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Let’s read our best Induction cooktop countertop burner reviews to have the best portable Induction cooktop 2017.

Induction cooking technology is new to our kitchens but is in high demand these days. It has brought a great revolution in the world of cooking. You can use an induction stove to make something nice for the whole family. Prepare the food with great taste and all its nutrients completely saved. Below is the list of the top 10 best Induction cooktop countertop burner reviews 2017.

Top selling and best rated induction cooktop countertop burner reviews

Cooking everywhere even without the connection to the gas, sometimes it is a real need for more a whim to turn the office room into a kitchen to prepare a lunch worthy of that name.
Let’s look at how to choose a good induction plate thanks to our purchase advice that will make it easier to compare the most interesting deals of the moment.

Secura 9100MC Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner

Best Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner reviews
Secura 9100MC is a solid choice for its overall dependability, performance, and tons of cooking options. The Secura 9100MC has 15 power levels from 200 to 1800 watts. It has a temperature range from 140 to 460 degrees Fahrenheit. This unit also has a digital control panel and a built-in countdown timer. It will also automatically shut off after a minute if no pan is detected. It is also known as Duxtop and is compatible with any induction ready cookware. This includes cast aluminum enameled iron and steel, cast iron, and stainless steel with a bottom that is magnetic. You will also get one year warranty.
The unit is built to North American standards and is compatible with a 120V 60 Hz AC outlet.


15 power levels from 200 to 1800 watts
Temperature range of 140 to 460 degrees Fahrenheit
Auto-pan detection


Should only be used with flat bottom cooking utensils
Some wish the temperatures were more precise

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Cuisinart ICT-30 Induction Cooktop

Best Induction Cooktop Countertop portable Cooker Reviews
This is a portable induction cooktop countertop burner that you can use in your kitchen or take it with you camping, on a boat, or anywhere else. Induction technology allows it to heat up right away and maintain a consistent temperature throughout the cooking process. You can easily clean the smooth glass surface. There are eight heat settings for you to control the temperature from the lowest to highest. For your safety, the unit automatically shuts off after 30 seconds if no cookware is detected. There’s also a 150-minute timer. Finally, we can say that this is a versatile and powerful induction cooker for your kitchen.


Smooth glass surface easily wipes clean
Automatically shuts off after 30 seconds if no pan is detected
150-minute timer


Noisy cooling fan
Some wish it had lower temperature settings
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NuWave PIC Flex Precision Induction Cooktop

Kitchen essentials best portable induction hob amazon
A comfortable plate to carry with you even outside the home, as long as there is a current connection! This is a comfortable solution for good cooking even in camping, reducing the risk that brings with it the classic field gas cooker, but with some extra advantage that allows you to prepare succulent and quick meals.
If you don’t have the right cookware for induction cooker, then choose this versatile model. This portable induction cooktop comes with fry pan for added convenience. Both items are lightweight and portable so that you can use them outdoors, even in camping. There are 45 temperature settings in increments from 100 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Programming technology with 100 hours of memory gives you the flexibility to save your favorite settings.


Includes a frying pan
Temperature range of 100 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit
Programming technology


No on/off switch
Can’t adjust programmed settings
Nonstick material on pan can wear off over time

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Max Burton 6400 Digital Choice Induction Cooktop

Top selling and best rated induction cooktop countertop burner reviews
We continue our overview of the best induction cooktop countertop burner sold Amazon with this particularly versatile tool. The induction plate’s operating system allows heat to spread only below the pot or frying pan to optimize yield and do not waste heat outside the edge covered by the container where they cook the food. This plate is equipped with an automatic pot recognition system, so it can be adapted automatically and not by manual setting.
The Power function releases a particularly intense heat for a short time, helping to achieve the optimum cooking temperature but without exceeding the level of safety by preventing the foods from burning. You can choose temperature ranging from 100 to 400 degrees. With the safety system provided, it is possible to program the cooking at a fixed temperature of up to 180 minutes.


1800 watts
Temperature range of 100 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit
One-touch boil and simmer buttons


Can’t make specific temperature adjustments
Makes a loud beep every time a button is pressed
Some complain of a high-pitched noise
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Gourmia GIC200 Multifunction Digital Portable Induction Cooker

Pros and cons of induction cooker
Let’s go ahead by suggesting what seemed to be the best portable induction plate. Reduced footprint and low weight make it an object that can be transported wherever we can connect to electricity, even outside the home. Black glass and high performance ceramic material for induction cooking make it a sophisticated object as well as functional.
The maximum power of 1800 watts is adjustable in eight speeds to suit the specifications of the food you want to cook. It also has eight temperature settings from 140 to 460 degrees Fahrenheit. The operation is easy to adjust and set according to your preferences thanks to the user-friendly push button controls and a digital display. You can use the 180-minute timer to keep track of your food.


Power levels range from 200 to 1800 watts
Eight temperature settings
Push button controls


Can’t manually adjust temperature settings
Some find the fan noisy
Instruction manual could be better
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Ivation Induction Cooktop Stove Burner

advantages and disadvantages induction cooker hob burner
It is an easy to clean and high-quality product by Ivation. Makes you experience cooking without flame at home. It is easy to use with touch controls, the glass-ceramic shelf is easy to clean and keep in order. It works clearly with all the pots made especially for use on an induction shelf.
The power of the plate is adjustable according to your needs. There are 10 programmable power levels with a Maximum of 1800 Watts. It also has ten levels of cooking power to different needs depending on the type of dish to cook. There is also a specific auto-off function and the ability to set the timer, ideal for staying calm if you forget it or to end the cooking when you are not present.


10 power levels and 10 temperature levels
Built-in timer
Ceramic glass surface that is easy to clean
Slim enough to be used even in RVs
Easy to use touch-sensitive controls and digital display
The glass surface reportedly does not heat too much as to cause severe burning
Child lock, pan-present sensor, diagnostic error system to ensure good performance
Lightweight, therefore easy to carry around


It can’t produce too much heat for a high searing and too low heat to warm the sauce.
It’s 40°F temp increment is a long jump.
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Ovente Induction Cooktop Burner

Ovente Induction Cooktop Burner
Ovente has built a high-quality cooking style, aesthetically beautiful and easy to clean. It is a two-burner plate that has all the space needed to cook different foods at the same time. It is a very advanced technology model with many functions, each of which gives consumers a benefit. To ensure maximum safety, fires do not activate if the pot is not positioned exactly above. If there are children in the home, you can select a safe one that prevents the selection of any function, an important precaution to ensure the necessary tranquility for the parents. It is a versatile plate, equipped with 8 levels of temperature control to heat a little food or cook it in the shortest possible time. It also has 5 programmable timer levels (1 min to 3 hours) to help you stay on track in case you need to multitask.


Elegant, sleek and modern design
You can place two pans on it at the same time
Easy to use
Very safe
Easy to clean
It heats up very fast
8 power levels
Helps you save energy


Insufficient returning information when buying the product
Too big and heavy (can be difficult for storage)
Needs compatible induction cookware
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Pros and cons of induction cooker: buying guide

Pros and cons of induction cooker

Before we analyze the advantages and disadvantages of an induction cooker, we will explain how it works. The induction cooker uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to heat to pots used for cooking foods.

How do induction cookers work?

Unlike classic cookers, an induction hob does not need gas to operate but is powered by alternating electricity that is transmitted to a coil covered by a material that is usually ceramic. The electric current flowing into the coil produces a magnetic field which in turn gives rise to parasitic currents that see the induced electric current dissipated in the form of heat. It is with this heat that the cooking of food occurs.

Induction Cooker – Advantages

• Interesting design
• Save up to 92% energy. To put it, 1 liter of water comes to the boil in just 3 minutes.
• No thermal dispersion.
• Easy to clean.
• No risk associated with gas leaks.
• Cooking zones equipped with automatic cooker recognition: they are activated only in the presence of the cookware thanks to the magnetic base (iron).
• The ceramic part around the cooking zone remains cold. There is no risk of sunburn.
• More uniform cooking thanks to the homogeneous distribution of heat.
• Possibility to adjust the cooking temperature.
• With the next-generation induction kitchens, you can choose from a variety of cooking programs for each recipe (braized, broth, roast …).
• It is possible to do without kappa: some models feature built-in aspirators that avoid smokescreen and baking vapor with immediate suction.

Induction Cooker – Disadvantages

• Higher purchase price than classic gas hobs.
• Part of the cookware must be replaced: most non-stick pans have aluminum foil (therefore they are not magnetized and do not activate the coils), as is the aluminum Moka café.
• Do not activate the coils even the glass spruce, the copper or ceramic pans and the terracotta pots.
• The induction hobs require a fair amount of energy. Expenditure related to electricity consumption is comparable to that of methane for gas stoves but there is the problem that standard electrical installations provide for a supply of 3.3 kW.
To use induction cookers, you will be forced to ask your energy manager to extend the coverage by switching to a 4.5 or 6 kW contract. A single induction hob, at maximum power, can absorb 3300 watts of electricity.

How to choose the best induction cooker

Transforming every room and garden equipped with an electrical outlet into a small kitchen is useful to anyone. You just need to buy a good quality induction cooker. It’s important to know how to choose a product that is worth the money on the market so as not to waste your money unnecessarily. That’s why we propose this induction cooker buying guide.


As a device designed for cooking foods, including frying, it is crucial to consider the power. Even though it is powered by the current, an induction plate is not the same as an electric plate. In this type of “cooker”, in fact, the heat is created through a magnetic field generated by an electric inductor.
This magnetic field affects only objects that contain ferromagnetic elements. If, therefore, we do not run any risk of shots touching the surface. It is also true that some of the pots and pans we already have will not work and we will have to buy specially designed products for this type of plate.
The power of these devices usually ranges around 2000 watts but can vary greatly from model to model. The most powerful will be perfect for fries and to cook faster, the less powerful ones will be cheaper and easily transportable.

Number and type of option

Induction plates can be equipped with a range of options that make them more efficient and greatly increase their value. For example, some models feature a “turbo” mode that emits all their power in a matter of seconds, dramatically reducing waiting times, for example, boiling water or heating oil for frying.
Some induction hobs are equipped with a safety feature that automatically turns off the “cooker” if it detects that it has been activated without any pots or pan being placed on it.
Other models are able to automatically recognize the size of the pan used and to spread the heat accordingly, avoiding useless waste.
In comparing prices between the various models, then all these extras should be considered, which will help identify the best brand of induction burner for your needs.

Dimensions and weight

Induction hobs are designed to be carried on their way or to provide a small apartment – perhaps only used during holidays, or too small and unattended to be equipped with gas – of a functional 100%. That’s why in reviewing these products there is always a lot of attention to size and weight.
However, it is not said that too small dimensions are an advantage. A very small induction plate will have only one lower cooking surface, which may not be suitable for some utensils and some recipes. Larger models also have two or more stoves. When you want to prepare, for example, a pasta with a very elaborate sauce, the advantages of using two plates simultaneously will be evident.


Buying an Induction Plate is a good idea in so many cases, but it’s best to consider purchasing carefully to be sure to choose a model with the right power and options that interest us most.
That’s all for now, folks. These are our selection of the best induction cooktop countertop burner portable. Did we miss anyone that has great quality and good price? Let us know in the comments. Don’t forget to share this with your social friends. Thank you.