Best funny apps for Android – funniest apps you can download free

Here we present you this list with the best funny apps for Android. There are all genres and styles to have fun with your friends. Do not miss out!

In the world of mobile applications, not everything is WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook. The world of mobile applications has many possibilities and the top Android funny app to have a fun time with our friends is one of them. Laughter is definitely a safe remedy to combat depression and anguish. It is a privilege reserved only for humans and an effective tool to release negative energy and even exercise. Did you know that laughing exercise four hundred muscles of our body?
Best funny apps for Android free download
As a perfect incentive to strengthen ties of friendship, and even create new ones, we have decided to compile a selection with the 9 funniest apps for Android that could not be missing on your smartphone, if you want to oxygenate your life and fill you with joy. Let’s see our selection of the best funny apps for Android and enjoy them.


9gag has been one of the most popular Android apps to have fun for a very long time. It is one of the reference websites to have a good time watching curious and very funny content, with vignettes, comics, memes, funny photos, surprising facts, interesting quotes, etc. If you are habitual in 9Gag, you can not do without this app. You can vote the gags, comment on them and share them easily with the options you will see in the base of each of the images. You can even upload your own gags to 9GAG from the same application. Do not miss out on the most popular and fun jokes, videos, photos, comics and memes on the net. It’s free to use as long as you don’t mind advertising. If you want to get rid of ads you have to buy the premium version.

Best Vines

Vine has a reputation for producing some seriously funny stuff on occasion. The best Vines is the app needed to enjoy these seriously funny stuffs. With it, you can view, save and share the best published Vines as well as compilations without using Facebook or Twitter for it. It draws on Vine’s main sources of videos derived from Facebook pages, YouTube channels and Twitter profiles dedicated to collecting them. It’s one of the better funny apps.

Funny or Die

Funny or Die is one of the funniest apps for Android that aims at providing general humor. You can watch videos that are trending or have trended in the past in this video platform. Each one will have a “funny” or “die” button so you can rate it. The ones with the highest ratings are the ones most often recommended to people. It features a ton of content to watch and most of it is short enough to enjoy during breaks at work. Don’t miss.


Imgur is an online image storage service that over time has become one of the Internet references when hosting animated images and animated gifs, with special emphasis on the publication of memes.
With this application for Android, you can browse the galleries published by other users and manage your own uploads or elements that you have marked as favorites. The application upload system allows uploading images stored on your device, perform them on the spot with the camera or from a URL from which to extract and resubmit the file on its own servers.

xkcd Browser

xkcd Browser is a comic viewer app for Android that lets you view the xkcd comics. You may not know him by name, but surely you’ve seen some of his drawings circling the web, drawings that can also be seen through his website. Along with the comic viewer, you’ll be able to view blog posts from the websites. Other features include: enlarge with gestures, mark as favorites, share option, and search by title. Even you find a feature that gives you a random comic, ideal when you do not know what you want to see. It’s also free.

Voice changer with effects

Voice changer with effects is, as its name implies, an app to record yourself and modify your voice with some custom effects. The app then lets you share the files in apps like WhatsApp. It offers many effects although in practice many of them look quite alike. Anyway, the slight modifications work and you can record yourselves and pretend you are Darth Vader of Star Wars , a robot, a giant, a sheep, a child, a squirrel and a long (and sometimes absurd) etcetera. The interface displays voice options, allows you to record and then share. That simplicity works in favor of the application, which does not want to amaze you with a spectacular design, but have a good time recording absurd sounds with strange voices. Also, see the best Android voice changer apps for free.

Funny Sound Effects Ringtones

This one is a very good Android fun app that helps you give a unique touch on your smartphone and let everyone know that you are someone really. It contains hi quality and loud sounds of funny ringtones and sound effects that can make you smile and laugh. You can access hundreds of extravagant and very original tones and sound effects for free, which will delight everyone around you. Application essential to fill your day with humor and fun.

Funny Camera

Simple, but not less suggestive. In this case, Funny Camera succeeds in achieving a formula that has been repeated so many times. This free Android application allows you to edit photos for you to laugh with your friends. Use the camera or a photo from your gallery to make funny compositions and share with your contacts through social networks like Facebook. There are more than 100 models of images in Funny Camera. In it, you can do funny things like putting your photo as a tattoo on a woman or making you an award being given by the president of the United States. Want to become a zombie or gain a few pounds? Or put your face in a poster on Broadway or in a work of art? It is now possible! Its simple operation and connectivity with social networks brings a lot of laughter.

Talking Tom Cat 2

Another proposal that shows a truly amazing creativity. To test the magic of this application, it is enough that you utter a sentence in front of your device, and this will repeat with a voice that will infect the laughter of all your friends. When you get to notice it, the hours will have been spent trying to say all those phrases that, although not funny at the beginning, will become as such. Do not forget to try it.

What are your favorite funny apps for Android? Let us know in the comments. Thank you for reading.