Best Huawei P10 plus case and covers to keep your phone safe

Here’s our selection of the best Huawei P10 plus case and covers to keep your phone always as the first day.

In a market where Apple and Samsung dominate, a Chinese manufacturer managed to position itself by name until it was recognized as one of the best manufacturers of the moment. Yes, I am talking about Huawei, in this case we talk about the P10 Plus, a fantastic devices with high-end specifications.
Top best covers and cases for Huawei P10 plus accessories
If the P10 is a normal phone in terms of designs, this changes when it comes to the Huawei P10 Plus. Due to its 5.5 inch screen it is likely to be difficult to use for users with smaller hands, which, when combined with the crystal located on the back, results in a rather slippery phone. So it is very likely that you need a case for this phone, something that will avoid some displeasure. So we are going to present you the ones that in our opinion are the 7 best cases for Huawei P10 Plus.

Top 7 best covers and cases for Huawei P10 Plus to keep your new Android smartphone safe

If you already have the new Huawei P10 Plus in your hands you must keep it safe from falls, tripping, bumps or any incident that may occur. Below, we’ll help you evaluate some options to protect your Huawei P10 with stylish cases.
Of course, there are different types of covers for the Huawei from which to choose, of different materials and prices. Next to each one we leave the link to acquire it online, since in the physical stores it is difficult to find a concrete model. Let’s start.

HUAWEI P10 Plus Case, EasyAcc

Best Huawei P10 plus case and covers
We start with the typical, most used in devices. This transparent case is made of TPU material, is very thin and perfectly protects the device. It is exclusively made for the phone, so the access to the buttons is total with perfect cuts. A cover of not many boas but very effective.
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Huawei P10 Plus Case, Tonerone

Best cases for Huawei P10 Plus
When opened, the top of this case is a nice wallet for the Huawei P10 Plus, made of leather and TPU, with a thickness of only 0.3mm, is a cover that allows heat dissipation. Inside, it has slots to store the credit card or your ID, as well as have a special pocket for money or bills for example.
The phone fits on a silicone holder that is pleasant enough to touch that will never scratch the body of your phone. In general I must admit that I have been impressed by the elegance of this fabulous P10 Plus case.

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best accessories for HUAWEI P10 Plus Amazon
We continue with a case that is hybrid of metal in its external part for the most demanding as far as protection is concerned. It has metallic reinforcements in the beveling that will withstand hard impacts in case of accidental fall (or not) providing the phone with absolute protection in these vital areas. In addition, thanks to its front bezels you can place on the phone face down without the screen touching the surface, something also to take into account.
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Huawei P10 Plus Case, Ringke FUSION

Huawei P10 Plus Case Ringke FUSION
I must say something very important: I love this case for Huawei P10 Plus! It’s completely awesome, from its ultra slim design to its touch.
Made with hard PC and flexible TPU, it manages to preserve the narrow profile of the phone, not to let it increase the grip, so that the phone will hardly fall from your hands.
In terms of protection, it withstands scratches and everyday wear and keeps the phone completely safe. And finally, it can be placed and removed very easily. It is available in several colors.

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Huawei P10 Plus wallet cover

Huawei P10 Plus Case FYY RFID Blocking wallet
Yes, this is another Huawei P10 Plus wallet case. It is available in several colors and models, so without a doubt you will get one to your liking.
It is made by hand, with premium leather and is very spacious. This wallet case includes slots for cards and cash, so in case you forget your cell phone, you would be leaving your wallet.

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Huawei P10 Plus Case Clear, Simpeak

Huawei P10 Plus Case Clear Simpeak
You should have this clear case for P10 Plus. Your device looks great, so, in one way or another, it is embarrassing to hide such an incredible design in such a device (although there are tastes for everything).
Considering this, I have added another transparent sheath to the list. It is only 1.5mm thick and is made of flexible TPU, which provides a non-slip grip offering a high degree of protection.
The quality of the material prevents the cover from becoming yellowish over time, while the interior texture creates a small space that allows ventilation of the device, thus preventing the appearance of vapors inside.
This case has magnetic closure, so your belongings will be safe, while its kickstand function will allow you to watch videos on the phone leaving the device in a horizontal position.

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Spigen Rugged Armor Huawei P10 Plus Case

Spigen Rugged Armor Huawei P10 Plus Case
And in the last place but not the least important, we have another great case for the Huawei P10 Plus, SPIGEN Rugged Armor Case. The surface is in a material that provides resistance to wear, as it also does dustproof and fingerprints, in addition to being non-slip, being very easy to clean.
In the rear it has a design of the carbon fiber, providing an ultra-lightweight comfort and an additional layer of protection. It also offers a very sporty look. Certainly a cover to take into account this model widely used in other devices.

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This is where our list comes to an end. As you can see, there is a great variety of cases for Huawei P10 to choose from. You will surely find one that suits your personal style. I have already selected my favorite bag.


I really fell in love with this sling. Besides making you look dramatically to P10 Plus offers a wonderful design that offers high resistance to scratches and everyday wear. So it certainly is the perfect choice for anyone seeking protection and a striking look.
Now it’s your turn. Which of these models is your favorite and why? You can let us know your choice in the comments. Thank you.