Best game controller for Android TV box

Let’s see our selection and reviews of the best game controller for Android TV box to play games on Android TV.

All we have a television in our living room. Television is a device that has become essential in our day to day to be connected with the world. Android has been able to take advantage of this need, and for this, apart from its devices chromecast, is still working on its Android TV project.
It is a device to bring android to our televisions, and to enjoy so its applications, games and multiple options. Although the number of applications is not as wide as we would like, the truth is that it is a technology that works well. So let’s show you the best game controller for Android TV box.
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Best gamepad / joystick / controller for Android TV 2017


Best game controller for Android TV box
That’s ultimately what we call the best controller ever for Android TV, PC, smartphone and tablet gaming. It was made by the manufacturer of Nvidia video cards, and has the best build quality ever. The keys are bomb-proof and analog sticks have an extreme ergonomics. In addition we also have capacitive keys and a touchpad in the middle that let you use your Android smartphone and tablet without ever needing the display: in short, a very complete controller. The reactivity for each game is impeccable and makes it suitable for the most immediate and competitive genres of videogames. The presence of a headphone input 3.5mm jack also allows you to connect gaming headphones and headsets with microphone to talk with friends during games in multiplayer mode.
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A-szcxtop S3 Bluetooth Gamepad

Bluetooth Gamepad wire wireless Rechargeable Game Controller Android TV
Some do not like to complicate our lives, and we like to buy something cheap and functional. The A-szcxtop S3 Bluetooth Gamepad / controller will provide us with a gameplay experience typical of traditional consoles, with their typical buttons and joystick. Aside from using it on our Android TV, we can play on our phone, on our computer with windows. Undoubtedly, an option to take into account if we do not want to make a big payout and want a command that works without complications.
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HonWally Game Controller Gamepad

HonWally Game Controller Gamepad Joypad for PC Windows TV Android Phone Tablet SteamOS
Some may look for some more elaborate command. The previous one fulfilled with the basics, without great pretensions, but for a few Dollars more it is certain that we have a quality plus and maybe a better experience when it comes to interacting with our Android TV.
The HonWally Game Controller Gamepad boasts a more elaborate design, more careful joystick and even a small platform so we can put the phone when we get tired of playing on the television. The price is about 30 Dollars, making it a very good economical option for gamers.

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Microsoft Xbox 360

Microsoft Xbox 360 Wired Controller for Windows Xbox 360 Console
As a good gamer, you will know the Xbox 360, a console that came to mark an era, next to the PlayStation 3. The controller of the Xbox 360 is compatible with Android TV if we connect by cable, so you will have the same playable experience as on the console.
The price is quite affordable, since for just 30 Dollar you have the official control, with your guarantee. Do not hesitate to take a look if you want to enjoy your games to the limit.

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Moga Pro Power

Top Android TV game controller amazon 2017
The Moga Pro Power is a command that has been running on Android for a long time with good results. This is one of the most recommended and discussed drivers on the web, for something will be. It has a fairly good finish, sturdy yet comfortable.
We can dock the phone if we want to continue our games on the mobile phone instead of on the television. Its price is somewhat above average, but it really may be worth investing some extra money to enjoy this excellent device.

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Best game controller for Android TV box
IPega is another of the best game controls you can buy to play with your Android TV. It has a lithium battery capable of holding more than 20h. Undoubtedly, an incredible figure that will allow us to play until we get bored. It also has a support for phones up to 6 inches, so if you want to play with your phablet you will not have any problems.
The controls are placed perfectly, so the playable experience will be excellent. It maintains a very good quality price, since for about 25 Dollars you can enjoy this product. Do not hesitate to check it out if you want to play in conditions on your Android TV.

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Mad Catz

Accessories for Android TV box
After releasing its MOJO, a console on Android, the manufacturer Mad Catz made available to the players the CTRLr alone, allowing then all to take advantage of the joystick. This one can connect to all Android devices, from the classic smartphone, to the TV.
To use it, there’s nothing simpler, activate Bluetooth on your device, press the Home button on the joystick in the center for three seconds to turn it on, search for Bluetooth devices on your device, and select your Mad Catz CTRLr.
You can now navigate your Android TV using the left joystick or the directional pad. To delete it, press the “Home” button for five seconds, or until the LED is solid red. Remove the joystick from your Bluetooth devices on your device, and it will no longer be paired.

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GameSir G3

GameSir G3s Wireless Game Controller
Finally, and not least of them, we come with one of the best controls you can buy for your Android TV. It is the Gamesir G3, one of the controls with the best design and finishes that we can buy. It is a flashy, practical and easy to use control.
Its price is obviously higher than that of any of its rivals, but it is also true that it is a command that will give us a much more satisfying experience than the others. For about 40 Dollars you can enjoy this command and all its qualities.

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