features, it includes a calorie counter and a diary to keep track of food and exercise and to plan healthy meals. It also offers numerous insights, ideas and tips to gain greater awareness of food and take care of yourself.

Diet Point Weight Loss

Diet Point Weight Loss
When you want to start dieting, it is difficult to know that you must eat to fit the calories and nutrients you need. The Diet Point application proposes a solution to this problem, showing a list of more than 100 diets you can make, each with the menu and the list of ingredients needed to prepare the dishes. It is a very useful diets app because it makes it much easier to select a diet that you want to try and to know that you are consuming the calories you need. The only bad thing about this app is that it is in English, although as you will see if the downloads, it is very intuitive and you will realize that each dish and ingredient goes, it even allows you to learn some English if you want.

So here comes our compilation with the best applications for dieting and losing weight. We hope that this article will help you to reach your health goal. If you know another app similar to these that has helped you to diet or lose weight, tell us a little about it in the comments and if you are pregnant, look at these apps to take control of pregnancy.