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Because anyone can do it and they are fashionable, learn how to create animated GIFs from your mobile phone with these best GIF creator apps for Android.

We are surrounded by GIFs on all sides. These small animated images or short videos have become one of the kings of social networks and are great ways to express an effective feeling or a thought. There are many applications that offer us animated GIF galleries to share with everyone. But maybe you want to get a little creative and make your own animated GIFs, in which even you can be the protagonist. Believe it or not, creating an animated Gif image is a very simple task if you have the help of some applications and your mobile phone. That’s why we bring you this list today with the best GIF creator apps for Android.

9 Best GIF maker app for Android to create your own GIF and have fun.

Footej Camera

Best GIF creator apps for Android
One of the best applications to create your own animated GIFs is without a doubt Footej Camera, the most downloaded and the best rated in this area. Footej Camera is an Android camera application that also doubles as a gif creator. Its features are mainly for photography and include manual controls for your camera, a simple UI, the ability to separate the focal point from the exposure point. And, of course, you can use it as a gif creator. Pair that with the slow motion video recording feature and you have a camera that’s good enough to use in normal situations and when creating gIFs.

Gif Creator

Android GIF creator app
With Gif Creator, you can create images from photos stored on your Android phone or directly from the camera. These animations have a maximum duration of 30 seconds and can be customized with 10 different filters. Once created, you can store them in the phone memory or share on the network. You can also view and comment on the animations that other users have created.

GIF Maker

android gif maker app
GIF Maker is an application that will allow you to create animated gifs directly using the camera of your Android terminal, in a way very similar to that offered by Vine. Of course, with GIF Maker you will also be able to create gifs using the photographs that you have in the memory of the terminal.
To create animated gifs, whether you use the camera or saved pictures, the only thing you’ll have to configure is the amount of time that will elapse between frame and frame. Virtually everything else will be done automatically.
In addition to animated gifs, GIF Maker allows you to create collages using photos from your terminal. You can choose the photographs you want and choose from several different designs. In a matter of seconds, you will have the ‘collage’ Stored in the memory of the terminal and ready to be shared.


Turn your smartphone into a complete studio to create and edit GIFs with this Android GIF maker app. With the help of the tool, you can create your own GIFs using the camera of your device or a sequence of photos available in the gallery of the device. To record a sequence of pictures with the camera, touch the icon at the top right of the screen. There is – apparently – no time limit, and you can capture as many frames as you wish. When finished, the app displays the images in a list, allowing you to deselect some frames and even change the order in which they will be rendered in the GIF. You can change the width and height of the GIF, speed, orientation, add text, and reverse the playback order.

GIF Edit

This is another perfect application for all fans of animations in GIF format. Very interesting app to make animated GIFs and above all with a very simple operation. You simply have to select the group of images you want to animate, or take a video and decide which fragment of the same you want to transform into an animated GIF. Then you can edit the result as many times as you want, by cutting or adding content. You also have the option to add texts or stickers.

GIF ME! Camera

Gif Me Camera best gif maker app for android
Another option you have is to use the camera to directly create your animated GIFs. For this there are many applications, such as one of the best, GIF ME! Camera. It has an attractive and easy to use interface. This application allows you to create new GIFs through any of the phone’s cameras, as well as change the aspect ratio from 1: 1 to 3: 4 or use the timer. Prepare the stage, think of the nonsense that you are going to do or the role that you are going to represent, or the chastity that your friend is going to stick for trying to jump a car with stilts, and start recording. The result will be converted directly into an animated GIF. You can share the results with anyone you want through social networks.


top gif maker application for Android
And if you really do not care so much about effort and you think that what you want to communicate you will find it easily done by someone else, then your application is GIPHY. It is known worldwide as one of the largest databases of animated GIFs for mobile phones. The application contains thousands of correctly tagged images. So you only need to put in the search engine the type of animation you are looking for to get a large number of results. Use your powerful search engine to find what you want to transmit, and share directly through social networks or messaging applications. In addition, GIPHY has a system through its website to create your own animated GIFs.


free apps to create gif Android
Do you want something even easier? Open Gifinator from your Android phone and tap the screen to start taking pictures. Then adjust your animation with a pinch and share your GIF with your best friends. It is as simple as using this application.

5SecondsApp GIF Make & Search

Best GIF creator apps for Android Top GIF Maker in 2017
5SecondsApp allows you to create animated GiF from photos and videos in your camera roll or captured with the same app. You can then apply the filters, add text and even stickers. The app also allows you to reorder the frames to change the sequence, control the speed of execution, and save the individual frame as a still picture.

If we missed any great Android apps that create GIFs, let us know in the comments. In our honest opinion, creating high-quality GIFs on Android is not something that is doable with something resembling reliability at the moment. Frankly, you will enjoy the experience a lot more if you wait until you can use a more robust gif creator online. However, these are not a bad choice, if you do not mind your GIFs do not come out totally flawless or simply need something very simple. Finally, don’t forget to share this article with your social friends. Thank you for reading.

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