Best iPhone 7 Plus cases: protect iPhone 7 Plus and keep it new and shiny for long

Here we present the best iPhone 7 Plus cases. The best case for iPhone 7 Plus that can protect your technological gem from bumps, scratches and dents.

The iPhone 7 and his older brother, the iPhone 7 Plus is here, and has been loaded with new features that will undoubtedly leave their lucky owners very satisfied. While their designs are very similar to the two phones that preceded them, some small changes in camera and speaker, and the absence of a headphone jack, make the most iPhone 6 and 6s cases not be compatible with the new smartphone from Apple.
Best iPhone 7 Plus cases for better protectionTherefore, if you want to make your iPhone 7 Plus well protected you will not choice but to make a specific case for him. In Dissection Table, in order to help you choose the right option for you, we have carefully tracked the market to see which are the best cases for iPhone 7 Plus.

Best cases for iPhone 7 Plus in order to keep it new and shiny for long.

JETech Apple iPhone 7 Plus Case

best cases for iPhone 7 plusThose who want to enjoy the extraordinary design of your iPhone 7 Plus will definitely like this transparent cover. It provides protection against scratches and some blows to the back and sides and is available in different colors. Also, the four corners of the case have the technology Air Cushion, which minimizes the effects of a possible impact. And of course all ports and buttons are accessible via the perfect cutouts provided by the case. In short, this is a simple but effective cover for your new iPhone 7 Plus.
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SUPCASE iPhone 7 Plus Case

SUPCASE iPhone 7 plus caseIf you are looking for something extremely thin and light, adapted to the new Apple device perfectly without adding too much volume, then the option SUPCASE is one of the best solutions. This iPhone 7 Plus case is made of sticks absorption, high-quality TPU and PC materials, and offer unrestricted access to ports and buttons of the iPhone when the cover is equipped. It is available in black, navy, pink, and green variations to suit all tastes.
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Dual Layer Slim Cover

Phone 7 Plus Case Snugg Apple iPhone 7 Plus Dual Layer Slim CoverIf not only better for you to protect your iPhone 7 Plus, but also want to give an extra touch of color and style, this case is for you. It consists of two pieces: a bumper in black made of polyurethane TPU, and one that is mounted above made with polycarbonate and can be of different colors.
The mixture provides efficient protection and aesthetically looks really good, maintaining accessible, of course, all functions and buttons, including the new Dual Camera of iPhone 7 Plus. In addition, Snugg gives you a lifetime warranty. In case you break the cover, you can replace it with another completely free. Surely a great sign of confidence in its product, which also is not expensive either.

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VRS Design [High Pro Shield Series]

iPhone 7 Plus Case VRS Design Military Grade ProtectionIf you’re like the undersigned these lines – that say a lot clumsy carefully and you drop down the mobile more often than you’d like, then you need a strong case for your new iPhone 7 Plus. Then VRS Design undoubtedly could leave you more than satisfied by providing a certified military grade protection.
To achieve this, the manufacturers have used high quality TPU and polycarbonate and have added a double bumper, which will be able to stoically withstand a number of strokes and / or somewhat higher than usual falls.
The appearance of the housing also is really attractive and elegant, possessing metallic appearance on the edges and a satin finish on the back. It also incorporates a metal support. So you can place your iPhone on the table in position stand, especially useful for watching videos without holding the phone.

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OtterBox DEFENDER SERIES Case for iPhone 7 Plus The OtterBox Defender is a bombproof cover for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Not surprisingly, this line OtterBox has already been awarded repeatedly as the strongest protection for smartphone in the market. And in its version for iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 smartphone would not be less.
We are talking about a three layer cover that has been tested and certified to withstand any fall of up to 2 meters high. It also provides comprehensive protection for your phone , incorporating also screen saver. Your new Apple device is in fact completely sealed with this case, which is also certified to not enter a speck of dust on the smartphone; as we mentioned, bombproof. If you have children at home because they like to tinker with your mobile occasionally, of course this is the case you need.

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Snugg iPhone 7 Plus Flip Case

Snugg Apple iPhone 7 Plus Flip Case Card Slots Leather Wallet Do you want to kill two birds with one stone, protecting your new iPhone 7 Plus and, at the same time using the same case as a portfolio for storing your credit cards and some other ticket? If the answer is yes, then this alternative Snugg will suit you like a glove.
The manufacturer has mixed TPU and synthetic leather to make this really stylish and protective cover for iPhone 7 Plus. It also provides full protection to the device when it is closed. Also, the cover is folded so that allows you to place the iPhone in position stand to enjoy your favorite videos without holding the phone. You will also get a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

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StilGut UltraSlim Case iPhone 7 Plus

StilGut UltraSlim Case Genuine Leather-Cover for iPhone 7 PlusIf “leathery” does not convince you, and you want a genuine leather case for your iPhone 7 Plus, this alternative StilGut will be best for you. We are talking about undoubtedly an absolutely premium case, handmade with high quality materials. It will certainly give a distinguished aspect to the new Apple smartphone.
It comes with seams finished off fantastically well and provide comprehensive protection to your phone. This cover keeps the screen covered while you are carrying in your purse, pocket or backpack. In addition, it is quite thin and light, and fits perfectly to the iPhone 7 plus. It is available in black and brown color.

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Mujjo Leather Wallet Case

Mujjo Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 7 PlusAre you looking for a cover that goes beyond the typical offering formed from silicone gel? Then the Mujjo leather wallet case for iPhone 7 Plus with premium look and feel is for you. The manufacturer has made this wallet case with beautiful full-grain leather. It also offers a pocket for credit cards, debit cards and identification, which is an all in one solution. Available in Black, Gray and Tan for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.
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Okay, here we end our review of the best iPhone 7 Plus cases. We hope that you found it helpful! If you have any of the cases we propose in our list and want to give us your opinion, or if you please advise us otherwise, please tell us through a comment. And, as always thank you for reading this.