Best free online multiplayer games for iPhone and iPad

Tired of playing just insoles against a virtual player lifeless and emotionless? Discover now the best free online multiplayer games for iPhone and iPad to enjoy your holidays.

Playing on a cell phone is fun as a hobby, but it can also be challenging and competitive when it comes to challenges against other players.Best free online multiplayer games for iPhone and iPad

There are now a large number of video games in which you can challenge friends or strangers from around the world to see who is better.
The games on iOS and even the Android support multiplayer mode, and so it is worth here to make a list of the best free online multiplayer games for iPhone and iPad, to compete, on the network or online against all the other players around the world.


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Best online multiplayer games for iOS to play challenges against other people around the globe.

Blitz Brigade

We open our list with a vintage from the popular Gameloft. Blitz Brigade contains more than 100 types of weapons, armored cars, amazing scenarios and a game power that will gather your friends for several hours. You only have to choose a side and begin to rally all your opponents. The application also contains 120 missions to practice and acquire skills and a Deathmatch mode that will become addictive. Without a doubt, a FPS worth carrying on our iPhone.

Dungeon Hunter 5

Dungeon Hunter 5 is a fantasy game from the graphics in HD. The forces of evil have come back stronger than ever and are spreading terror throughout the kingdom Valenthia. The atmosphere Dark Fantasy Dungeon Hunter 5 is fantastic thanks to HD graphics and the soundtrack of Hollywood movie. Grab your swords and get ready to fight against the fierce demons. The game also lets you play alone, but one that most interests us, is the multiplayer mode offered by the platform. If you live across the multiplayer experience in every facet (cooperative mode, asynchronous multiplayer mode and special events), then the game becomes an adventure intense and fascinating. This fantasy game is free and will keep you glued to the screen of your device for days!

Star Legends

Possibly one of the best alternatives of entertainment in what makes massively multiplayer online games or MMOG that can be enjoyed by all those who are fans of the themes related to outer space. In this title we will be able to find elements as alien invaders as well as technology of all kinds, with the objective of going overcoming the different missions that we put ahead but it will not be easy, because we fight with other players equal or more experienced than us.

NinJump Dash Multiplayer Race

MimJump Dash Multiplayer Race, as the name implies, is designed specifically for the multiplayer game mode. In game four ninja turtles will move in an agile way through the levels in a 2D graphics. The goal is to get to the finish line first, but down the road, you will find different opponents ready to hinder your mission.
Featuring a really simple gameplay and intuitive controls, you can have fun with your friends in this race against time. Make use of the rockets and the ninja stars against your opponents, personalize your character and get ready to kidnap you from this fun pastime!

Asphalt Xtreme

It crosses unexplored territories around the world, drives at full speed through gorges, desert dunes and many more places to try to reach the finish line before anyone else. In addition, it counts on an online multiplayer mode in real time in which they face 8 players in an all against all. Will you be better than your opponents?

Order & Chaos

Order & Chaos is one of the best RPG of the Play Store. The game, as well as offering many hours of play alone, guarantees a multiplayer with infinite possibilities! In long way in these fantastic lands, while being committed to restoring order to proliferate or to chaos, meet online players from around the world (for instance Warcraft style). Choose your favorite character and customize it according to your taste. You can work together on missions or challenge you in duels to the death and form guilds with other players. Some places, such as Knahswahs Prison and the realm of the gods young, hide dangerous traps for lone adventurers. Before you start your journey will be better summon a mighty warriors chat online with others!

Shadowgun Deadzone

One of War multiplayer 3D shooter can not miss! Shadow Gun is a perfect game for lovers of this kind and for those who want to test new players challenging online. The title offers a wide selection of weapons and extras to unlock. You can organize a team with your friends and defy other network, as well as customize controls and displays. Defects? You’ll have to take my hand because the playability is very complex and the most experienced players will have no mercy on you, but to make it easier way for you initially turn on tips and tricks from the settings menu.

FIFA Mobile Soccer

Well guys if you are a big fan of football then this app is yours. Developed by Electronics Arts, this game has more than 17k players of 650 licensed teams. With more than 30 leagues and with the possibility to build your teams with super stars that you like.

Lords Mobile

It has a prize as the most competitive game of 2016 and is nominated as the best 2017 multiplayer game by google. The goal is to build a great empire, collect heroes and train troops to fight against other users or create alliances within a guild.


With cunning and strategy you will have to draw your cards to face the challenges of Hearthstone. For this you will have to perfect your skills and thus manage to challenge legendary heroes.

Dawn of Titans

In spectacular graphics you will have to face one huge warriors and titans of great size. It is an action games and strategy to play between friends in real time and with chat MMO with the aim of dominating other realms.

Zynga Poker

If you have spent at least some time playing the famous Texas Hold ‘Em poker that comes installed on Facebook for us to enjoy all the users, then you have to know that basically it is the same game. Thanks to this you can enjoy challenges ranging from short and simple matches to endless world tournaments in which to challenge your own friends.

That’s all for now, folks. These are some of the best free online multiplayer games for iPhone and iPad 2017. If you are playing any other free title, please let us know in the comments. Thank you.