Best iPhone 7 cases: protect iPhone 7 and keep it new and shiny for long

Here we present the best iPhone 7 cases. The best case for iPhone 7 that can protect your technological gem from bumps, scratches and dents.

Finally, the Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus arrived in the market and is facing other sales record for the house of the famous apple. The two new iOS smartphones from Apple have a breathtaking design, are the most powerful of all time and, like all their predecessors, are sold at a very high price. It would be a shame if they were damaged. Nobody likes a dented apple and if your new iPhone 7 accidentally falls, it could end up even worse. The smart move is to invest in a protective case.
To help you find the best, we round up the best iPhone 7 cases and covers that you can buy right now, to keep your shiny new Apple iPhone safe from scratches and dents.

Here’s our pick of the best cases for iPhone 7.

Ringke Air iPhone 7 Case

best iphone 7 cases for better protection Our first choice is the Ringke Air iPhone 7 Case. It is so light that you’ll hardly notice it’s there. It is made of durable thermoplastic polyurethane material to protect your smartphone from scratches and accidental bumps. Perfectly fitting, wrap the device like a second skin, providing a comfortable and secure grip. The cuts are made in a very precise way to leave only discovered the essential. Speaker, camera and ports are perfectly free, for use without any hindrance. It proves very easy to install and remove.
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Caseology iPhone 7 Case

best case for iphone 7 This Caseology cover for iPhone 7 comes with two separate layers, one rugged TPU and the other is a suitably tough polycarbonate, giving you plenty of reassuring protection for your new Apple handset. Thankfully it isn’t too bulky despite this dual layer design, so the iPhone 7’s sexy slimline finish isn’t completely ruined. You can pick up the case in a choice of carbon fibre black or leather navy blue for the iPhone 7.
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Caseology Titan Series Heavy Duty

iPhone 7 Case Caseology Titan Series Heavy Duty Protection Defense ShieldThis sleek case packs rugged durability into a sleek modern profile. Its corners are provided with an air cushion which effectively protects your device bumps. The smooth-but-not-slippery grip on this case will keep your phone securely in your hand. Perfectly adapted to the smartphone, giving a touch of elegance with its shiny black look and a carbon fiber texture. The flexible TPU layer is not soiled by fingerprints. There is a special opening for the original Apple phone logo. Buy this iPhone 7 case and tackle your daily battles with confidence.
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Ringke FUSION Crystal Clear

Ringke FUSION Crystal Clear case iphone 7Do you want to protect your iPhone 7 without changing the design of the Apple device? This transparent cover is one of the best options you can choose.
Many users choose not to use any cover in order not to spoil the original aesthetics of the device. Now, you can solve this problem, thanks to this model, transparent and lightweight. It is available in various color finishes to suit different styles. This highest quality clear case with Active touch technology allows an easy and natural access to all buttons and functions. The flexible edges and the four high level of protection corners defend smartphone from scratches and falls effectively.

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Mujjo Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 7

Mujjo Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 7If you are looking for a simple, stylish, and practical case for your iPhone 7, then the case of portfolio Mujjo is definitely an option to consider. One of the most elegant in circulation. This Mujjo case has a nifty pocket, so you can easily swipe your essential credit cards, ID, and more at the back of your iPhone for super fast access. The whole case comes with a classic, leathery, with a bevel raised to give a little extra protection. You get a choice of black, tan and gray colors. Bear in mind this is one of the most expensive cases out there, however.
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EasyAcc iPhone 7 Soft TPU Case

EasyAcc iPhone 7 Soft TPU CaseThis is the most simple and practical case that keeps in view the iPhone without changing the design. It comes with an ultra-clear material, soft and flexible. EasyAcc iPhone 7 Soft TPU Case adapts to the smartphone like a glove, providing a strong grip. It is made of TPU, flexible and resistant, and has a perforated internal structure that avoids the halos and the formation of air bubbles. Exclusive design reveals the perfect shape of your phone with minimal bulk and allows easy access to all ports and buttons.
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ZVE Ultra Protective hybrid Case

ZVE Ultra Protective hybrid Case For Apple iPhone 7 2016This iPhone 7 case, ZVE Ultra Protective hybrid Case protects your iPhone 7 from falls and every day blows, keeping looking stylish, modern, and elegant! The ZVE case is shockproof and has robust materials and a bevel up to fight the scratches on the screen, keeping your camera protected from damage as well. Purse on the back lets you carry your essentials. Unlike most portfolio iPhone 7 cases, this comes with a sturdy belt. So you can easily pull your money and your cards out of your case without a hassle huge.
While the ZVE case is quite simple and minimalist, the comes in the colors are a little more fun than other leather case options. There’s the black and dark brown, but there’s also a brilliant gold and a neon mint green option.

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AmazonBasics Slim Case for iPhone 7

AmazonBasics Slim Case for iPhone 7 With its solid structure, it offers a double protection. You get a layer of flexible and shock-absorbing TPU inside, coated by a second layer of polycarbonate resistant. In addition, all the corners of the housing are provided with air cushions that absorb shocks and small falls due to the effect of the shock-absorbing TPU.
The power buttons and volume control are in evidence and is easy to press them in an intuitive way.

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Apple iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case Black

Apple Iphone 7 Smart Battery Case Black
After the first version for the 6S, Cupertino updated the accessory for iPhone 7. The microfiber inner lining protects every millimeter of your iPhone, and the outer silicone is smooth and pleasant to the touch. The housing is made of a soft elastomer and has an ingenious hinge mechanism. It proves easy to install and remove. You can simultaneously charge your iPhone and Smart Battery Case to have so much autonomy: up to 26 hours of talk time, up to 22 hours of Internet on 4G network, and even more time to enjoy music and video.
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These are, for now, some of the best cases for iPhone 7 available in the market. Now, as always, if you know a better option, we encourage you to let us in the comments below. What is your favorite cover for iPhone 7?
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