Best free racing games for Android 2017

If you love speed and you can not forget it for a second, here are the five best free racing games for Android.

Although some people prefer to enjoy the thrills of a car racing game on larger devices such as modern PCs and monitors, you can also spend great moments behind the wheel of your favorite cars on phones and tablets. The development and growth of these games has been so great that after their release have made movies and TV series on video games. Today, we have made a selection of the best free racing games for Android. Download them free on your mobile or tablet device and feel the thrill of a real car racer.
Best free racing games for Android
This category is especially populated with titles. We have made a selection of the top free Android racing games, but always trying to cover different themes. There are for pilots looking for realism, for those who seek to compete, and for those who just want to have a good time. Your positions!

Best free Android car racing games that you should consider in 2017

Have you recently bought one of the latest smartphone that provides significant hardware power? If the answer is yes, why not test the best car games for Android and maybe challenge your friends in intense online matches? Below we offer you a selection of the best car racing game applications for Android devices. These free games are sure to please every speed-loving and custom car enthusiast.

Asphalt Xtreme

Asphalt Xtreme abandons the asphalt to offer us now exciting races in territories not yet explored by the popular franchise. You’ll be racing on a variety of offroad tracks, such as, dirt tracks, mud, sand, snow and ice full of obstacles, skidding and hazards with a variety of vehicles. With Asphalt Xtreme, we are facing a challenging rally game with 35 off-road vehicles and a variety of exotic locations around the world. It offers five game modes, more than 400 events in its story mode, over 500 mastery challenges and limited time events. You will not miss online multiplayer races of up to eight players from around the world.
As in previous releases, Asphalt Xtreme is a free download with integrated purchases that will help us unlock, customize and improve our vehicles with greater speed.

Real Racing 3

For serious piloting and a realistic simulation, Real Racing 3 takes the palm. Each vehicle behaves according to its type of traction, its weight, its chassis, etc … In Real Racing 3 you will have to control the annoying sub-races and fun surprises, and the transfer of masses, of course. It has 12 circuits and its variations, and more than 100 official cars among which are Lamborghini, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and Ferrari. Graphic quality to the latest and numerous multiplayer modes.
Social bookmarks, time trials, ghost challenges, and innovative Time Shifted Multiplayer ™ technology allow you to compete with whoever you want. With this app, you will be able to compete in real circuits where world-class competitions are developed. And you’ll be able to compete in cup races, eliminations, endurance challenges and acceleration races.

GT Racing 2: The Real Car Exp

Best Android racing games free
Another title from Gameloft just like Asphalt 8, but this time from the side of reality. This may be one of the best racing simulators for mobile devices. Your physical model offers unparalleled reality. Enjoy your selection of 81 cars from the best 37 manufacturers in the world. You will be able to drive 13 circuits from 4 different points of view and get to win one of its more than 1400 events. If you are an expert user try to modify the performance of your vehicle in the garage to leave behind your opponents.

Need for Speed: No Limits

Best free Android games 2017
Launched in early 2015, the arrival of this title was one of the most anticipated deliveries of the genre on Android. With realistic graphics and interesting circuits, No Limits is one of the main alternatives for enthusiasts of the genre, along with Asphalt and Real Racing.
Like the console or PC versions, it has a game mode in which you can browse a map and locate places to run. There are more than 1000 races between competitions and street challenges. In addition, you have the possibility to customize the car both in the workshops and with second-hand parts.

Drag Racing

Top free Android tablet car racing games
Drag Racing will allow you to drive more than 50 official cars, such as fast cars, powerful sedans and 1,000 hp sports cars. You can also choose your favorite and customize it to the maximum to compete in races of 1/4 or 1/2 mile.
You can also compete against millions of pilots online in 1-on-1 duels or Pro League races with up to 10 players. This app also includes a new Drag Racing: Bike Edition extension, which includes 17 motorcycles.
The app will cause your cars and money to be stored on your device, so you should not uninstall the game before upgrading or you will lose everything that you have accumulated. Also with the points earned you can try a car before you buy it and then the improvements will increase the level and value of the car, unlike the settings.

Real Drift Car Racing

For drift lovers we have Real Drift Car Racing. There are two versions: a free in which you will skid for four circuits and another version of payment in which you will have the game completely unlocked for $ 0.99. The difficulty can be customized so that in the beginning you do not spend the day hitting the boundaries of the circuit.

Nitro Nation Racing

Top free Android car racing games
Nitro Nation Racing takes the world of ‘Drag Racing’ to another level. You will be able to drive more than fifty real vehicles. In addition, you can customize each vehicle adding dozens of new parts and lots of different paintings. As you race you will learn that some vehicles are better for longer circuits, while others are better on shorter circuits. For that reason, having a good garage with several cars will be a must if you want to dominate the street. You can compete on the Internet with other players. There are more than eighty achievements available, of course, will help make this feel more palpable. This is a fun and frantic game that, in addition to having an outstanding visual section, has a game mechanic and a control system that are perfect for touch terminals.

Hill Climb Racing 2

Hill Climb Racing 2 is one of the newer racing games on Android. The game features a simple premise, simple controls and colorful graphics. This game brings us 30 new phases in which to cross the most impressive curves in landscapes of all types although the handling will be as simple as always.
At the moment of starting the race we must press the accelerator to bring the needle to the green zone of the speedometer. There is a button to accelerate and another to brake so that we can balance our car as we move forward as fast as possible. We will be able to compete against our friends, but, yes, not simultaneously, but asynchronously, as if we were competing against their ghost. We can challenge them in races or competitions.

CSR Racing

With the CSR Racing, you’ll have access to incredible clandestine races on the streets of the city, with over 65 authentic cars, stunning graphics, addictive gameplay mechanics and intense online competition.
In this game you must defeat five bands of runners to dominate your city without letting them intimidate you. You must defeat each of the leaders and you will be the new king of the street.
You can improve your engine, choose the best tires and reduce the weight to improve your time in all quarter of a mile. This application allows you to compete online against real CSR players to win special cars that are not available in the showroom.
Plus you can make definitive precision races against your Facebook friends and then post the results on social networks.

Beach Buggy Blitz

It is a car game with the best style of Mario Kart, which is a classic within the genre. It does not stand out for the realism, but on the contrary, by a game mode with environments and colorful and funny characters, making it ideal for the little ones.
The whole game is based on the competition in an island where you can realize competitions and acquire objects collecting coins. Coins will serve you to personalize the car and put it as you want. You also have the possibility of touring the island freely, thanks to the graphic engine that provides the wide map game.

Horizon Chase

A game quite different from any of this list. Horizon Chase is a racing game that tries to emulate the titles of the genre of the 80s and 90s, indeed, part of the template responsible for this game has experience with some of the classic racing 20 years ago.
Its mechanics are different from any racing game that exists today, since the controls are simpler. However, thanks to his excellent musical and graphic work, he offers one of the best racing experiences of the moment.

This was our compilation with the best Android racing games in 2017. We hope you liked it and enjoy them, as much as we doing this post.
Keep an eye on the use of data and the battery when playing this type of games. If possible, use WiFI connection and one of the best apps to save battery power. Or, buy an external battery from those that are for sale on Amazon. Thank you for reading.