Best gift ideas for Star Wars fans | Christmas present ideas

Discover the best gift ideas for star wars fans. What gift do you give to an adult or child who loves Star Wars? What to offer to a Star Wars enthusiast and Jedi Masters?

The success of Star Wars, trilogy then sixology, does not fade from year to year. Generations of “geeks” dream every morning to go to work in Millennium Falcon, or use the power of force to do the dishes. It is therefore normal that the wave of merchandising rushes into this market. But be careful, we do not talk about DVD or upcoming new Star Wars movie or series. No, we are talking about unique merchandising, best gift ideas for Star Wars fans. In short, products to have an emergency for big fans.
Best gift ideas for Star Wars fans Christmas present ideas
You do not know what to offer to your spouse, friend, brother … and it turns out that this one where this one is a big fan of the Star Wars saga? Whether for Christmas or a birthday, we have selected the best gifts and the most unusual items to offer to a Star Wars fan.

The best gifts for Star Wars fan

Find all the space universe of Star Wars with these gifts with the image of R2D2, Anakin Skywalker, Darth Vader or Yoda: choose the quiet force, galactic or obscure in gifts geek, unusual and trendy. A little sci-fi will not hurt you! With Star Wars gadgets, you will finally be able to recreate your favorite universe and collect all the products derived from this legendary saga … Darth Vader, Yoda, R2D2, Luke Skywalker: they are all here to welcome you! So do not wait any longer, and let the Force be with you …
These gifts will be appreciated by a star wars fan. If you need more ideas, you can also see gift ideas on the theme of drawing or gift ideas on the theme of cinema.

Because they are eternal: most DVD and Blu-Ray movies

Essential for general film culture or for those who want to keep their heroes at their fingertips, the Trilogy and Prelogy DVD sets are available. The Star Wars Trilogy contains episodes IV, V and VI, named respectively New Hope, The Empire Against Attack and The Return of the Jedi: it tells the adventures and learning of Luke Skywalker to become a Jedi. The Prelogy, released later, contains episodes I, II, and III, known as The Phantom Menace, The Clone Attack, and The Sith Revenge. With Natalie Portman and the revelation Hayden Christensen, the Prelogy is a worldwide success: it tells how Anakin Skywalker has gradually been seduced by the Dark Side of the Force to finally “reincarnate” in Darth Vader.

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Video games “as in movies”

For gamers and video game fans, the Star Wars Battlefront franchise set the bar high in terms of immersion with a first feature released in 2016 that plunged players and Star Wars fans into the heart of the battle of the planet Jakku. The most emblematic characters of the saga were there, from Boba Fett to Darth Vader, via C-3PO to R2D2. Rebelote with an even more spectacular second opus offering you the opportunity to embody an elite Special Forces soldier of the Empire in an unpublished solo campaign. The multiplayer experience is unparalleled and the space combat has been totally overhauled for even more thrills.

Ice Ball Maker Mold

At your next meeting with friends, stop serving ice cubes in boring cubes. Now, decorate the drinks with a sphere of ice thanks to this fantastic mold that will give life to your cocktails or sodas. It is made with 100 percent food grade silicone.

Clue Game: Star Wars Edition

The Star Wars Clue Game is an original gift to play between star wars fans. This is a 3D board game that depicts the Millennium Falcon with five carved pawns in the effigy of Star Wars heroes. In this Star Wars edition of the popular “who done it” Clue game, players move about the game board as one of their favorite characters on an important a mission to foil Darth Vader’s plans, and to save the Galaxy from destruction.

The encyclopedia of Star Wars characters

The encyclopedia of characters Star Wars is an original gift for a fan of star wars. It references all the characters of the saga Star Wars, updated with the new heroes of episode 7, The Awakening of the Force. Want to know how tall Darth Vader is? Or where the ferocious Nexu comes from? Look no further than the Star Wars Character Encyclopedia: Updated and Expanded.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Porg

Let your tenderness and big eyes decorate your room with this Hasbro figure from Porg. Ideal for your desk to take a much more interdimensional attire that surely fits your personality.

Propel Star Wars Quadcopter

Fantastic drone that will make you feel like a child again. Let him do tricks, twists and acrobatics in the air and face other drones of this type. Infrared technology for a much more real experience. Very cool.

The model of the Millennium Falcon

The model of the Millennium Falcon is a cheap and original gift for a fan of star wars. It is a beautiful model with sound and light. It is challenging and fun. This model also includes 2 Metal Sheets and Illustrated Instructions.

LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar

Each day is a fun adventure, full of characters and stories to complete. Have fun with this set of fantastic dolls while the real Christmas gift arrives. That the whole family and their fondness for Star Wars is fed with this gift.

Star Wars Rebels Stormtrooper

The changing night light Star Wars is an original gift for a child star wars fan. You can illuminate the dark side anywhere you go! It is small enough to ride inconspicuously on your key ring, backpack and other accessories! This is a perfect gift idea for the Star Wars movies and Star Wars Rebels animated TV series fans.

The Yoda Star Wars 3D puzzle

The Yoda Star Wars 3D puzzle is an original gift for a child star wars fan. May the force be with you to superimpose in the right order the 160 cardboard pieces on the plastic base, and create your Yoda sculpture. Once completed, the sculpture becomes a true Object of decoration.

Jedi Challenges AR Headset with Lightsaber Controller and Tracking Beacon

Use these galactic lenses and headphones to experience an amazing virtual reality, connecting the device to smartphones where you will run the application and test your power with the included saber.

Star Wars Mug

Fantastic cup of coffee that collapses any classic style. Fantastic design of Stormtrooper that will give you a much more personal touch. Now, you can drink any drink while others believe that you really are a Jedi warrior.

Star Wars Nerf Captain Phasma Blaster

Hasbro rifle with which you can compete with your friends, cousins or relatives to a fun battle. Shoot him, and leave them on the floor defeated with darts that shine in the dark, all while being shot you hear a laser sound.

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Metal Earth 3D Model Kits

This is the perfect Star Wars Day gift for a fan who is good at crafts. It is incredibly detailed metal figure that you must build yourself. They are called Star Wars Metal Earth and are sold in pre-cut metal sheets. Simply separate the pieces, bend them with pliers and fit them together, following the instructions. There are models of almost all ships and robots in the series. They are small, but the detail is absolutely incredible. And they keep you entertained one afternoon.

Star Wars Darth Vader Helmet Cake Pan Mold

The cake mold Darth Vader is, in a way, a gift for the whole family since everyone can enjoy chocolate-based creations or other recipes that will have the form of Darth Vader, the most famous villain from the history of cinema, now available in your kitchen.

Star Wars Darth Vader Helmet Cake Pan Mold

Star Wars clothes come out new every year and it really has something for everyone. So, we present you our favorites of the moment. Side t-shirt, some have particularly caught our attention, like this Dark Lord Darth Vader Graphic T-Shirt, this t-shirt Chewbacca completely cool!
Star Wars bathrobes, there is a package, but our preferences are the Jedi bathrobe and the Chewbacca bathrobe, two perfect gifts to see the hot Star Wars movies this winter!

Star Wars Christmas Holiday Junior/Women’s Socks

To conclude, here is one last suggestion for the Christmas period. Even before the moment of gifts has come, do you want to add a “Star Wars” touch to your decor? The R2D2 Christmas sock will not go unnoticed in the middle of all your Christmas decorations, you can be sure!

That’s all for now, Diseny friends. These are our selection of the best gift ideas for Star Wars fans.