Best Free Video Editing Apps For iPhone And iPad

Smartphones and tablets today are very powerful and have very good cameras, so you can not just turn the video, but also make changes such as cuts, montages, soundtracks, and more. In this article, we see the best free video editing apps for iOS.

Editing videos can be an arduous and tedious task when you have various elements in a video and software full of Settings Options such as filters, positioning, keyframes, image speed … Luckily for users of iOS, this task is much more enjoyable and accessible thanks to the best video editing apps for iPhone and iPad.
Best Free Video Editing Apps For iPhone And iPad
There are many apps to edit our videos, but not all of them are good. Therefore, we have selected a collection of the best free iPhone video editor apps. With these free iOS apps, you can give your videos a new look, aesthetic, fun and even sometimes magical and in a super easy and fast. Let’s see them and choose one or more to make your fun videos.

Unleash your creativity with these iOS video editors!

Within the video editing applications for mobile devices, there are two large groups. On the one hand, those that link the videos you have on your reel automatically following a minimal control by the user, and on the other hand those who have a more professional and allow deeper editing control. Whatever your preference, you will see that with any of the options that we show below and with a little patience you can create very interesting videos with which to show your weekend getaway, your last trip or anything else you are Occur. Ready to explore? Let’s start.

Quik – GoPro Video Editor

Quik is one of the best free video editors for iOS and Android. This app, as its name implies, will allow us to automatically and quickly edit any video to export it. In seconds Quick lets you convert photos and videos without having to do anything to create incredible compositions. It’s all automatic. The app is responsible for analyzing the content you offer and adds the best effect and the best music, in addition to synchronizing the rhythm with what you see in the video. But, you can refine these details by choosing cut, effects, transitions themes and video length. It is worth noting that the app does not offer more than one audio line, so it is not possible to mix voice and music.

Animoto Video Maker

Animoto lets you choose from over 50 different themed styles for your videos and add more than 100 songs from Animoto’s own library. A great app! Its interface is very modern and full of color and the application is free. However, to buy the full version you must pay a monthly or annual subscription through in-app purchases. But the free version is well enough to make fun videos on your iPhone or iPad.

Splice – Video Editor

Splice is a simple and effective video editor app for iOS from the maker of GOPRO action cam. With Splice, you can make montages of photographs and videos in HD in a very simple way. The app lets you control and mix your own songs, synchronize them and add sound effects and narration. Thanks to Slice you can also add very elaborate transitions and visual effects like slow motion. Great and free!

Video Editor & Movie Maker

VideoShow is a video editing tool that will allow us to create fun movies from any video that we capture with our device or that we simply have in memory or SD card. The application will allow us to take any video from our terminal and apply various Instagram style color filters. In this way, we can give a unique touch to some images, put them in black and white, sepia, etc. With VideoShow we can also add subtitles to any video, or modify the audio of it. We can also record our own voice or do the multi-music editing within the video. Once we finish editing a video we can export it keeping the same quality as the original or compressing it. The free version contains ads but you get rid of ads by downloading VideoShow Pro. Don’t miss.

Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe Premiere Clip is a free video editor for iOS and Android that has no watermark. It allows you to mount your recordings or photos automatically or in free mode in a very easy way. Adobe Premiere Clip is free. The only requirement is that you sign up for the Adobe Cloud. When you open the application you will be asked to log in or register with a free Adobe ID account. This video editor without watermark will ask you to choose between creating an automatic project and one in free mode, ie traditional editing. Try automatic editing and if you do not like it, at any time you can customize it with free editing mode. Once you think the video is the one you wanted, then you can share it or save it to your mobile or tablet. This app can does its job perfectly.


Magisto is not technically a video editing suite. It is more appropriate to call it an incredibly useful service for creating and sharing video clips. If you do not have much free time to edit your videos and you want some fairly beautiful results, Magisto is your application. Simply choose your favorite video clips or images and the application will be responsible for automatically joining them with very interesting transition effects and get the most special parts of your videos. The app has facial recognition, camera stability, transitions, effects and nice filters. Ideal application for those who want to realize a fantastic project with minimal effort.


Making a video is one thing, to make a video with which to laugh your friends is another. VivaVideo is a very simple app which aims to create fun videos with various instruments available. With VivaVideo you can record video up to 5 minutes, simply by pressing and not pressing a button. The filters can also add them before, thus registering with the shade you prefer. In addition, you can create automatic photo videos, music videos, collages with images or videos. The icing on the cake are the editing tools with which you can add stickers, animations, effects, texts, sounds, music, transitions and whole themes. You can surprise your friends without any doubt.


An application to convert your videos into amazing mini-movies. The application offers an excellent interface with a formidable organization. It allows you to apply effects in just a few seconds. Edit the clips, add music and then save the result or share it on social networks. A free and very complete application.


Applications like Magisto try to make video editing or assembly of simple images, available to everyone, while Lumify tries to give you a little more control over editing operations. Lumify is a free application for iOS. It helps the user from the very first moment when you start to record video, until ready to apply filters, add soundtracks, cut, synchronize, change the speed of the video, add titles, photographs, zoom and much more. Simple and practical app for iOS users.

What application do you use to edit videos on iOS devices?

That’s all for now, folks. We hope that our compilation of video editing applications has been to your liking. Remember that you can comment on the applications mentioned in it and recommend other apps to edit videos that you think are useful and effective. What is your favorite video editing application?
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