Best iPhone universal remote control apps

The best iPhone universal remote control apps have a purpose: replacing the old remote control for TV, DVD players, air conditioners, amplifiers, and so on. If you have lost your remote control, download it.

Have you ever heard of Remote Control apps? These are apps that can quietly replace a remote control for TV, DVD players, but also for other tools we use in everyday life technology such as the amplifier and the air conditioning. In a nutshell, if you’ve lost the remote control (or just do not want to be looking for it), you can download one of the best universal remote control apps for iPhone, which are always very useful when you no longer find your remote control. What are the best iPhone universal remote control apps? Here is our list.
Best iPhone universal remote control apps
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Have you lost your infrared remote control for TV or other devices? No problem. With the best iPhone universal remote control apps, you will solve the problem.

Anymote Smart Universal Remote

Anymote Smart Universal Remote iphone app
Among the complete apps, there is Anymote Smart Remote, available for iOS. This is an application that can be used for television, DVD players for Xbox and many other devices.
For these tools, you can use all the functions of use, from channel change to volume control, pause button to quick step to successive scenes. The download of this app is free, however, it must be pointed out that it is compatible with some electronic devices and the communication is via an infrared receiver so that if the devices do not have it, it is necessary to buy a receiver using this technology.
For certain models and brands, there is no need for the IR link and the app can communicate via Wi-Fi.

ZaZa remote remote control

ZaZa remote remote control
Whoever uses an iPhone or iPad has the option to choose a very interesting app, compatible with a large number of devices. This is ZaZa Remote Remote, an app developed by Tiqiaa, a Shanghai company.
This app allows you to replace the remote control for TV, air conditioner, DVD player, amplifiers, cameras and many other electronic devices, including some lamps.
Its system supports over 7,000 devices made by the most well-known brands and over 250,000 remote control types. Needless to say, all the information and guidelines are available in the most common languages in the world. It is always advised to upgrade versions to get more uses and fix more frequent bugs.


Harmony iphone app ios ipad apple
Turn your smartphone into a powerful remote control. This application provides control for TV, DVR, cable tuner, receiver, PS3, Wii, Xbox and many more. Customize screens and control through passes and tapping. Even closed cabinets and walls cannot prevent control.
Works with Harmony Ultimate, Harmony Smart Control and Harmony Link products – requires separate purchase. For more information visit

SURE Universal Smart Remote Control

best universal remote control apps for iphone ipad ios
The universal remote comes with the motto ” simplifies your life ” by controlling your TV, air conditioning or home theater box. This is another of the highest ratings Remote TV Apps for iPhone and iPad in the Apple Store with the highest rating. The application can control the smart TV via Wi-Fi or older television models through infrared.

Samsung Smart View

In this case, we talk about the application for Samsung TVs that is available for Android, iPhone and also for Windows, so you can turn your computer into remote TV, which is not bad if what we want is to take advantage of watch TV on the computer, only with this application. The bad thing is that we will always see the same program that we have in selected. As a negative aspect is that it is only available for certain models of televisions and smartphones.

LG TV Remote

LG TV Remote is also available for iOS. As in the previous case, Smart Tv and smartphone have to be connected to the same WiFi network to be able to connect. Among the most interesting features of this application are the unified searches that allow us to search content from various content providers, or also to share files between our smartphones and televisions in a very comfortable way. Works with TVs from 2012.

Panasonic TV Remote 2

In this case is the Panasonic application for iOS to control the Viera panel of our Panasonic TV. We have to have both devices to the same WiFi network and, in addition to the control of the television, allows us to transfer files comfortably between TV and phone, be it videos, music or web pages. It also has a keyboard that will be very useful to enter a search in the browser of the TV itself.

Quick Remote Sony

This Sony application goes one step further and serves as remote and Sony TV guide. Thanks to it make it easier to operate the TV from the smartphone. We can find programs but also record or comment on favorite TV shows. We can also watch TV from our devices.

Philips MyRemote

The Philips MyRemote application helps you control the programs you want to view comfortably on your TV. You can easily replace your conventional remote control. As an extra feature, we can easily enter text via your keyboard and also share multimedia files between both devices.

These overall, are the best iPhone universal remote control apps. Do you know any app that works as a universal remote or a specific brand that is not in the post?
Lastly, it should be noted that most of these apps have a number of frequent upgrades, which allow you to improve features and increase compatibility.
For this reason, it may always be convenient to keep up-to-date on the various options offered and to choose when to uninstall a particular application for a more complete and efficient one.