Best gift ideas for Disney lovers | Christmas present ideas

Discover the best gift ideas for Disney lovers. What gift do you give to an adult or a child who loves Disney? What to offer to a fan of the Disney world? Read our Christmas present ideas to make a Disney fan happy.

The world Disney has always had a very special connection with Christmas: whole generations of kids have been waiting for the festivities to go in cinemas after the arrival of animated feature films destined to become true classics, such as Beauty and the Beast, The king lion or Aladdin. Princesses, fairies, talking animals, and enchanted places have fueled the imagination of spectators, both small and large, and continue to do so year after year. A Disney gift, regardless of the economic value, definitely gives a smile and adds a touch of magic to the cold days of December. Here is a selection of the best gift ideas for Disney lovers. Christmas present ideas for Disney fans of all ages, suitable for all budgets and needs, able to not undermine anyone’s finances: fairy tales that keep the empty wallet nightmare away!
Best gift ideas for Disney lovers Christmas present ideas

Best gifts for Disney fan

Are you wondering what toys from the Disney world put under the tree this year? Do not ask any more questions! We are here to help you and offer the best gift ideas for this Christmas. These gifts will be appreciated by a Disney fan. If you need more ideas, you can also check out star wars gift ideas or Harry Potter gift ideas.

Talking interactive characters R2-D2 and BB-8

These loyal astromechanical droids have so many things to tell about their latest adventures in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. With two modes of activation, the nice R2 and BB-8 units are ready to emit all their characteristic spatial sounds and make their way rolling up to your heart.

Disney Princess Crown Pendant Necklace

Every girl dreams of being a Disney princess, right? Now she can be with the Princess Crown Pendant Necklace. Make your favorite girl’s dreams come true with this shining silver crown pendant hanging delicately from an 18 cable chain.

Disney Classic Monopoly Board Game

The Monopoly Disney Classic is an original gift for Disney fan. This is a gift idea for children from 8 to 12 years old. The game is suitable for everyone over the age of 8. Roll the dice to begin your property building empire in this new version of Monopoly!

The friendly Tsum Tsum

Disney’s collectible plushies are available in multiple formats, portray all the most beloved cartoon characters, can stack one on top of the other and are absolutely irresistible. In Japanese “Tsum-Tsum” means “Stack-Stack” and their creation comes from the Zen philosophy of stacking the stones. Every month, new collectible Tsum Tsum are available and, in addition to being adorable, they can also be used to clean cellphone and tablet screens, even if they are more likely to become a nice company on desks, shelves, bedside tables and various furniture that will become the perfect base for a pyramid created with the little plush characters.

Cars Mack truck series Carbon Racers

The little Cars fans will be able to recreate the favorite scenes of the film with this splendid model of Mack, the powerful transporter of Lightning McQueen, able to transform our champion into a “Carbon Racer” ready to start in pole position!

The night light of Monsters & co

The night can cause some fear to the little ones and to defeat the fear of terrible creatures that could hide under the bed or inside the closets. Here comes a night light made of soft plastic, produced by Philips, truly “monstrous”. Mike and Sully, the protagonists of Monsters & Co., are in fact ready to illuminate the room of the little ones … and the biggest ones who have the terror of the very bad edges that appear to treason when you get up and it’s still dark!

Winnie the Pooh Talking Animated Telephone

An unmissable object in every home is a telephone and why not brings a little ‘tenderness thanks to the animated one dedicated to Winnie the Pooh and Pimpi?
When the characters ring, they talk and move, causing the fearful pig to come out of a jar of honey in which it is stuck.
Every conversation, even if it does not take place in the Cento Acri wood, will turn into a moment of great sweetness, furnishing at the same time the rooms of adults and children.

Disney Frozen Glitter Glider Anna, Elsa and Olaf Doll Set

The Frozen mania does not seem to be destined to stop and the story of the two sisters Elsa and Anna has now conquered a place in the hearts of spectators and in the history of cinema. While waiting for the sequel, for the small (and big) fans, the Disney Animator gift set by Elsa and Anna will satisfy those looking for a collector’s item and at the same time something to play with. In addition to the two princesses’ dolls, the pack contains their adorable snowman friend Olaf.

Disney Lion Guard Battle for The Pride Lands Play Set

An amazing animation, a fantastic story and irresistible songs! We love The Lion Guard. Help Kion, Bunga, Beshte and Fuli protect the Guard of the Lions and the circle of life from the evil Janja. This interactive game set hides eight different ways to let your puppy’s imagination run wild.

Belle’s food trolley from Beauty and the Beast

Your home will live the magic of the enchanted castle of the Beast with the canterino food trolley inspired by Beauty and the Beast. On a trolley and a tray cared for in every detail, your favorite characters like Mrs. Bric, Chicco and the Lumiere singer parade. An absolutely unmissable gift.

Speaking character Buzz Lightyear

This Christmas sends your children to infinity and beyond with this extraordinary animated Buzz Lightyear that speaks. With his astronaut suit and retractable helmet, Buzz pronounces 15 sentences of the character and the removable wings light up.

The Jungle Book DVD

The DVD The Jungle Book is a cheap and original gift for Disney fan. It’s also a classic and a must-see for Disney movies.

That’s all for now, Diseny friends. These are our selection of the best gift ideas for Disney lovers.