Best iPhone desktop charger – top iPhone 7 stands and charging docks

In the world of accessories for Apple devices, there’s no shortage of ways to facilitate charging in situations and within less conventional setup. We see the best iPhone desktop charger, charging docks and stands.

View the average battery life of any smartphone, committing an electrical outlet or a USB port to keep it alive is a habit and forced to hunt for an outlet available when you are out of the house and the display shows few notches is not at all a rare occurrence. This is where the best iPhone desktop charger comes handy.
Best iPhone desktop chargers 2016 2017 Of course, the unlimited category of accessories for iPhone offers a lot of gadgets and accessories, more or less complex, to facilitate recharging of our electronic pet or make it easier to organize cables and various setups. Here are some of the best iPhone desktop chargers, suitable for use with the new iPhone 7, 7 Plus and any other models of Apple.

Best iPhone desktop charger docking station you should consider for your new iPhone 7 or 7 Plus. Also compatible with other Apple devices.

Avantree Desktop Multiple Charging Station

Best iPhone desktop chargerThis iPhone desktop charger is best for those who own multiple devices and at the same time love comfort. This is because not only allows you to recharge smartphones and tablets, but thanks to the presence of a support also supporting them and keep them oriented horizontally. It comes with 4 USB ports to charge up to four devices at once, and they are located under the charger. This allows you to hide all the long side of the USB cable to remove clutter from the table and maintain the highest order. Charging speed is high enough. You can recharge an iPhone 6 Plus (which has a battery of 2915 mAh) completely in an hour and a half, for example. Finally, this device also has a Smart technology that recognizes the connected devices and provides the right amount of energy to recharge at best.

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Inateck 36W 4-Port USB Desktop Charger

top iPhone 7 stands and charging docksHere’s another charger oriented to maximum comfort. It serves also as a smart stand to hold your smartphone or tablet, and you can use it without hands by way of notebook even while charging. This would also give a nice touch of class to a workstation. This charger also comes with 4 USB ports to charge up to 4 devices simultaneously. The design is compact and space-saving. It also has a special technology that allows you to recognize the device and provide the right amount of current to recharge in the most efficient manner.
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CHOETECH 50 Watt 6 Port Travel/ Wall Charger

best Wall Charger for iphoneThis charger model is able to provide breakneck speed. This is possible thanks to two of the six doors that come with Quick Charge 3.0 technology (obviously also 2.0 and 1.0). It was the latest Qualcomm house standards, compatible with the best smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S7, HTC 10, LG G5 and Xiaomi MI5. On many smartphones, this technology allows for about half an hour to load most of the capacity of a battery and proved the standard of the world’s highest performing fast charging. Thanks to the presence of a support charger can be directed either horizontally or vertically, and also has a LED indicator. There is even a Smart Charging technology that detects the connected devices and provides the optimum amount of current for more efficient charging. And this charger also has a protection against short-circuit, voltage overload and overheating.
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Spinido iPhone Charging Dock Station

Spinido iPhone Charging Dock StationSpinido iPhone Charging Dock Station is ideal for anyone who does not want to spend too much money for an iPhone desktop charger, but at the same time want a stylish and good quality dock. This charging Stand for Desk is compatible with all iPhone from 5 onwards. It incorporates a USB cable 1.2, integrated into the device itself, meters and has sufficient margin to be able to charge your terminal with the cover on (at least in most cases From the market). The dock is quite stable and it is very easy to charge and sync the iPhone. It is available in 6 different colors and has a price of around 20 US Dollar.
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Philips DS1155 Charging Speaker Dock

best Bluetooth speakers with Docks for iPhone reviewIf you want to charge the iPhone comfortably and you want your dock incorporates also a speaker to listen to your favorite music, Philips DS1155 is a solid choice. In fact, we had chosen as one of our favorite iPhone speakers. The reasons are manifold.
For starters, its design is fantastic. Your iPhone will look fantastically well in this support, which also includes, at its base, an aesthetic clock. The time also automatically syncs as connect your phone. And finally, the built -in speaker (of 6 W of power) sounds really good, to distribute sound in all directions and achieve remarkable performance on both the bass and treble. The Philips DS1155 is compatible with all models of iPhone from the iPhone 5, as well as the latest generations of iPod Touch.

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Griffin PowerDock 5

Griffin PowerDock 5 Multi-Charger Dock Charges 5 USB devicesOur homes are increasingly rich in electronic devices and, in this regard, the space can become a problem. Given the prevalence of Apple products, it is not at all unthinkable that there is more than one dwelling. PowerDock 5 Griffin Technology offers five slots with support and seems an efficient way to organize the charging of all of these devices in one place. It doesn’t take up much space, about the same as a single iPad. But it gives you a place to store and charge 5 iOS devices at one time, from a single power source. It’s a perfect charging solution for small offices or groups, or a family full of iPhone users.
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Belkin MIXIT Charge and Sync Dock

Belkin Apple Certified MIXIT Charge and Sync DockThe Belkin mixit is one of the best charging docks iPhone. In his day, it was created for the iPhone 5, but its open design also makes phenomenal left the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, iPhone 6 and 6s and their versions “Plus”.
This iPhone charging dock station perfectly fulfills its mission. Sustain your iPhone in view while it loads, syncs or simply when you’re on the computer and you want your mobile there. It is made with premium materials and has the guarantee of a reputable manufacturer such as Belkin.
The dock comes with integrated USB cable. You can place your iPhone on it with the cover on, as long as it is not too thick. It’s available in 6 different colors and price barely reaches $30.

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FUZ Designs Universal Dual Dock for iPhone

FUZ Designs Universal Dual Dock for iPhoneThis iPhone charging dock stands out among the others and does so for several reasons. This is a universal dock, designed to fit perfectly the device you want. It will serve you if you have an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. But you can also use it if you are the owner of an iPhone 4S or any iPad, as it supports Lighting connection of current devices and also the old 30 – pin. So if you have, for example, an iPhone 6 and iPad 2 will not have problems to use with any of them. Even if you have an Android, you can also use as a base to load him (also supports microUSB).
The other reason why this dock stands out is its stability. It comes with the micro-suction technology. With it, the base adheres to the surface where it is and not move.

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That’s all for now, folks. These are the best iPhone desktop charger, in our review. We hope that we have helped you in the search for the perfect iPhone 7 stands and charging docks! Do you want to give us your opinion about any of these docks, or recommend someone else? Feel free to leave a comment. And, as always, thank you for reading this.