Best gifts for iPhone lovers | gifts for Apple geeks 2017

Are you looking for the best gifts for iPhone lovers? Have you considered giving away accessories for iPhone? It will be a more than successful gift for holders of one of these iOS devices.

Surely in your circle of friends and family, there is a possessor or holder of an iPhone. Surely some will be Apple fanatic … right? Today we bring you the best selection of gifts for this type of person. We have done a sweep of Amazon and we have selected some of the best gift ideas for iPhone lovers. We avoid that you get your head hot and visit a lot of websites, blogs, shops, etc. in search of the best gift.
Best gifts for iPhone lovers gifts for Apple geeks 2017
Here we show you the best accessories for iPhone and iPad, at the best price.

10 perfect gifts for Apple fans and geeks

Christmas is already here and as usual, it is time to give gifts to all our loved ones. Surely among them, there is a fan of Apple products or just a geek who likes all kinds of technological products. That is why we have developed this Christmas gift guide for them.
In the following lines, we show you 10 products to give this Christmas. These are technological products that will surely appeal to Apple fans as we said or to anyone who likes technology in general.


The star product of the Apple catalog could not be missing from this list. The smartphone of the Cupertino Company has fallen in love with millions of people around the world and with every new version they launch on the market, they get it back. The iPhone x, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8 include new technologies that make them unique and truly spectacular. No doubt a gift that will please any Apple fan and also many regular users of technological products that like to have the latest.

Selfie and tripod stick with remote control for iPhone

One of the reasons why the one that love iPhone is because of its good camera, so giving it accessories for better shots is a very good gift. This stick is perfect for selfies without losing the landscape and this tripod for excellent group shots.
It’s an ideal gadget for your family gatherings, graduation, nights out, hiking trip, holidays and so on- the list is endless. It will make the ideal gift for your friends or families who love taking photos, capturing memories for life.

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August EPA20 – Bluetooth Cap

Ideal gift for those feared meetings with “invisible friend” included, designed for all ages, devices and pockets.
For only $ 28 and in various formats and colors we find a hat that has stereo Bluetooth headphones and microphones. It has a hands-free system and internal rechargeable battery with autonomy of more than two hours of listening.
It is compatible with iPhone and iPad, as well as with laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

Wireless charger for compatible iOS devices

If you have an iPhone 8, iPhone 8 PLUS or iPhone X, you will know that it is no longer necessary to charge the phone by connecting it to the power grid. Now with leaving it on a wireless charger, it will be charged in the same way. Let’s see our selection of the best iPhone wireless charger options here. Or, you can simply choose one of the two options below. Give your friend or relative who loves to use Apple devices a wireless charging base so that his precious mobile phone does not go out anywhere. It is light and portable to carry anywhere.

The best external batteries for iPhone and iPad

If the person, to whom you want to give this accessory, is the one who is always complaining about how short the battery of the iPhone lasts, this is a great gift for him. They are the best in terms of quality-price that you can find in the market today. We bring you one 20,000, another 10,000 average and another 5,000 mAh.

Bluetooth desktop and laptop speaker for iPhone and iPad

Spectacular speakers both desktop and laptop, are the ones that we bring you and that surely will delight the person to whom you give it. We name you two of high quality, like Bosé, and another more economical.

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Lifeprint photo and video printer

Give him a gift that will leave you hundreds of more gifts, immortalize your best moments with this compact and efficient photo printer. You will have instantaneously printed photos, those of your mobile’s gallery up to those of your social networks.

Drone for iPhone and iPad

A somewhat expensive accessory but that many of your relatives and friends with iPhone are dying to have.

USB flash memory SanDisk iXpand

One of the main complaints about the iPhone is that you can not expand storage memory, but this device is an excellent way to overcome this limitation. It only connects through the USB port to make the immediate transfer of files.

Lenses for iPhone and iPad

It is one of the most demanded and purchased iPhone accessories. We have selected those that have the best quality-price.

Apple Watch Series 2 smartwatch

This smartwatch is the perfect companion for those who like to maintain an active and healthy life because it can give you the necessary information about miles traveled, calories burned and much more. To get more out of it, it is compatible with the iPhone.

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Charging base for Apple Watch and iPhone

Keeping this clock and the iPhone always charged will be very important then why not give a base that charges both? With this device, you can load both at the same time and at maximum speed.

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Health Accessories for iPhone and iPad

Accessories that are good for the control of weight, tension, temperature, daily activity, sleep …

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Bose QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones

Listening to music and videos with the highest sound quality is great and these wireless headphones are the best option because you do not have to deal with tangled cables either. It has a dual microphone with noise cancellation for perfect video calls, also the gamers will love them.

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We hope we have helped you choose the right gift for people who use iPhone and who like this whole world of “accessories” for your mobile.
That’s all for now, friends. these are our selection of the best gifts for iPhone lovers. If you think it is useful, share it with all those people you think that this little guide can be useful for you.