Best free indie games for Android 2017

See our selection of the best free indie games for Android to enjoy Android indie games on your smartphone or tablet free.

One of the advantages offered by mobile devices is that we can play anywhere, anytime. Hence, developers bet strongly for attractive titles. Among the great variety of categories, that of indie games has become very popular. They are fun and addictive, but above all, they exude originality. They usually stand out for striking aesthetics of many styles, high-quality soundtracks, well-developed gameplay, and stories that hook and cost to forget. Below you will find a selection of the best free indie games for Android. You can download them for free on Google Play. Do not miss them!

Download the best free indie games for Android

Having achieved popularity, this category has its own festival. It is organized annually by Google under the name “Google Play Indie Games Festival”. Creators of all kinds participate in it, something very much in keeping with the independent philosophy that gave rise to the term indie.
Google Play Store is full of indie games. But not all of them are authentic works of art and available for free for Android. The following are a sample of what creativity can achieve.

Deep Town: Mining Factory

Best free indie games for Android 2017
There are many types of strategy games, but the concept of Deep Town is most original. Imagine a steampunk universe in which robots try to somehow survive by searching for raw material in the earth’s crust. You will have to drill the ground to find the different metals, build buildings and infrastructure, to create your own underground city. Without any doubt, Deep Town Mining Factory is one of the popular games on the Android platform. The game is free to download.

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Flipping Legend

Flipping Legend Android indie games free
The famous developer company Noodlecake Studios is proclaimed as one of the winners of this edition thanks to Flipping Legend. This company is also popular for many amazing and hit titles such as Alto’s Adventures, Happy Jump or Chameleon Run. However, Flipping Legend is an action game in which you will have to demonstrate your reflexes at the time of making spectacular jumps to kill the enemies and avoid the obstacles that appear along the way.
You can download the game for free from Google Play. However, in order to unlock some of the add-ons it will be necessary to make in-app payments that, fortunately, are not mandatory to progress in the game.

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Parallyzed best android game 2017 indie free
Without a doubt, a game with a very original and interesting story. Blue and Red are the protagonists of this adventure. Two twin sisters who are connected in a mysterious way. Although they are the same on the outside, their abilities and attributes are different.
In Paralyzed we play with both simultaneously, because they can exchange their bodies at any time. The objective is to help Azul and Roja to reach their destination. But the road is full of obstacles, which coincide with each of them depending on their color and size.

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Hammer Bomb

Hammer Bomb Creepy Dungeons android indie games
Are you ready to venture into an underground world full of monsters and treasures? Your goal in this arcade style dungeon is to rescue your soldiers and get them out of the maze without dying in the attempt. An exciting and original adventure game that also has intuitive and well-designed controls. Each level has secret rooms and new tools to defeat monsters, which makes it more exciting with each level you overcome.

Valiant Hearts: The Great War

Valiant Hearts The Great War android game 2017
It may be questionable to consider an indie production by Ubisoft, a great publisher capable of the worst … but that also throws little jewels from time to time. In this case we are facing a two-dimensional adventure set in the First World War, with graphics that look like cartoon. You can play the first four episodes for free. Additional episodes are available as part of a multi-package or in individual purchases in the application. Of course, an “indie” to take into account in Android.

Crashing Season

Crashing Season is an action game in which the players will have to control a series of wild animals, with which they will have to face the human hunters. In the game we must overcome small missions in closed environments in which we are proposed various challenges to meet on the stage. We can almost talk about an “endless runner in controlled environment”; since our animal will be running continuously and we can only change the orientation of his career.
As we overcome challenges we will obtain coins with which to acquire aesthetic and functional improvements for our character, in addition to unlocking new animals and environments that will take us from controlling bears and deer in a forest park to foxes in desert areas populated by indigenous or harassed seals for murderous penguins.


Although the creative studio of this indie game is called Mediocre, PinOut is a title that stands out. In fact, it is one of the best ones that have landed recently in the Google Play Store. This arcade game is a pinball with futuristic aesthetics that seeks to reinvent the genre. Even though pinball is a classic, it succeeds.
In it, you must compete against the clock, enjoying its retro lights and rhythms. In addition, it does not contain ads and is guaranteed to be developed by the authors of hits such as the well-known Smash Hit (that of breaking crystals with metallic balls).

Stellar Wanderer

In Stellar Wanderer, we find excellent graphics and visual effects, capable of immersing you in a surprising space adventure. This simulator has arcade touches and well-designed maps that guarantee more than 10 hours of play. Requires Android 4.2 or higher, and controls can be in the form of virtual joystick or using the accelerometer.
It is developed by Crescent Moon Games. This study has other very good titles in its catalog. The best example is Optical Inquisitor 17+, a successful game that mixes the strategy with a tough story and a retro atmosphere.

These titles are a sample of what indie games should be. Creativity and quality go hand in hand to offer hours of fun. If they are also free, better than better. Have you already tried any of these best free Android indie games? Test them and leave your opinion in the comments. Thank you.