Best free naval battle games for Android

Here’s our selection of the best free naval battle games for Android. You can download these war games for free on your device and feel the enjoyment of controlling some navy battleship at sea.

We continue with another special selection dedicated to the top free Android games. If last week we deal with the best Android air combat games, today we moved from the sky to the sea to leave you with a selection of the Best Naval Battle Games for Android.
Best free naval battle games for Android
We leave you with some of the best titles you can find in the Google Play.

Best free sea battle games for Android

Assassin’s Creed Pirates

We start, as we usually do, with the most popular title, and it should be said that in this sense the Assassin’s Creed Pirates plays with a huge advantage, since it fits into one of the most successful sagas in the world of video game consoles. It must be said, however, that although in this case the heart of the game is also in naval battles (and we have a large repertoire of weapons at our disposal to enjoy them), it offers us much more, since we can also dedicate hours to the exploration, looking for lost treasures and fishing sharks and whales, and improving our boats.

Pirates! Showdown Full Free

Pirate ship naval games are among the most popular and another good example of them is Pirates! Showdown. It is also a good example of how the strategy usually gains weight in this subgenre of war games (in fact, Pirates! Showdown is not really an action game, but an RTS). Not only will we have to run our fleet in confronting each other in any case, but we can also devote ourselves to looting ports and strengths to obtain more resources.


Not all naval combat games, in any case, are set in the world of pirates, but there are also many titles that try to recreate the battles in the sea of the most recent wars, especially and as usual, the World War II. This is the case, for example, of Warship Battle 3D World War II, which allows us to put the helm of historical warships and a good part of whose battles are inspired by some of the most important of the war. This pursuit of realism, however, does not prevent us from having a good number of customization options for our boats, equally.

Sea Battle 2

This is another free Android naval combat game, much less spectacular than any of the above but not less fun. This is Sea Battle 2, a game that tries to recreate in our mobile devices the experience of games like sinking the fleet on paper of our childhood. Its aesthetics, aimed at awakening our nostalgia, is very careful and we can play against the machine or in all multiplayer modes that we can wish (online, Bluetooth or in a single device).

BattleFriends at Sea

If the naval battle game is your favorite game, then you can try the BattleFriends at Sea on your device Android. The game comes with beautiful graphics and once started you will only apply the simple rules of the naval battle to start playing and have fun with your friends. The game lets you battle with your Facebook buddies or send email or Twitter invites to friends. You can play anywhere and even pause the game and with the advance of degrees will purchase more victories to become a true admiral. If you are a diehard Battleship fan, then you will definitely love this free naval battle game for mobile devices.

Battle Group 2

Battle Group 2 has done a great job recovering the magic of the old Missile Command coin game for the current era. You stare at the evil Talon armada. They attack you in flocks by sea and air. As the ship’s gunner, you have to overcome the impending assault and target enemies, take into account their strength and activate special abilities as they are needed. The game’s simple controls will surely make it easier for you to explore and fight off waves of enemy units. The ability to target enemies, along with a slow ammunition reload, makes Battle Group 2 a fun and exciting arcade game.

Fleet Combat 2

Fleet Combat 2 for Android presents you a game of naval battles in which you face by the dominion of the seas the humans against the robots. A futuristic story of cataclysms and wars involves this game in which you have to carry out various missions using your best tactics in naval battles. Sinking the fleet of a lifetime, but much more exciting.
The game offers more than 60 battles, five scenarios that represent the world’s oceans and no less than 50 ships among which you can choose. In addition, these ships can be reinforced with 90 types of arms, which include automatic and manual. This game offers you great charity of options when it comes to playing, so you will have to attack and sometimes defend yourself from your enemies in different ways.

That’s all for now, folks. These are our selection of the best free naval battle games for Android smartphone and tablet devices. Do you know any other Android sea game? Let us know in the comm3nt section below. Thank you for reading.